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Dear Faculty and Administrators, 
We hope you are having a wonderful Spring with many new grants for your campus! Please send us your great grant accomplishments by the 27th of each month. We all want to read about the grants obtained that make Oklahoma higher education excellent for our students!

Dr. Linda Mason


Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma - $100,000

Dr. Carolyn Taylor, Coordinator for the President's Leadership Class and Professor of History and Political Science, Webber, Rice, Rogers, and Dr. James Ford, Director of the Honors Program and Professor of English and Humanities

Rogers State University received a grant from the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma for an endowment to establish the Masonic Institute for Student Engagement and Transformative Learning at RSU. The institute will create annual experiential programs that get students more involved in the community through both classroom studies and outside activities. The institute's objectives are to advance students' community involvement, cultural awareness, service learning and student research.  The Institute's annual program will be determined by a committee comprised of RSU faculty and staff, including the academic sponsors for the President's Leadership Class and the Honors Program. The program will seek to promote student involvement within the community in various ways that may include university-wide community engagement projects, campus speakers, conferences, workshops or other student-focused activities that address leadership and community needs.

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STARTALK 2012 - $70,900ECU Sukholutskaya

East Central University and Dr. Mara Sukholutskaya received funds for STARTALK, a presidential initiative to fund summer programs in critical languages. Dr. Sukholutskaya will host a Russian Emersion Residential Camp for students in grades 9-12.

 National Endowment for the Arts - $12,000

ECU and Dr. Brad Jessop, Director of the Art Department, received a grant from the National Endowment from the Arts, entitled Hidden Histories.  During a two-week residency, Edgar Heap-of-Birds, a Cheyenne Arapaho artist and professor of Native American Studies, will work with ECU Art and Native American Studies students to research hidden histories that build upon themes of identity and sovereignty. The Native American tribes researched will be mainly the Chickasaw, Seminole and Choctaw Nations.


Chesapeake Energy - $50,000

ECU and Dr. Greg Plumb, Director of Cartography, will receive $10,000 annually for 5 years to provide scholarships to students majoring in cartography.  


Texoma Health Foundation - $83,190 

East Central University and Dr. Deborah Flowers, Professor of Nursing, received funds to upgrade and renovate an ITV studio on Southeastern Oklahoma's campus in Durant. 


OSRHE Improving Teacher Quality 2012 - $33,000  

ECU and Regina Smith received funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for "Word Study in Action: Using the Word Study Approach to Support Reading Across the Curriculum and Build Foundational Literacy Skills." 


OSRHE Summer Academy - $25,000. 

ECU and Mary Kay Tarver and Stacy Bolin received funds from OSRHE for "Explorations in Computer Science and Robotics." The Summer Academy is filled with imagination-stretching, logic-building activities to improve their academic performance in high school courses and provide motivation to pursue a career in computer science. 



Dr. Russell M. Lawson, Professor of History, at Bacone College, received a Fulbright Canada Award in December, 2011, as part of their Eco-Leadership program to create a Medicine Wheel Organic Garden on the Bacone College campus. It will be built as a medicine wheel and include traditional medicinal plants used by tribes from all over North America, including Canada. Students will work on the garden, which will be used as a pedagogical tool. In 2010 Lawson was awarded a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Transnational Studies at Brock University in Ontario. He taught a semester class on History of the First Nations and researched Anglican missionaries to the indigenous peoples in the 18th and 19th centuries.


OSRHE Get Green for Blue: 2012 - $14,175NSU McDowell

NSU and Dr. Kathi McDowell, Dr. Pamela Christol and Dr. Martha Parrott received funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for a Summer Academy for students to collect and analyze water quality data, determine the threats to water quality, and develop possible solutions.  Students will conduct water experiments, take field trips, and explore related career opportunities.  Ultimately, students will be transformed into potential researchers, scientists and statisticians who will present findings through technology driven presentations to parents.


NSU LandryOSRHE Improving Teacher Quality 2012 - $33,227

NSU and Dr. Debbie Landry, Dr. Peggy Lisenbee, and Dr. Christine Hallman received funds for "Geocaching is Catching Students' Attention 2012" to incorporate a wide range of technology during the professional development for teachers, with an emphasis on using GPS receivers to problem solve, collect data, and document results.  Teachers will use the knowledge of GPS units and geocaching with problem solving and discovery learning instructional methods.


