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Fall is here, and retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. Now is the time to get your retail clients set up for maximum revenue by introducing ambient seasonal scents, including pine, cinnamon, hot cocoa, apples and peppermint. If you are in the retail business and are interested in scent marketing, please contact me and I will send you some information.


Scent Marketing in the Workplace
 Because scent marketing is so effective at increasing sales in a retail setting, we might lose sight of the fact that there are plenty of other benefits to using scent in a work environment. For example, research has shown that employees are happier, more productive and are absent less frequently when their office environment has natural elements, like sunlight and plants. Aroma is also a big part of our natural comfort with nature, and in fact, was the original reason that scent diffuser technology was invented in the first place.
working together
Scent can be used to improve mood, make employees more alert, reduce clerical errors and stimulate cooperation. In a Japanese study, workers exposed to a lemon scent made 54% fewer data entry errors. Fragrances such as lavender, orange or vanilla can help ease tensions in business negotiations, mediation and other high stress or confrontational situations. It can also encourage teams to work better on projects and preparations for presentations.

When Vanderbilt Hospital decided to use ambient scent in its emergency room, they were shocked at how effective it was. Before the scent was used, 41% of emergency room nurses and doctors felt stressed; after the scent was introduced, this number dropped to only 3%. They also tested how frustrated employees felt and saw a similar precipitous drop. Before scent, 60% felt frustrated and after, only 6%. When asked, 84% of nurses and doctors said they strongly agree that the scent contributed to a positive work environment. Click here to see news coverage on this.

Sneak Peek at ScentWorld 2013 Keynote Speakers

I hope you are planning to join us for ScentWorld 2013 in New York City, because it is going to be the most informative, valuable and interesting ScentWorld yet, and possibly the best conference of any kind you will attend in the next year. Here is a sneak peek at our distinguished keynote speakers:

Dr. A.K. Pradeep
Dr. A.K. Pradeep is the foremost neuromarketing expert in the world. His research and his work at Neurofocus, which he founded and where he is CEO, has put neuromarketing at the forefront of any serious discussion about marketing and its effectiveness.  

He is also the author of The Buying Brain, a top ranked book in which he brings the results of neuromarketing research and makes them actionable takeaways to help businesses sell and market more effectively.

Diana Derval
Diana Derval is the President and Research Director of Derval Research, a market research firm specializing in human perception and behavior. She focuses on the fascinating question of why individuals have different sensory perception and preferences, and how companies can use that information to create better products and better sensory marketing.

She is the author of The Right Sensory Mix which explains her findings. The answer might surprise you! Find out your innate sensory preferences in this interactive presentation. 

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