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Jennifer DublinoHello, Scent Marketers!   I hope you made your reservations for ScentWorld Expo yet because I don't want you to miss out on the most interesting, educational, practical and business-oriented ScentWorld yet. Spaces are filling up so don't delay; reserve your space now. If you are serious about scent marketing, you must be there and actively promoting yourself, because we are going to have a highly qualified audience consisting of scent product companies, scent marketing solution providers, marketing and branding agencies, scent buyers and the media.  See below for a sneak peek at some more of our speakers, and I know you'll be as excited as I am about ScentWorld 2011

Scent Marketing Campaigns to Pitch Now  

Scent makes the cash register ring

Now is a great time to target retail clothing stores and shopping malls about adding scent marketing. It is a well-known fact that stores using ambient scent have higher sales consistently. Dr. Jean-Charles Chebat will share his copious original research into the effect of scent on shopping, buying behavior, customer perceptions and overall sales at ScentWorld in December.

We are in the middle of the cruise line/resort wear season where people buy clothes for their summer vacation trips, and we are just a few short weeks away from the biggest buying season of the year next to Christmas: back-to-school shopping.
Home stores can also benefit from scent marketing this summer, since parents typically shop for home goods for their children who are going off the college in the fall. Many retail stores are struggling as a result of the recession, and they will be open to anything that can help them boost sales.

Focus on smaller diffusers for boutiques to meet their budgets. Larger stores and malls, of course, will need larger capacity units, and usually several of them to get optimal coverage. For July, upbeat, summery scents like citrus, florals and fresh greens will be effective. As we move into August, you can suggest cooler fall scents like apple cider, sandalwood and cinnamon. Your clients will thank you for their extra revenue!
Sneak Peek at ScentWorld Expo Speakers
Interested in learning from the best and brightest minds in scent, marketing, consumer goods, research and fragrance? Then plan on attending ScentWorld Expo 2011, where we have a fabulous lineup of experts to educate, inform and fascinate you. Here's a glimpse of two of them.  

Simon Harrop, BRAND sense  

Simon Harrop, CEO of BRAND sense is one of our keynote speakers. He is at the pinnacle of the sensory marketing field, and has created sensory strategies for brands such as British Airways, P & G and General Motors, among others. He is an accomplished speaker, having spoken at Marketing Week Live, Retail Interiors, Experience in New York and the SEPAWA conference in Dusseldorg. Simon is a world-famous sensory marketing expert and has been profiled and interviewed by the BBC, International Herald Tribune, Brand Strategy and many other media.  


Based in the United Kingdom, BRAND sense is a global agency, advising major international brands on how to use sensory marketing to improve awareness, loyalty and sales. Simon works closely with Martin Lindstrom, the best selling author of the groundbreaking book Brand Sense, and implements many of his revolutionary ideas in innovative and effective marketing strategies for the agency's clients.


Simon will be speaking of the elements of a thoughtful and successful sensory marketing strategy and will share details from some of his marketing implementations.  

Rachel Herz

Dr. Rachel Herz is an expert on the psychology of smell, a professor at Brown University and the author of The Scent of Desire: Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell. She has published over 60 original research papers of smell, emotion and cognition and has received numerous grands and awards for her work.

She has been interviewed by numerous media, including The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Economist, The Washington Post, The LA Times, The London Times, Psychology Today, The Discovery Channel, ABC News, BBC, National Geographic and many more and has been a part of two museum exhibits including one at the Smithsonian Institution.

Rachel will be talking about The Emotional Power of Scent, including odor preferences, odor instigated behavior, odor-evoked memory and facts vs. fiction in regard to aromatherapy.

Make your plans now to come to ScentWorld Expo, where you can learn from these and other fabulous speakers, network with other scent marketing companies and rub elbows with advertising agency people and brand executives.

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