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McKeever Named Secretarty of Science and Technology
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Science Grants 

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Funds were awarded from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) for 9 projects.

' Richard Dixon of the Noble Foundation - $200,000: Development of low lignin alfalfa varieties with enhanced forage quality to enable farmers to obtain identical forage yields with one less cut per year, a savings of 20%  in harvest costs.   

' Patrick Zhao of the Noble Foundation - $100,000: Small RNAs in plant gene regulation, fuel the development of small RNA-based genomic tools to study gene function and   ultimately help better engineer economically important crops. 

   ' Mingyi Wang of the Noble Foundation - $82,500:  To provide the legume community a webbased computational service, for building and testing hypotheses on  networks.

' Million Tadege of Oklahoma State University - $100,000: To improve photosynthetic efficiency, this project will define the molecular function of a gene identified as a key transcription factor, stenofolia, from Medicago truncatula.

' William Henley of OSU - $99,972: To support a new algal biofuels industry in Oklahoma.   

' Xiaoqiang Wang of the Noble Foundation - $100,000: For engineering crop plants with enhanced production, quality and nutritional value.   

' Mark Fishbein of OSU - $99,851: To conduct a more extensive screen of the genes underlying defenses against insect herbivory.  

' Andrew Doust of OSU - $100,000:  Genetic analysis of foxtail and green millet and in studying water-use efficiency in several model systems.   

' Kefyalew Desta of OSU - $72,716:  To choose the right planting time and suitable locations with appropriate soil types that can allow producers to successfully grow teff grass in Oklahoma and neighboring states.

Stephen McKeever named Oklahoma Secretary of Science
OSU Stephen McKeever

Governor Mary Fallin recently appointed Dr. Stephen McKeever,  Oklahoma State University Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer and  executive director of the OSU Multispectral Lab, to her cabinet as Secretary of Science and Technology. In his new role, McKeever will support the state's efforts to transfer new technologies and research into commercial opportunities that benefit our state and local economies.
 McKeever also serves as an advisor to the Governor for matters related to science and technology, is responsible for the oversight of entities including OCAST, and works to enhance the economic partnerships between higher education, the state and private sector.


Dear Faculty and Administrators,Mason blue


Grants to enhance Oklahoma higher education are coming in all over the state! We hope you enjoy reading about them in this monthly newsletter from the Oklahoma State Regents.
Linda Mason
Coordinator for Grant Writing Assistance
NWOSU Grants

OSBDC-Oklahoma Small Business Development Center - $137,3NWOSU Jeanne Cole71

This grant to Jeanne Cole and , from the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, enhances economic development in the northwestern region of the state by offering counseling and training to existing and potential business clients. 


OCNWOSU WickhamAST-ArystaPartnership - $20,000

This grant to NWOSU and Dr. Jason Wickham from OCAST (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology) and Arysta Life Science Technology, allows for the study of distribution and quantity of Iodine in the Brine Waters of Northwestern Oklahoma. 




In-Service Astronomy "Make & Take" - $870

 This grant to NWOSU and Dr. Steven Maier, from the AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) Bauder Fund will provide a workshop for educators at the Selman Learning Laboratory. 


Upward Bound Math & Science - $250,000.00

NWOSU FranzBrad Franz and NWOSU received funds from the US Department of Education to increase the academic and motivational levels of eligible enrollees so students may complete secondary school and successfully pursue post-secondary educational programs.  Ten high schools in three northwest Oklahoma counties will be targeted.  

NSU GrantsNSU Revels
Little River Wildlife Refuge 2011 - $10,000

Dr. Mia Revels and NSU received funds from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to monitor the Swainson's Warbler to gather biological data and habitat requirements of the species in order to guide forest management.


Celebration of Teaching 2011 - $7,000

NSU LandryDr. Deborah Landry and NSU received funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to support the Celebration of Teaching Conference held in spring 2011.  The conference will focus on university students in the teacher education program and minority students from public school systems in northeastern Oklahoma.



Tulsa Public Schools FEA Chapters - $5,770

Dr. Deborah Landry and NSU received funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

To support programs which help recruit and retain teachers in Oklahoma.  This project includes connecting members of Future Educators associations in the Tulsa area with teacher education candidates who are members of the Student Oklahoma Education Association in the NSU College of Education, thus creating a "student on student" relationship that will introduce, encourage, assist and sustain all those involved to become educators who have the desire and ability to become teacher leaders serving as or with underrepresented populations.


ACE Partnership with Union High School 2011 - $3,225

Dr. Deborah Landry and NSU received funds from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for the "College Connection" between the ACE program at Union High School and teacher education candidates and faculty in the NSU College of Education, another venue for the ACE curriculum, and activities to come alive as an immersed experience into the many facets of teacher education and the teaching profession.

