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Summer is in the air, and time for light, playful scents. Try citrus and florals to bring the outdoors in, or cool off with green tea and mint fragrances. This is a great time to pitch travel agencies with destination-specific scents like coconut oil, sea breeze, or green forest smells to entice customers to get away.
Creating the Perfect Store Environment with Lighting

warm lightWhen working with a retail client, most of you will focus on scent marketing, but what about the other elements of a successful store environment? It can be helpful to the client to be at least a little knowledgeable about other sensory inputs which can support the store's branding, create a pleasant environment and encourage customers to buy. This will increase your value to the customer and position you as a knowledgeable adviser rather than a salesperson.

According to the National Association of Lighting Manufacturers in Spain (ANFALUM), here are some lighting tips you can pass along to your retail clients:
  • Red and orange tinged lights make fruit more attractive, while warm white light with a hint of red is best for boosting sales of meat.
  • For the bakery section, yellowish white to brownish red encourage more buying of bread and rolls, but a cooler light is best for pastries.
  • In clothing stores, warm light will make leather goods look better; stick to cool tones to sell jeans and suits.  
  • Changing rooms should have flattering light that does not cast shadows so that customers view themselves as looking better in the clothes.  
  • Bright light makes window displays pop; stay away from dark backgrounds which make the windows too reflective.   

Jo Malone Enters Ambient Home Scenting MarketJo Malone home

Have you heard? Everyone is talking about scent and how important it is for business, health and quality of life, from the medical community (American Cancer Society) to large consumer packaged goods companies (think Proctor & Gamble and Unilever). Now, the fine fragrance industry is branching out and is taking the natural next step: using well loved personal fragrances and making them ambient scents.

Fine fragrance brand Jo Malone has now expanded their home line from candles and linen sprays to also include reed diffusers, room sprays, scent sachets and drawer liners. According to the brand, "The ambiance of your home should be as inviting as the fragrance on your skin."

Do you provide any scent products for the home? This is a huge potential market and can be a great add-on sale, especially for hotels and retail stores.


Smart Scents: Using Scents for Learning
Business training
One of the innovative uses of ambient scenting and scented products is for education. Research has shown that both rosemary and peppermint fragrances improve cognition and learning performance.

Science has proven the strong link between smell and memory, and this has led to interesting products such as the Whiffers scented rubber bracelet. It works on the idea that the student wears the bracelet while studying and again when taking a test on the material to improve recall.

These studies (which can be found in the SMI Knowledge Base) provide a great way to introduce the idea and benefits of scenting into educational settings, from schools to training facilities to seminars.

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