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June 10, 2011
Dear Faculty and Administrators,
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     We hope you are having a great summer! This newsletter will let you know about some of the grants your colleagues around the state have successfully obtained recently. When you receive your grant, be sure to let us know so we can share with all! Congratulations to all the grant writers! Your excellent contributions to Oklahoma higher education change lives of our students! Thank you!
Dr. Linda Mason
Coordinator for Grant Writing Assistance
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education 
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Best Practice in Grantsmanship: Undergraduate Student Research
ECU Grants

ERAP for Pre-Baccalaureate Students - $500,000
Patt Sutton and ECU received funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ERAP(Environmental Research Apprenticeship Program). This five year grant will allow 15 pre-baccalaureate students to experience a range of research opportunities, from hand's on research to formal academic studies.

OKDHS - Developmental Disability Staff Training - $252,000

Kathy Roblin and ECU's Center for Continuing Education and Community services received funds from the Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services. This grant is designed to enhance the care and instruction of people with developmental disabilities through a state-wide staff training effort.
ECU Plumb-Greg

y of McAlester - Geography
Dr. Greg Plumb is the PI for a project designed to redistrict the wards of McAlester, OK by using a GIS (Geographic Information System) database.

BIA - CLEET Training - $250,000

Cassie Holloway and ECU have received a multi-year award from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Through the grant, ECU will be able to provide advanced law enforcement training for BIA sponsored federal officers.

INBRE - $6,600
Dr. Stephen Fields, Dr. Terry Cluck, and Dr. Charles Biles have receivedECU Fields Stephen individual awards of $2,200 through the IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence. These awards will be used to mentor students who are carrying out scientific research.

Dr. Stephen Fields, an ECU assistant professor in Biology, received two awards from the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). Dr. Fields received the Research Opportunity Award and the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Award.

Oklahoma Green - Training - $255,840
ECU has received funds from the U.S. Dept. of Labor through the Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce. This grant will train and place up to 200 employees in positions related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The course seating will be limited, but opportunity is open to all Oklahoma residents. Several programs and trainings will be held throughout the year.
ECU Clampitt Bradley

Occupied Vicksburg Research - $1,000

Prof. Bradley Clampitt received one of three available grants from the Oklahoma Humanities Council. This grant will allow Prof. Clampitt to research occupied Vicksburg, Mississippi during the final two years of the Civil War.



Teacher Quality State Program - $65,784
Dr. Brenda Walling, Dean, and ECU's School of Education received a grant from the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education. The grant seeks to improve elementary teachers' ability to analyze assessment data and make appropriate and innovative pedagogical decisions.

Office of Violence Against Women - Campus Law Enforcement $390,000
Leah Lyon and ECU have received a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Justice. This grant will provide training, mentoring, and technical assistance through existing partnerships and external consultants to universities that have an OVW.

OUHSC Grants

NIH - Growth Hormone and Aging - $2,500,000

Dr. William Sonntag and the OU Health Sciences Center (HSC) have received a federal grant from the NIH(National Institutes of Health) through the National Institute for Aging. Dr. Sonntag is the director of the Reynolds Oklahoma Center for Aging at the OUHSC. Sonntag and his team will use the grant to establish whether lower or higher protein and grown hormone levels contribute to longer, healthier lives with high brain function.

Lupus Research Grant
Dr. Amr Sawalha of the OUHSC has received a grant from the National Lupus Foundation. Sawalha and his associates have strong evidence that changes in T cells may trigger lupus. This grant will help further that research and could lead to new lupus treatments. Dr. Sawalha is the first Oklahoma investigator to receive funding from the Lupus Research Institute.

UCO Grants


Olympic Opportunity Paralympics Fund - $10,000 - $50,000

UCO has been chosen to receive this grant from the U.S. Olympic Committee.  This grant will help fund four summer sports camps for wounded, disabled, or ill veterans to train with Paralympics coaches and meet other soliders.  Nationally, only 55 organizations are awarded this grant.   

