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Happy new year! Wishing you a successful and prosperous year in 2012! It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you at the ScentWorld Expo, which was a huge success. We had around 125 people from 20 different countries, all talking to each other, collaborating and learning together.  


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ScentWorld Highlights

Here are some interesting facts shared by the presenters at ScentWorld:  


Rachel HerzRachel Herz, Scent Researcher, Brown Universtity: Odor preference is acquired through association with emotional experiences and memories, it is not inborn except for odors producing a trigeminal irritation such as chili peppers or horseradish.   


Zev Auerbach, ad man and creative geniiusZev Auerbach, Executive Creative Director, Zimmerman Advertising:  Client companies know what they sell, but they don't know what they stand for. It is up to you to identify how scent will help them create a brand identity that will connect them to their customers.  


Jean-Charles Chebat Jean-Charles Chebat, Scent Researcher, HEC Montreal: In a retail environment, the effectiveness of ambient scent on sales is influenced both by how crowded the store or mall is and the average age of the shoppers.


Joe Cronin, DDB MiamiJoe Cronin, CEO of DDB Miami ad agency: The typical Chief of Marketing only has an average of 18 months in his position at that company, so when selling a scent solution to him, you need to show that it is going to make a difference within a short time frame.  


If you want a reminder of all of the valuable information presented at ScentWorld or if you were unable to attend and would like to get the presentations on DVD, please email me and I will let you know when they are available for purchase.
Seen at ScentWorld
In addition to networking and learning, we had a great time at ScentWorld. Here are some photos from the event.
ScentWorld presentation session
ScentWorld attendees listening intently
Busy exhibit area
Exhibitors talking to prospects at the Expo

Cocktail reception
Maryann and Yohannes Cusimano, Rachel Herz, Steve Landau, Mark Peltier, Lisa Lee and Marie Gartshore
Welcome reception
Rolando Aedo, Yana Sazhina, Jennifer Diaz and Jennifer Dublino at the Welcome Reception

 Scent Industry Polls
In between speakers, we took some live polls from our audience. Here are the results:

What is the average sales cycle in your experience?
    a. under 3 months  - 28%
    b. 3 to 6 months      - 21%
    c. 6 to 12 months    - 42%
    d. 12 to 18 months -   9%

What is the biggest hurdle you're facing in the marketplace?

    a. Client Education            -  46%
    b. Oil & Equipment Costs -    8%
    c. Cash Flow                       -  8%
    d. Client Budgets               -  30%
    e. Economy                         -  8%

What is your outlook for projected revenues next year?

    a. Decrease                  - 0%
    b. 1 to 10% Increase   - 33%
    c. 10 to 20% Increase - 50%
    d. 20 - 50% Increase   - 17%
    e. > 50% Increase        - 0%
Where would you like to see the next SCENTworld?

    a. New York      - 38%
    b. Miami             - 15%
    c. Las Vegas      -  8%
    d. New Orleans - 30%
    e. Chicago         -  9%
Which Industry provides your largest revenue?

    a. Hospitality          - 33%
    b. Retail                  - 50%
    c. Manufacturing   - 17%
    d. Healthcare         -   0%
    e. Environmental   -   0%

Thank you to Russell Brumfield and Wizard Studios Global Events for providing the on screen polling!
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 Jennifer Dublino

Jennifer Dublino
Scent Marketing Institute


ScentWorld Expo Dec 7-9, 2011