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Sindy Escapes Porn and Sex Work
Shelley Launches New Rap Album To Support Pink Cross
New Documentary About Shelley Kicks Off John Paul II International Film Festival
Shelley Makes History At Cambridge University Debate
Relevant Magazine Calls Shelley's New Book POWERFUL
Shelley Lubben Rips Mask off of Pornography in New Book!
April 13-14
Convergence Summit to combat Sexual Exploitation in the Mobile Age - Baltimore, MD

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We are asking all of our faithful prayer warriors to please rise up at this time and pray for the Lubben family. Pray for strength and protection for them as they continue to remain faithful to God's calling. Pray that God would continue to strengthen Garrett and Shelley's marriage, that they would continue to stand strong, together, as one unit, and that God would continue to pour out His blessings abundantly upon them. 

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Adultcon outreach coming up in March
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Also, hundreds of porn stars are deeply touched by the goody bags and love that we pour out on them at these conventions. Many of them have told us that they look forward to seeing us, and are so excited to receive our gifts. Lives have literally been changed by our ministry at these conventions.


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Sindy Escapes Porn and Sex Work

I grew up in a Christian home in the East part of Germany. But somehow I never felt the love & affection of my father, so my search for love & acceptance began in primary school, where I got molested by older boys.

I felt guilty & used, but it also made me feel important for the first time in life. Somebody finally took a real interest in me, so I'd thought.  

It was about the same time that I got introduced to porn. I found these magazines hidden under some bathroom towels... I was wondering what they were doing there & why they were kept hidden... I never have seen women & men "behaving or doing stuff like that" before. But when I saw how these women were desired by men it left a longing in my heart... I thought I had found out about a secret. So it became my secret & my thoughts started to turn around these images.

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By the grace of God, Sindy managed to escape the sex industry, and is living a life of freedom and victory, but there are hundreds of women like Sindy still trapped in porn. Would you PLEASE enable us to continue reaching out to these precious women by donating to the Pink Cross Foundation today? Together, we are literally saving lives.  



(Pink Cross Foundation is a Nonprofit Corporation in the state of California and is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity. 

Contributions to the Pink Cross Foundation, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are entirely tax-deductible. We will send out receipts the end of the year. Our tax id number 80-0142359.) 


Shelley Launches New Rap Album To Support Pink Cross  

Just months after launching her new book, Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn, former porn star Shelley Lubben has also launched her first EP, also called Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn.

Lubben, passionate rapper, classifies her music as a cross between Eminem and Martin Luther King, Jr., noting that her music is her message to expose the harms of the porn industry and help women and men recover from porn.

The first single, called Killer Fantasy, has a hard hitting beat with a message from a porn star speaking to porn fans about the truth behind the adult industry. Shelley raps, "Your Killer Fantasy, but my reality is, that while you clicking me the industry is killing me". You can preview Killer Fantasy on Lubben's web-site and buy the album here.  


"It's not every day you get to hear a former porn star rapping," said Lubben of the new album. 


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New Documentary About Shelley Kicks Off John Paul II International Film Festival  


Out of the Darkness, which chronicles Shelley's journey from the porn industry to a life in Christ, was chosen among 28 other movies as the headliner for this year's film festival, to be held Feb. 17-26 in Miami. 


The theme of this year's festival is "The Mystery of Love," and will include documentaries on religious life, saints, and even Pope John Paul II himself. The fact that Shelley's documentary was chosen above all others to headline the festival says a great deal about the great importance of her message, and how people are responding to it. This film festival attracts people from all over the world, and we are confident that God will use this film to impact millions of lives. 


Last year's event attracted more than 2,100 people from across the U.S., Europe, and Latin America; furthermore, last year's opening film went on to widespread distribution and is set to open in theatres later this year.  


God has literally given Shelley a worldwide platform with this film, and this is just the beginning! To learn more about the film, visit  




Shelley Makes History At Cambridge University Debate


On the evening of February 17th, this historic university with a long Christian heritage held a debate in regards to the proposition that 'pornography does a good public service.'  


To travel to the Cambridge Union Society building where the event was held, one had to walk by the adjacent 'Jesus Lane' and the 'Round Church' which was built in the year 1130.  There are so many markers of Christ around the community and University (Jesus Lane, All Saints Passage, Trinity College,  St. John's College, Jesus College, Emmanuel College, Corpus Cristi College, Christ's College, etc) that a debate on the merit of pornography would seem unnecessary.  Nevertheless, the problem of pornography is a real one, and the debate proceeded before a packed house of attentive young students who will one day be the leaders of society.  After all, this generation of students has not known a time when porn was not mainstream.  They have been raised on porn and can accurately be called the first porn generation.






Relevant Magazine Calls Shelley's New Book POWERFUL  


Here is their full book review: 


Shelley Lubben's new book, Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn, could and should be in the running for most culturally relevant autobiographies for 2010. Every sex therapy counselor (secular or Christian), pastor, sex ed teacher and father should have a copy of Lubben's book on their shelf. One cannot deny the dense impact the sex industry has on the entire world, not to mention the deadly affect it has on the Church and her leaders. Considering that nearly every major cultural shift is in some way touched or affected by sex, it would take a very, very special story of life, death, and rebirth to not just address this worldwide addiction epidemic, but in every way to tear the lid off the can of lies that feeds the porn industry and it's brainwashed users. Lubben's book accomplishes all of that in spades.