 UCO Castle

Oklahoma State Regents - No Child Left Behind - $36,855

Dr. Darlinda Cassel and UCO received a grant to for a summer workshop for twelve alternatively certified 7th-9th grade Algebra I teachers to explore pedagogy through algebra tasks.  The tasks focus on the PASS skills for algebra and geometry, grades 6-9. 


Oklahoma Highway Safety Office - $54,416

UCO DelaneyDr. Robert Delano and the University of Central Oklahoma will be conducting a survey in the summer of 2011 in order to observe seat belt usage, child restraint usage, and motorcycle helmet usage at designated locations throughout the State of Oklahoma.  The seat belt usage and child restraint usage has been a yearly study since 1986, but this is the first time the University of Central Oklahoma has received the award to conduct the survey.  This is also the first year that motorcycle helmet usage will be observed at select locations.  Results of the study will be submitted to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office.


NCAA - $30,000

Dr. Tamara Reeves and UCO received a grant for the development ofUCO Reeves alcohol and substance abuse prevention programming on UCO's campus over a three-year period. The first goal of this grant is to develop an educational program within the UCO athletics department that would ensure that NCAA requirements are met and help UCO's athletes to make smart choices regarding alcohol and substance use. The second goal is to infuse alcohol and drug education program into each of the entry level curriculums at UCO. Finally, the third goal is to develop positive, alternative programming that will support the Athletics Department. 


Korean Foundation - $12,000

UCO NollertDr. Rudy Nollert and UCO received a graduate teaching assistant fellowship to develop and teach elementary Korean Language courses and, eventually, a Korean Literature course.  With the help of the Korea Foundation, UCO will be able to bring in Teaching Assistants to teach each section of the language course.



OK INBRE - $67,417UCO Seong

Dr. Jaehoon Seong and UCO received a continuation grant from INBRE to research the complex geometry of human carotid artery bifurcation, which is considered one of the risk factors of atherosclerotic occlusive disease. Understanding local hemodynamics in human carotid bifurcation can lead to better control of carotid disease.  Dr. Seong will continue to investigate the hemodynamic effect in morphological changes at the human carotid bifurcation.


Dr. Wei Chen, Dr. Robert Brennan, Dr. Alaeddin Abu-Abed, Dr. Melville Vaughan, Dr. Lillian Chooback, Dr. Jicheng Fu and UCO received INBRE awards. UCO Chen

UCO Chooback

Chen and Chooback received equipment grants ($15,000 and $8,123).







UCO Brennan


Brennan ($46,392) will research the "Comparison of Genomic responses of Human Keratinocytes" with Dr. Bart Frank of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.





UCO Abu-Abed


Abu-Abed ($28,587) will research "A Novel Blood Shear Stress Sensing Technique."


UCO Vaughan




Vaughn ($31,354) will study "Myofibroblast Effect on Tumorigenesis."




Fu received a Junior Investigator Grant ($308,791) to study "An Intelligent System for Clinical Guidance on Power Seat Function Usage."



Morshed Khandaker, Lilian Chooback, and Alaeddin Abu-Abed also received released time grants to continue their research.


Lilian Chooback received $22,808 from the Oklahoma State Regents for "Mechanistic Studies of Dihydrodipicolinate Synthase."

Southeastern Oklahoma State University Grants
SE Hendrick Kathy
Workforce Opportunity for Kids (WORK) - $10,000
Ms. Kathy Hendrick and SE have received a grant from the AT&T Foundation. Dr. Hendrick is the director of the Center for Regional Economic Development. The WORK grant was created to support junior and senior high schools by encouraging greater awareness of academic importance and planning among students and improving parental involvement in education.

Dr. William Carter, the Director of the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, and SE have been awarded this grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration. This grant will provide business development assistance statewide to veterans who own small businesses or are starting up small businesses. Northeastern State University has agreed to be a key developer for this project.
SE Sharon RobinsonRUSO Violence Prevention - $111,409.52
Ms. Sharon Robinson, Vice President for Student Affairs have received a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Justice through East Central University. The grant's purpose is to replicate and implement existing and new practices and procedure with the Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO) Violence Prevention Project. This project provides training and education for local student, community, and professional populations.

