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Time flies when you are having fun. We hope you are having a wonderful New Year! Please send us your great grant accomplishments by the 27th of each month. We all want to read about the grants obtained that make Oklahoma higher education excellent for our students!

Dr. Linda Mason
Dr. Tim Patton
Louis Stokes - National Science Foundation Alliance for Minority Participation - $32,000

Dr. Tim Patton, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Southeastern Oklahoma State University received a grant from NSF to increase the number of under-represented minorities entering the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields by providing research opportunities and mentors,scholarships, and summer internships.


US Department of Agriculture Forest Service - $20,000

Dr. Tim Patton and SOSU received a grant for An Assessment of Selected Population Dynamics Parameters of American Alligators on Red Slough Wildlife Management Area research to assess overwinter survival of juvenile American alligators and for assessing spotlighting survey protocols for American alligators. Dr. will supervise students to conduct the research.


National Endowment for the Arts - $2,500

Dr. Jeri Walker, Director of Music Art Series and the Department of Music, and SOSU received funding from NEA via Mid-America Arts Alliance to fund the concert fees for the Musical Art Series.  The Texas Boys Choir will present a demonstration/workshop for the Elementary Children's Choir festival. The community-engagement activities will include teachers, students, and interested community members of the Texoma region of Oklahoma and North Texas, and is designed to enrich the lives of the people in small communities.

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OSU Center for Rural Health GrantsOSU logo

The Oklahoma State University Center for Rural Health is distributing 59 grants from The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) totaling $442,724 to rural hospitals in Oklahoma. The Small Hospital Improvement Program is for small, rural hospitals that are access points for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Each hospital was awarded $7,504 to offset costs related to the implementation of prospective payment systems, improve data collection activities to facilitate reporting to Hospital Compare, or support quality improvement and care transitions activities.

Science at the Zoo 2012 - $14,410
Dr. Pamela Christol

Dr. Erik Terdal and Dr. Pamela Christol and NSU received funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for Science at the Zoo, a summer academy. Acting as scientists, student academician will utilize methodologies that integrate multidisciplinary techniques to move beyond memorizing facts about nature. Through observation and critical thinking skills, they will formulate hypotheses about animals, their adaptations for survival, and their relationship to environmental issues. Digital video will be used to record data to test their hypotheses.

Dr. Erik Terdal

Students will apply math and science knowledge, as well as build leadership, team building, and deductive reasoning skills. On the final day of the academy, students will present their findings to their families.




INBRE-Equipment Grant - $31,939

Dr. Martin Venneman and NSU received funding to purchase equipment to enhance undergraduate and faculty research projects.



Cherokee Language Degree Program 2011-2012 - $100,000

Dr. Leslie Hannah and NSU received funding from the Cherokee Nation to support the undergraduate program that will produce teachers who are fluent in speaking, reading, and writing the Cherokee Language. Culture and heritage will also be a part of the Bachelor of Arts in the Cherokee Education degree. Wyman Kirk is the Project Faculty Coordinator.


Mark McCoy, Associate Professor at the University of Central Oklahoma's W. Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute, has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Specialist grant in digital forensics. McCoy will travel to Australia in March to enhance existing undergraduate and graduate programs in digital forensics and cybercrime at both the University of Canberra and the University of South Australia. During his 18-day trip, McCoy will take on an advisory role, working to build relationships between students learning about forensics in the classroom and investigators working active cases in the field. McCoy also will lead faculty development workshops, deliver seminars to students, and develop curriculum for the universities' digital forensics programs. McCoy is one of 104 U.S. faculty members selected to travel abroad through the Fulbright Specialist program in the 2011-2012 academic year.


INBRE Supplemental Equipment - $33,000

John Barthell, College of Math & Science and UCO received funding from the National Institutes of Health through the OU HSC to provide equipment to be used in research.





EPSCoR STEP 2009 - $10,000interns

Wei Chen, College of Math & Science, and UCO received funding from the National Science Foundation through OSU for five selected high school teachers to work alongside the Summer Bridge participants to gain research experience.


Oklahoma City Zoo - $2,500

Biology Professor Tony Stancampiano, lead investigator, and the Biology Department at Oklahoma City University received funds from the Oklahoma City Zoo and the Oklahoma Zoological Society to benefit imperiled species. The grant is a part of the zoological society's Conservation Action Now program, which supports at-risk animals, their habitats and surrounding communities through conservation, research and education. OCU is in the third year of a biodiversity inventory at its Gamble-Buchanan Outdoor Laboratory, a 27-acre urban wilderness area in southwest Oklahoma City. OCU received a grant last year for the second phase of the project. Professors Elizabeth Willner and Lisa Lawter developed the proposal to recruit and inspire teacher candidates across Oklahoma.


Urban Schools - $6,700

OCU Education Department received funds to recruit education majors to teach in urban schools. A multicultural education expert, Martha Lue Stewart from University of Central Florida, will come to Oklahoma City University to inspire teacher candidates in a February conference.


Cyber Security - $600,000

Rose State professor Ken Dewey and RSC received funding from the National Science Foundation to recruit and develop these needed experts for an ever-increasing "cyberspace" field of battle in cyber security. The money will provide 28 scholarships and is part of a "nationwide effort to increase cyber security graduates. The program also partners with the prestigious cyber security program at the University of Tulsa. Students who do well in the Rose State program will have an opportunity to earn scholarship money at Tulsa, where they will receive advanced training and a chance to earn more advanced degrees. But beyond the ever growing need for cyber security experts to secure Fortune 500 company secrets, there is a need for able experts to enhance America's national security. Rose State is in a unique position to help since the school is the only community college in the country with all six federal certifications in cyber security. The better students will have a chance at working for the National Security Agency, the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security. Cyber security experts are trained to not only defend against cyber-attacks but also about how to be the attacker. During their time in the Rose State program, students learn such things as how to break passwords, capture network traffic and probe systems for security concerns. One of the program's bigger projects involves one student developing a secure network while another tries to penetrate it. Before the students start taking upper-level courses, they have to pass an OSBI background check. These aren't the kinds of things to be teaching to the bad guys. Students who graduate from the Rose State program are "job-ready." The top students will go on to Tulsa. Those who do well will be sought by the most prestigious government agencies in the country.


The Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center and the University of Oklahoma received a five-year grant from the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust to expand cancer research and treatment capabilities. Robert Mannel, Center Director, has created the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Cancer Research Program, which will allow the center to recruit top-notch researchers. Mannel states that recruting cancer researchers to must be based on excellent incentives. The grant also will support the center's Phase I Clinical Trials Center, which connects late-stage cancer patients with experimental therapies when the disease doesn't respond to standard treatment or no standard treatment exists.

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We hope you enjoy reading about the grants obtained by your peers. If you received GRANT NEWS from someone else, and you wish to be on the list to receive it directly, send your request and email address to lmason@osrhe.edu.
Dr. Linda Mason
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education



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