UCO Grants

The University of Central Oklahoma received the only two awards given by the Southwest College Health Association recognizing the university's efforts to enhance the well-being of its campus community. This year, SWCHA gave UCO's Spiritual Wellness program the Best Practice for an Institution award. The Campus Cook program received the Best Practice for a Student or Student Organization award. Each is accompanied by a $500 grant to advance the programs. Central's Spiritual Wellness program is a campus and community coalition, providing support to students seeking spiritual health. The grant will be used to develop a spiritual resource guide. Created and led by Central junior Emily Leahey, the Campus Cook is a peer education program that provides nutritional coaching to students through educational lectures, dorm room presentations and on-site cooking lessons. Leahey is a part of the Wellness Center's Peer Educators, a group of students who develop presentations on the topics and speak to students in classes, clubs and organizations around campus.

SE Grants

Students in Service - $1,260

Dr. Byron Clark, Assistant VP for Academic Affiars and Instruction and Southeastern received funds from the Corporation for National and Community Service via the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to increase the number of college student volunteers and service learners, to help disadvantaged youth succeed and advance along the academic continuum, develop members' civic skills and attitudes, to improve members' and students' workforce skills, and to engage veterans in serving their local communities.  Fifteen (15) students are signed up to do at least 300 hours of community service within one calendar year. The Project Coordinator is Carrie Williamson, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs


OklahomaIDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Institutional Funds - $40,000SE Paiva

Dr. Nancy L. Paiva, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Computer and Physical Sciences and SE received funds from the National Institutes of Health via the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center to support biomedical research and training at the regional university campus in Durant.Southeastern will purchase equipment and provide travel for two faculty members to attend the American Chemical Society Spring 2011 National Meeting. Dr. Nancy L. Paiva, Dr. Loide Wasmund, Dr. Tim Smith, Dr. Mo Chehbouni, and Dr. Teresa Golden will continually use these resources in their research and teaching at Southeastern.


ORU Banner

Future OK Teachers -$25,000
Dr. Kim Boyd received funds from the Temple Foundation.


Greg Ayers Scholarship Fund  $2,500

Dr. Randy Guthrie received funds from USA Funds for music student scholarships.


Chaplin Scholarships - $8,000
Dr. Clarence Boyd received funds from the Chatlos Foundation to provide chaplins for commuter students. 


International Development - $100,000

Tammy Schneider received funds from a private foundation for the International Sustainability and Development Project.


Nursing Scholarships - $100,000

Dr. Kenda Jezek received funds from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for nursing student scholarships.


Dr. Cindy Foust and SWOSU have received funds from the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, OFFICE OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN through EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY to support a program that will effectively and collaboratively minimize the incidence of violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking on campuses throughout Oklahoma.   



Dr. Brian Campbell and SWOSU have received funds from the OKLAHOMA STATE REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION for a summer academy program for underrepresented high school juniors and seniors to experience a relationship between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. 



Madeline Baugher and SWOSU have received funds from the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION through THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA for scholarships for students interested in pursuing space related educational programs.


KESAM SP 2010 - $15,000 

Dr. John Woods and SWOSU have received funds from the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for professional development workshops for elementary school teachers to strengthen mathematical thinking and instruction. 



Dr. Jason Johnson and SWOSU have received funds from OKLAHOMA EPSCOR for "Student Attendance of Southwest/Southeast Combined Regional American Chemical Society Meeting," for students to attend and present at the Southwest/Southeast Combined Regional American Chemical Society Meeting.

OC Grant 

Oklahoma Christian University Grant - $15,000

President Mike O'Neal and Oklahoma Christian University received ATT  funds to assist in building the BRIDGE program to help students get the education they need to enrich their lives and become productive citizens. The program offers classes on topics such as time management and study habits and ongoing tutoring sessions and regular meetings with academic advisors. It started in 2006 with 13 students, and today there are 125 students.  Pictured from left to right are Bryan Gonterman, President, AT&T Oklahoma, Dr. Mike O'Neal, President, Oklahoma Christian University, Jan Moran, Area Manager, External Affairs, AT&T Oklahoma.


Superconducters - $190,000

Vladimir Kozhevnikov and Tulsa Community Collegereceived NSF Material Research Division funds for work on superconductors on magnetic fields and superconductors, which are metals that can perpetually sustain an electric current at extreme cold temperatures without losing energy. Superconductors are used in MRI machines, Maglev trains and in the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. Kozhevnikov has taken some of his TCC students to the annual American Physical Society meeting in Portland, OR, last March and research facilities in Switzerland last summer and Canada in December. Next month, he is taking students to the APS meeting in Dallas. The goal is to show them in reality, how it works. But the work isn't without challenges, including getting students interested in physics and his research. Kozhevnikov started a class titled Selected Topics in Physics, where the field of physics and how it is used in everyday life is discussed.

CNC Grant

Tribal College "Breaking Through" - $40,000CNC Students Buffalo Camp

The Comanche Nation College received funds from The Walmart Foundation and the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC).  The goal of the "Break Through" initiative is to prepare low-skilled adults for success in community college occupational and technical credential programs, connect students to college level programs, and support them through credential attainment.

Remember that the Summer Grant Writing Institute is August 1-5, 2011. Apply for your spot today! 


Linda Mason

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education