Disaster Prevention Tip Sheet

SPRING 2008  

They Didn't Want to Leave Their Home  grossman damage

A fire in an adjacent house on the property left the tenants without electricity, heat, or water, but they did not want to leave their home. Paradise Disaster Restoration quickly made the house habitable by renting a large generator to power their lights and television (after all there was a Patriots playoff game on!). Heat was provided by a mobile furnace ducted into the house with flexible hose.

Paradise also contacted a local plumber to run a water line into the house.


Three dumpsters of household content had to be thrown out from inside the nearby burned house. The surplus of remaining items were wrapped, boxed and taken to the Paradise shop where they were unwrapped, cleaned, and repacked for safe storage while reconstruction of the house took place.


The homeowner told the insurance adjusters that Paradise Disaster Restoration was the best contractor in the world for the service they had given him.

stanleyClient testimonial 

"They came charging in like the Calvary. When you are in great need, it is nice to know that Paradise Disaster Recovery is available. Their crew knew exactly what needed to be done and proceed to do so in a very professional manner, treating us with kindness and respect. We don't know what we would have done without them."

                                                          - Stanley Grossman
This Month's Disaster Prevention Tip   mold

Mold spores primarily cause health problems when they are present in large numbers and people inhale many of them. This occurs primarily when there is active mold growth within home, office or school where people live or work. Mold growth can be seen in the form of discoloration, frequently green, gray, brown or black, but also white and other colors. Molds release countless tiny, lightweight spores which travel through the air.


Make sure to inspect your home regularly for indications and sources of indoor moisture and mold. Take steps to eliminate sources of water as quickly as possible and if a leak or flooding occurs, it is essential to act quickly. If it is more than you can handle, call us for assistance.


To learn more about mold click here
Need Temporary Heat?

If your building loses its heating source for any reason, we can temporarily install our mobile furnace to bring you clean warm air. This is helpful if you need to dry out your home or business after a disaster or to keep you warm while you await the installation of your new furnace after a breakdown.

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