Appropriately edited into six "Acts", "Truth" captures the gritty foundation of Lubben's life and struggle in the first two. Beginning with her childhood-negligent father, verbally/emotionally abusive mother, early childhood sexual abuse, teenage prostitution and stripping-the reader is quickly taken into the gut wrenching journey of a traumatic fall from grace. And just as the reader is catching their breath thinking, "It can't get any worse than this," it does.







Shelley Lubben Rips Mask off of Pornography in New Book! 


Shelley Lubben was a porn star.

Now she tells the hardcore truth.

In her new book, "Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth", former porn actress Shelley Lubben rips the seductive mask off of pornography and exposes the hardcore truth behind the "greatest illusion on earth".

Her spectacular journey from childhood sexual abuse to prostitution to the deadly unglamorous realm of porn sets, Shelley is brutally honest about her past. But that's not all. Having escaped the porn industry at 26, Shelley now shares her powerful story of redemption offering a message of hope to the entire world.

The first ever book exposing the "secret" side of porn, Shelley wants you to know the hardcore truth. Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women and the millions of porn addicts who can't stop clicking.

But you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Chapter 1: Under the Big Top

     Sex-packed porn films featuring hot dirty blondes whose man-eating eyes say, "I want you," are the greatest illusion on earth. Trust me, I know. I hustled for eight years in strip clubs and whorehouses, manhandling my way to the Big Top, where I was promised fame, fortune and glamour. I was 24 years old when I entered the world of porn.
     I put on a good show but I never liked performing tricks in the sex circus and preferred spending time with Jack Daniels rather than the male performers I was paid to fake it with. That's right, none of us hot blondes enjoy making porn. In fact, we hate it. We hate spreading our legs for sexually diseased men. We hate being degraded with their foul smells and sweaty bodies. Some women hate it so much that I would hear them vomiting in the bathroom between scenes. I would find others outside, smoking endless chains of Marlboro Lights...

Chapter 2: Send in the Clowns

     When we entered our adult years we became sexual spectacles and demanded higher payment in the form of attention and cash as compensation for the neglect and sexual abuse that we suffered as children. I like to call it porn star currency. We will lie to get it. We will steal to get it. We will prostitute ourselves and risk our lives to get it. Porn stars can juggle HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia while we fearlessly reinfect our-selves with even more STD's. We can do amazing feats with our minds and bodies that would terrify most ordinary people. We can walk a thin line of death and life at great heights without any fear of falling. With the help of drugs and alcohol our skills are enhanced to tolerate huge amounts of physical, mental and emotional pain. Our infected bodies are covered with sores and traces of bruises hidden beneath our daring and flaring images. We are pornographic superstars performing in the world's greatest freak show at a website near you!

Chapter 24: Building a Champion Mind

     I found rest in God's gentle arms during those peaceful hours on the beach. Proving to me His personal and great love for me, I began to understand what a Father's love truly was. Unlike my earthly father who was too busy, God was available, tender and concerned with every detail in my life. Finally, I received the attention and approval I always needed. Sad that I missed out on a relationship with God in the past, I recounted the wasted years I looked for approval from men in stripping, prostitution and porn.
     What a waste of eight years, I miserably thought as I tossed down a cracked shell to the ground.
     But God answered and promised me back, "Shelley, I promise you that not one ounce of your pain will be wasted. I have a powerful plan for your life and will use all of your suffering to help others someday." I held onto His promise.

- excerpts taken from "Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn
The Greatest Illusion on Earth".

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About Shelley

Shelley Lynn Lubben, born on the heels of revolution on May 18, 1968, is one of the world's leading advocates in the antipornography movement. A former pornographic actress who performed under the stage name of Roxy, she left the sex industry in 1994 when she caught Genital Herpes, a non-curable disease.

Upon her eight year recovery at the Champion's Centre in Tacoma, Washington, she reentered society as a new Champion woman and began teaching and preaching in prisons and rescue missions in Central California. Ordained as a Chaplain with the Order of Saint Martin, Shelley is also a graduate of Vision International University where she received a Bachelor's degree in Theological Studies.

Now, fifteen years into recovery, Shelley has appeared on both Christian and secular television and radio shows and speaks out passionately about the harms of pornography as well as shares her inspirational story of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Shelley also serves as the Executive Director of Pink Cross Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers hope, healing and support to adult industry workers around the world.  Shelley Lubben is sought worldwide to speak, educate, testify, and counsel individuals, organizations, professionals and governments regarding the illegally operating porn industry, pornography addiction, recovery from sexual abuse and the sex industry and the Champion life. Shelley is a mother of three beautiful daughters and married to Mr. Wonderful, Garrett Lubben, for fifteen years.
To learn more about Shelley please visit her personal web site at or watch videos of Shelley speaking on the videos page.

Porn is not glamorous. Get the facts. Get help.