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Get ready for spring! March is here, and outdoor smells are coming back with florals, fresh citrus and clean air. Even if it is still cold where you are, a springtime fragrance can help workers and customers banish the winter blahs and lift their spirits. See our blog post on rosemary in the Scent Marketing Digest blog.


ScentWorld 2012 Comes to the City That Never Sleeps

The Big Apple
This year's ScentWorld Expo will take place in dynamic New York City! Check back for more details on hotel and dates. This year, you will have a big incentive to register early; it will save you a lot of money. SMI members are eligible for discounted admission and guest passes will be available to SMI members only at a discounted rate.

Engage the Senses5 senses
Since many of you are engaged in scent marketing, you are familiar with the power of the most overlooked and underutilized sense, scent. However, do you know how to integrate the other senses along with scent to create a powerful and memorable experience for your clients' customers?

The Scent Marketing Institute is expanding to embrace all of the senses when it comes to marketing and non-traditional sensory applications. Look for articles on multi-sensory topics in our blog, Scent Marketing Digest, and members can inquire about sensory marketing research. Also, if you are a member of SMI, you can receive a multi-sensory Powerpoint presentation to use in sales calls, for your own information or for training. Just email us and we will send it to you for free (members only, please).

Scenting Safety
If you have customers who are questioning the safety of ambient scenting, please let us know. We have a brief response to safety questions that we can send to you, and we are working on a more comprehensive document that you can present to customers or use as a reference when speaking on safety issues.

Interesting Fragrance to Consider
Coffee blossomsEveryone is familiar with the intoxicating smell of brewing coffee, but have you ever smelled coffee blossoms? These white flowers line the branches of the coffee plant and only last a couple of days, but they have an amazing fragrance (that incidentally smells nothing like roast coffee). Ask your fragrance house for a sample.
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 Jennifer Dublino

Jennifer Dublino
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