Oklahoma Small Business Development Center - $260,000

Southeastern Oklahoma State University and William D. Carter, State Director of the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, received funds from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The project will provide small business management consulting to entrepreneurs through Oklahoma.  The program is funded by and through a partnership with the U. S. Small Business Administration, Oklahoma's public universities and funds appropriated by the Oklahoma Legislature that are administered by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.  The Oklahoma Small Business Development Center (OSBDC) provides services to over 4,000 Oklahoma entrepreneurs each year which results in increased business growth, employment and vitality. 


NOAA GLOBE Teacher Workshop on Climate - $3,380

SOSU and Dr, Margaret Avard, Professor of Chemistry, Computer and Physical Sciences, received funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration via University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. This project will provide a pre-service teacher training workshop with a focus on climate, using Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) protocols. GLOBE is a K-12 environmental education program for teachers that brings together students, teachers, and scientists through the GLOBE Schools Network in support of student learning and research.


NOAA GLOBE Teacher Workshop on Climate - $3,380

SOSU and Dr. Cathy Lightsey, Assistant Professor of Educational Instruction and Leadership, received funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration via University Corporation for Atmospheric Research to conduct a pre-service teacher training workshop with a focus on climate. Supplies, materials, and equipment will be purchased for training pre-service teachers in Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) protocols. 




SOSU and Scott Hensley, Director of Continuing Education and Career Management Center, and Heather Smiley, Smart Start Coordinator, received funds from the US Department of Health and Human Services via Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Foundation, Inc. for professional development.

Smart Start Durant Professional Development - $500


OCAST Funds 7 Research Projects - $655,509

The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) has awarded seven grants as part of its Plant Research Program.  

Researchers from the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma were chosen from a field of 31. Although peer reviewers approved funding for 13 other applicants, OCAST could afford to fund only the seven top-ranked projects.

The successful applicants include:

Rujin Chen, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation - $100,000

This project will provide improvements of elite alfalfa cultivars for high-density production and improved profitability for farmers and ranchers.         

Jerome Verdier, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation - $95,500

This project could provide benefits for legumes, including increased seed yield, with proteins, lipids or health-promoting secondary metabolites stored in legume seeds.

Laura Bartley, OU - $99,983

Bartley's findings could impact the production of cereals in agriculture, possibly through lower input cropping.


Rakesh Kaundal, OSU - $100,000

Kaundal is seeking to develop a tool for predicting a genome-wide plantmicrobe interactions network that could help prevent disease.

Ramamurthy Mahalingam, OSU - $100,000

The project will provide better understanding of the causes of stresses of plants, which is a factor in crop yield.

Niels Maness, OSU - $99,282

The project will create value from extracting chemicals from the eastern red cedar to better control the plant, which long has been the bane of farmers and ranchers.


Michael Smith, OSU - $60,744

Smith will study the cause and develop a solution to pecan kernel necrosis, which has been a serious problem limiting the marketability of pecans in the region.

EOSC Grants

Eastern Oklahoma State Collegehas received the following grants:


US Department of Education GEAR UP - $6.7 million

This is the final year of a six-year program grant.


US Department of Education GEAR UP - $12.6 million

This is the first year of a seven-year program.


US Department of Education NASNTI - almost $2 million

This is the second year of the Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institution grant.


US Department of Education TRIO - $1.5 million

This is the second year of a 5 year program grant.

UCO Grants
UCO RundleOK-INBRE - $49,919

Dr. Dana Rundle, Associate Professor of Chemistry, and UCO received funding for a collaborative research project, "Structure Activity Relationship Studies to Develop Improved Cancer Drugs"


UCO ChoobackOK-INBRE - $23,792

Dr. Lilian Chooback, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and UCO received a mini grant for research on "Kinetic Mechanism and Structural Studies of E.coli Dihyrodipicolinate Synthesase"


OK-INBRE - $8,064

Dr. Lilian Chooback and UCO received funding for equipment.


OK-INBRE - $35,000

Dr. Morshed Khandaker, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Physics, and UCO received funding for equipment.

3rd Annual Promoting Undergraduate Research Conference
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We hope you enjoy reading about the grants obtained by your peers. If you received GRANT NEWS from someone else, and you wish to be on the list to receive it directly, send your request and email address to lmason@osrhe.edu.
Dr. Linda Mason
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education



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