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Jennifer DublinoHello, Scent Marketers! Thank you to everyone who participated in our online survey giving us feedback on SMI and how we meet your needs. Please see below for the results of the survey.


Congratulations to survey respondent Melisa Fouque, from Signature Olfactive in France, who has won free admission to ScentWorld Expo!

We're Listening to You...  


  ListenLast month, we posted a survey asking for your feedback on SMI and the services and programs that we provide, and I wanted to share the results. We received responses from all over the world, with the exception of Central America and Oceania.

Although only 30% of respondents were current SMI members, we were pleased that the other two-thirds said that they planned on joining or renewing their memberships this year. If you are planning on attending ScentWorld Expo and you are in the scent industry, I encourage you to join SMI so you can get all of the benefits of the group as well as a discount on admission to ScentWorld.

We also asked which of our programs are most important to you, on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being not important at all and 4 being extremely important.  According to the survey, all of the things we do are important, with the lowest score of 2.58 going to certification classes. In order, here are the things you feel are most important:
  1. Disseminating educational information on scent marketing to the industry - 3.53
  2. Networking with marketing agencies, brand owners and potential buyers - 3.42
  3. Knowledge Base - 3.29
  4. Facilitating transactions within the industry and with new customers - 3.25
  5. ScentWorld Expo - 3.15
  6. Promoting member companies to scent buyers & the media - 3.08
  7. Scent marketing advocacy & and response to anti-fragrance publicity and laws, and public relations and dissemination of educational information on scent marketing to the media and to to marketing/advertising/branding agencies - 3.0

Many of the most important things we do such as industry networking, facilitating business transactions and promoting scent marketing are happening at ScentWorld Expo, so make sure to reserve your spot today


Some suggestions for additional things we should do included a jobs board within the industry, more research and putting together member distributors and manufacturers.


Even if you did not respond to the survey, we welcome your feedback. As a member supported organization, SMI is here to help you in any way we can.  


Sneak Peek at ScentWorld Expo Speakers
If you sell consumer packaged goods or are a retailer and are looking of creative ways to strengthen your branding, connect with customers and increase sales, the experts at ScentWorld have interesting information for you.    


Suzanne McCormick, Scents & Scentsibility Expert, Method 

Suzanne McCormick, Method 

Suzanne McCormick is one of our keynote speakers. She is in charge of fragrance for Method, the hip, innovative and eco-friendly brand of cleaning products. Method is known for having a particularly strong brand, with high brand loyalty and a number of brand ambassadors who take it upon themselves to encourage others to buy Method. One of their distinguishing characteristics is their unique fragrances, and Suzanne will be talking about how they choose their scents and how they use fragrance to strengthen their brand.  

 Skip Rosskum, President, David Michael & Co.  

Skip Rosskam, David Michael & Co, 
For over 30 years, Skip has worked with some of the top consumer packaged goods and food companies in the world to provide unique branded flavors and fragrances for their products and marketing. Skip will speak about the ties between flavor and fragrance, how they are formulated and tested, and how you can use the powerful senses of smell and taste to create interesting, important and lasting results in marketing, entertainment, healthcare and other areas.

Make your plans now to come to ScentWorld Expo, where you can learn from these and other fascinating speakers, network with other scent marketing companies and rub elbows with advertising agency people and brand executives.

2011 Scent Marketing Awards
trophyAt ScentWorld Expo, we will be giving out awards to the companies and individuals who have done the most to advance scent marketing in the past year, and we need your help! Nominate the companies or individuals you feel deserve the following awards:
  • Harald Vogt Scent Marketer of the Year Award - This award is for the person who has done the most in 2011 to advance scent marketing, be it through education or commerce.
  • Best Scent Marketing Communicator - This award is for the individual who has done the most in 2011 to communicate the benefits, applications and installations of scent marketing initiatives in print and broadcast media and electronic communications such as blogs, social media and email.
  • Most Innovative Use of Scent Marketing Award - This award goes to the brand owner that has implemented the most creative marketing initiative or campaign using scent.
  • Scent Technology Innovation Award - This award goes to the company that has created and marketed the most innovative new scent technology product or process.   


Stay Current  
Do you want to stay on top of the latest scent news? Our blog, the Scent Marketing Digest, has updated articles on studies, news, technologies, case studies and more, so check back frequently. Here is a link to one of our recent posts:


Crowdsourced Fragrance Creation? 

Is fragrance creation an art or can it be done by soliciting feedback from potential users? Read the post and comment here.

Previous newsletters are stored in our archive that you can access via our web site. As always, we appreciate any comments, feedback and suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact me personally via the link below.

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 Jennifer Dublino

Jennifer Dublino
Scent Marketing Institute


ScentWorld Expo Dec 7-9, 2011