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Jennifer DublinoHello, Scent Marketers! Summer is here and I can smell the sweet strawberries, hot dogs on the grill and coconut tanning oil. At SMI, we are gearing up for the most amazing ScentWorld Expo ever. Have you made your reservations yet?  Don't delay; reserve your space now. If you are serious about scent marketing, you must be there and actively promoting yourself, or you will miss out on big opportunities.  See below for a sneak peek at some of our speakers. 

Scent Marketing Campaigns to Pitch Now

Wish you were here...
School is out, making summertime is a great time for family vacations. Why not suggest scented direct mail to your hospitality clients? If you work with (or want to work with) a hotel, cruise ship, travel agency or attraction, focus on how you can help that company make more sales. Hotels that use a signature scent can use it in scented print ads or direct mail to stimulate former guests' recall of their last wonderful stay there. Likewise, cruise lines can use the scent of pineapple, coconut and salt air to entice passengers into a relaxing cruise vacation.

SMI member KA Aroma in Finland provides a process that makes scented print affordable for your clients.  Contact Erkki Toljiamo for more info.

With the changing of the seasons and the lifting of the recession, many shoppers are returning to malls and stores. Try suggesting light, playful citrus ambient scents for your retail clients to increase the amount of time and money customers spend in their stores.

Sneak Peek at ScentWorld Expo Speakers
We have a great lineup of interesting and informative speakers planned for those attending ScentWorld Expo 2011 (that includes you, right?). Here's a glimpse of two of them.
 Zev Auerbach, ad man and creative geniius  
Zev Auerbach, ad man and creative genius, is the Executive Creative Director of Zimmerman Advertising, the 14th largest ad agency in the US with clients like Office Depot, Boston Market, and Nissan. If you have a brand and you are intrigued by the idea of using scent, but don't quite know how to apply it to your business, ask Zev. He will be taking questions and coming up with innovative scent marketing campaigns on the fly.

Jean-Charles Chebat Jean-Charles Chebat is the ECSC Chair professor of marketing at HEC Montreal, the recipient of numerous awards for his contribution to retail marketing and a prolific and renowned researcher. Jean-Charles will share his research and experience regarding the effects of ambient scents on shoppers, based on actual consumers in real retailing venues. This will include the effects of scent on emotions, perceptions of product/service quality, price perception, identification with the retailer and sales revenue.

Make your plans now to come to ScentWorld Expo, where you can learn from these and other fabulous speakers, network with other scent marketing companies and rub elbows with advertising agency people and brand executives.

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 Jennifer Dublino

Jennifer Dublino
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ScentWorld Expo Dec 7-9, 2011