SE Scott Hensley


Smart Start - Durant - $500 Mr. Scott Hensley, Director of the Continuing Education and Career Management Center, was awarded a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services through the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Foundation, Inc. This grant will fund professional development for the Smart Start Community Coordinator.

Smart Start Conference - $2,250 
Mr. Scott Hensley, Director of the Continuing Education and Career Management Center, was awarded a grant from the Inasmuch Foundation through the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Foundation, Inc. This grant will allow three community representatives to travel to and attend the Smart Start National Conference in Greensboro, NC.
SE Harbin Eddie
Stimulus State Energy Program - $500,000
Mr. Eddie Harbin and SE was awarded a grant from the US Dept. of Energy through the Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce. Mr. Harbin the director of SE's Physical Plant. The grant will be used to implement Phase II of SE's Energy Performance Contract with Siemens Building Technologies. SE's matching funds of $335,000 bring the program total to $835,000.

SE Carter WilliamSmall Business Jobs Act - $563,357

Dr. William Carter, the Director of the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center received a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration. This grant will enable existing Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) to create and retain jobs through expert consulting to small business owners and fueling small business service-based innovation.

OSU Grants

 OSU logo

Gates Foundation Award - $100,000
Dr. Gary Foutch and Dr. AJ Johannes, chemical engineering professors at OSU, were winners of the Grand Challenges Explorations competition put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their winning entry seeks to develop a small scale device which can disinfect and dewater feces and other solid wastes while producing less surface and groundwater contamination than traditional methods. The Grand Challenges Explorations is a $100 million initiative. The initial awards are $100,000. Successful projects could receive a follow-up award of $1,000,000.

Kaiser Family Foundation Grants - $1,230,000
OSU received funds from the George Kaiser Family Foundation to support its Center for Family Resilience. OSU - Tulsa also received a grant to establish the George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Family Risk and Resilience. OSU has a long and rich history as a land-grant university and applauds the George Kaiser Family Foundation for its support of the land-grant. mission. OSU looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Mango Study
Erdralin Lucas, associate professor in Nutritional Sciences in the OSU College of Human Environmental Science, as well as co-investigators Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Brenda Smith, Stephen Clarke, and Stanley Lightfoot, recently finished a study funded by the National Mango Board. The study sought to discover mango's effectiveness in altering blood glucose and lipid values in obese mice. Obesity and high-fat diets are associated with many chronic health problems. The study's findings indicate mangoes can be a promising alternative in reducing body fat and blood glucose.

Wildlife Conservation and Natural Resource Development - Chair - $500,000
OSU has received a gift from John D. Groendyke, chairman and CEO of Groendyke Transport, Inc. This gift will help establish an endowed chair in Wildlife Conservation and Natural Resources Management. One of the main research areas for the new chair will be how wind energy affects the lesser prairie chicken. With matching funds from T. Boon Pickens' 2008 challenge gift, Goendyke's gift will result in $1,500,000.

U.S. Army Research - Bomb Sniffing Rats - $740,000
Dr. Alex Orphir, assistant professor in the OSU Dept. of Zoology, received a grant from the U.S. Army Research Office in the U.S. Dept. of Defense. The grant will be used to study African giant pouched rat genetic and behavioral traits that make them ideal bomb-sniffers. Orphir hopes rats could eventually be deployed where U.S. troops are stationed to help sniff out landmines and IED's (improvised explosive devices). Rats offer many advantages to traditional canine-based bomb detection. Some African countries have been using rats to sniff out bombs for over 10 years.

F.A.A. and U.S. Air Force Joint Research
OSU students and faculty and employees of OSU owned University Multispectral Labratories (UML) could be collaborating on unmanned aerial system (UAS) research. The UML was recently awarded a $43 million Department of Defense contract and a $1,500,000 competitive contract through the Oklahoma Economic Development Generating Excellence Program.

