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Spring is a time of growth and renewal, and that is exactly what is going on here at the Scent Marketing Institute. We are changing the way we are structured and our membership so that we can better meet the needs of our growing industry. This is all good - it means that we will be able to do more publicity, outreach, education and will be in a position to keep pace with the exponential growth of scent marketing.
Scent Marketing Industry to Run SMI
When we cooperate, everyone wins! 
As you may know, the Scent Marketing Institute was started by Harald Vogt, who was well-known and well-loved in the industry. For a number of years until his untimely death, Harald provided educational information, advocacy and worked tirelessly to connect members of the scent marketing community together.

Since Harald passed, his widow, Caroline Pieper-Vogt, has taken upon herself the oversight and funding of the organization. Now, she has graciously decided to hand over control of the Scent Marketing Institute to those whom it benefits: the members of the industry.

This entails several major changes. First, SMI is changing its structure from a regular company to a not-for-profit organization so that we can maintain our impartiality while giving industry leaders a way to participate in the running of the organization. We are also changing the membership dues structure as follows:

Platinum Membership
$50 million and more in revenue/year
$10,000 annual dues
  • Automatic seat on the board
  • First choice for ScentWorld sponsorships
  • Full page premium listing in the Compendium
  • 25% discount on ScentWorld DVDs and materials 
Gold membership
$10-50 million in revenue/year
$5,000 annual dues
  • Automatic seat on the board
  • Next choice for ScentWorld sponsorships
  • 1/2 page premium listing in the Compendium
  • 15% discount on ScentWorld DVDs and materials  
Silver membership
$1-10 million in revenue/year
$2,500 annual dues
  • Eligible for seat on board
  • 1/3 page listing in Compendium
  • 10% discount on ScentWorld DVDs and materials

Bronze membership

Less than $1 million in revenue/year

$500 annual dues

  • Eligible for seat on board
  • 1/4 page listing in Compendium 

If you join or renew your membership by May 1, 2012, you will pay 15% less, so don't delay!  Contact me to join or renew or if you have any questions. 


ScentWorld 2012

The hottest scent and sensory marketing conference in the world is coming to New York City! Make your plans now to be there - it is going to be the biggest yet!

Marriott Downtown NYC, 85 West Street at Albany Street New York, New York 10006 USA

December 19 - 21, 2012

SMI Website to Relaunch
The SMI website, will be relaunching soon. I know many of you have missed our robust website, and especially online access to the Knowledge Base. Our entire website was destroyed through a technical problem at our hosting provider and we have had to rebuild it from the ground up. The good news is that the process is almost complete and you will be able to access all of the valuable information and functionality as before, including ScentWorld registration information and photos from the last ScentWorld Expo.

Scent Marketing In the News
We have been working with a number of journalists to spread the word about scent marketing. As a result, the Scent Marketing Institute and our members have gotten some great coverage in the press lately. Here are three links to press coverage:
Previous newsletters are stored in our archive that you can access via our web site. As always, we appreciate any comments, feedback and suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact me personally via the link below.

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 Jennifer Dublino

Jennifer Dublino
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