NSU Grant
Middle East Leaders - ConferenceBetz NSU
NSU President Don Betz, soon to be UCO President, was selected by the U.S. State Dept. for a Fullbright Fellowship. As part of the Fellowship, President Betz and six other university presidents will meet with education leaders in the Middle East from Jordan and Oman. President Betz hopes to create educational partnerships between NSU and institutions in Jordan and Oman.

SWCU Grant

Kirkpatrick Foundation

This grant to Southwestern Christian University from the Kirkpatrick Foundation will support the establishment of a new education and curriculum program.  SWCU will base their new curriculum on concepts from Oklahoma A+ Schools, which is an art-based curriculum that seeks to foster creativity in all students.  The Kirkpatrick Foundation is committed to support art, culture, and education in Oklahoma.    

OCCC Grant

OCCC logo

Leadership Development Institute Grant

OCCC received funds from AT&T to support the creation a Leadership Development Institute (LDI). The LDI will offer fundamental business training for students taking non-credit courses. The programs will be specifically offered to women, ethnic and racial minority populations, and students from difficult soico-economic backgrounds. The LDI will provide 40 hours of noncredit instruction to include: hands-on learning experiences, group presentations, and lectures from visiting faculty members. The LDI seeks to empower students and help them created a better quality of life. Mr. Paul W. Sechrist, on behalf of OCCC, would like to thank AT&T for its partnership.
NWOSU Maier Stephen

Improving Teacher Quality - $71,023

Dr. Stephen Maier, Chair of the Department of Natural Science at NWOSU, received an award sponsored by the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education. This grant will provide 40 hours of professional development to 30 primary and secondary teachers in Physics and Physical Science. The grant will reach northwestern Oklahoma schools in high-need areas.


Cyber-Security - $562,160
Ken Dewey and Rose State College have received funds from the National Science Foundation. This grant will be used to expand RSC's cyber-security program. The grant will provide financial assistance to students seeking an associate degree in cyber-security. The new grant will expand a program already in place. During the award announcement at the state Capital, RSC was recognized for being the only community college in the U.S. with all six levels of certification for cyber-security.
i2E Fellows
i2E LogoSix Oklahoma university students have been awarded i2E Summer Fellowships. The fellowships will last 10 weeks and each student will be paid $6,000 to experience hands-on entrepreneurship start up and management.

Orgil Batsaikhan from UT and Alexis Caron of OCU will be working with Consolidated Networks.

Arun Kumar from OCU will be working with

Audrey Metzler from OCU will be working with Otologic Pharmaceutics

Luces Rice from OU will be working with iE2.

And Laura Medcalf from ECU will be partnering with Mintiva.
Peggy and Charles Stephenson Oklahoma Cancer Center - $150,000
Robert Matts of OSU and Youngjae You and Eleni L. Tolma of OUHSC have jointly received competitive grants from MidFirst Bank through their Pink VISA debit card program. The Research Seed grants will be used to study breast cancer tumor formation and treatment.
Best Practice in Grantsmanship: Undergraduate Student Research 
 Res Day Capitol 11
At Research Day at the Capitol on March 31, Chancellor Glen Johnson awarded Daniel Figueroa, a math major at UCO working under Dr. Wei Chen, an award for his excellent research. other students around the State were singled out for their excellent research and received awards. The process of engaging in research is the highest form of learning for these undergraduate students.
WHen students set out to answer compelling questions, organize a project to investigate the questions, and find new information, their intellectual lives are transformed!
What can you do to include undergraduate research into your courses? What can you do to add undergraduate researchers to your grant funded research projects and new program development projects? Funding agencies want you to use the best practices in your field, and this is one of the best! Why don't you include a couple of students in this highest form of teaching and learning this year. Want some ideas? Email and let's see if we can set up a discussion group to explore how!
Let's do it this year!
Remember to watch for the annual Promoting Undergraduate Research Conference in March 2012.

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