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September 2009
masonDear Faculty and Administrators,

This newsletter provides announcements of grants to those who have worked hard to improve research and development on Oklahoma higher education campuses. The energy and dedication to seek grants is rewarded with enhanced experiences for Oklahoma students. We hope you enjoy this monthly grants newsletter. If you have news to share with others around the State, send the grant information and a jpg photo to

Dr. Linda Mason
Coordinator for Grant Writing Assistance
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UCO Grants
NSU Grants
SWOSU Grants
USAO Grant
TCC Grant
NWOSU Grants
Oklahoma Stimulus Grant
Lottery Winners Gift
Anthrax Research
Stimulus Energy Projects
OSU Grants
ECU Teacher Training Grant
UCO forensics lab internships
UCO Adams
Students of forensic science at the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science have an opportunity to work in one of the nation's foremost research and development laboratories. The university signed an agreement with the Savannah River National Laboratory that will offer internships to upper classmen and graduate students studying forensic science. The ideal candidate will be that student who wants to apply biology, chemistry, engineering or physics in a law enforcement or investigative type setting. The Savannah River National Laboratory uses state-of-the-art technology in detection of weapons of mass destruction, cleanup of contaminated groundwater and soils, and development of hydrogen as an energy source, according to the organization's Web site.
The laboratory's director Samit Bhattacharyya said the agreement will allow students to work alongside experienced scientists and researchers. Dwight Adams, pictured, is the UCO Forensic Science Institute director.
UCO Educator Grant

Dr. Kathy Brown and Dr. Cheryl Steele, of the University of Central Oklahoma College of Education and Professional Studies, received $6,700 from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education  Minority Teacher Recruitment, Special Projects Program for the project, "Especiallyfor Educators."
                         Campus Compact MLK Day                  Campus Compact MLK Day
                   Dr. Cheryl Steele    Dr. Kathy Brown
UCO Urban Teacher Preparation Academy Grant
UCO Machelle

Dr. James Machell, of the UCO College of Education and Professional Studies, received a grant of $10,000 from the Oklahoma State Regents' Minority Teacher Recruitment Program, for an Urban Teacher Preparation Academy. The grant will be used for Scholarships.
UCO Smart Start Grant
UCO Schrek

Dr. Paulette Shreck, UCO professor of education, received $88,000 for Smart Start, a research project on access to facilities for Oklahoma children, ages birth to Kindergarden.
Another UCO Smart Start Grant
UCO Wetsel

Dr. Janette Wetsel, of UCO's college of Education and Professional Studies, received $18,000 for Smart Start, the second year of a three year award to work with specific schools to improve education.
UCO Funds On-Campus Research
Student Researchers
30 Faculty On-Campus Grants were funded this fall at UCO. Principal Investigators are: Dr. Nathan Cottle and Dr. LaDonna Atkins, Human Environmental Sciences; Dr. Michelle Gray, Dr. Melissa Powers, Kinesiology & Health Studies; Dr. Malinda Green, Dr. Jennifer Endicott, and Dr. Susan Scott, Dr. Regenia James, Professional Teacher Education; Dr. Mickie Vanhoy, Psychology. 72 students were funded from the Office of Research and Grants for the RCSA (Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activity) grants, 2009-2010.
NSU Indian Women's Grant
NSU Fife
Dr. Phyllis Fife and Northeastern Oklahoma State University, received $12,000 from the University of North Carolina for the National Indian Women's Health Resource Center 2009-2010 to provide health promotion and educational materials regarding HIV/AIDS transmission by utilizing culturally sensitive and appropriate health education.  This awareness program will focus on Northeastern State University Native American students by coordinating meeting places, activities and health fairs on campus.  This is the third year of this award.
NSU Student Services Grant
Connie Wright and Northeastern Oklahoma State University received $309,893 from the US Department of Education for Student Support Services to provide services to no fewer than 175 individuals, who meet the federal eligibility criteria and demonstrate academic need, in order to aid them in successfully completing a program of study at NSU.  This comprehensive system of support services includes counseling, tutoring and academic enrichment activities so that participants will be retained and graduate at rates equal to or above their cohorts at NSU.  This project focuses on serving students who meet the qualifying criteria, regardless of race, color, national origin, disability or gender.  Ms. Wright has been the director of this program since its inception in 1993.
NSU Child Welfare Grant
NSU Garland
Chris Garland and Northeastern Oklahoma State University received $104,119 from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services through OU for Child Welfare Title IV-E to provides services to enhance the well-being of children and families in Oklahoma through professional education and training programs focused on developing and improving future child welfare services providers. This is Year 16 for the program, which has been under Mr. Garland's direction for the past three years.
Campus Compact MLK Day Ms. Madeline Baugher, Instructor of Accounting, Computer Science and ENtrepreneurship and Southwestern Oklahoma State University received $4,183 from NASA through OU for the First Tech Challenge Event FY10 to support sanctioning the First Tech Challenge Robotic event to be held at SWOSU later this year.  High School Student Teams will build their robot and enter the event.
SWOSU Hogado
Dr. Andrea Holgado, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Southwestern Oklahoma State University received $45,000 for Molecular Analysis of Membrane Trafficking and Fusion from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST). The project funds biomedical research for faculty and undergraduate students at SWOSU. 
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College Grant
Dr. Henrietta Mann, President of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College at SWOSU received $500,000 from the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College Board to assist CATC in providing educational experiences for its students. CATC is a two-year tribal college on the campus of Southwestern Oklahoma State University with the purpose of providing educational experiences to Native American Students.
SWOSU Child Welfare Grant
Debbi McFarlin, Director and Assistant Professor, Social Work Program and Southwestern Oklahoma State University received $100,004 from the US Department of Health and Human Services through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for the Child Welfare Professional Enhancement Project. The Child Welfare Enhancement Program helps professionalize public child welfare.  CWPEP students receive funds to assist in financing their education by committing  to serve Oklahoma families and children by agreeing to a period of obligated employment with DHS after graduation.
USAO Fine Arts Grants
usao logo
The University of Science and Arts received $2500 from the Walton Foundation, $4050 from the MidAmerica Arts Alliance and National Endowment for the Arts, and $20,500 from the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for the Davis Waldorf Performing Art Series at USAO. It is the 9th season.
Tulsa Community College received $500,000 the National Institutes of Health through the Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence and the University of Oklahoma to provide outreach to rural high school teachers in biomedicine using ARRA funds.
The project, "Medicines,   Explorations,  and  Discoveries  in  Biotechnology   Education," or MEDBEd, will supplement  the  University  of Oklahoma's current efforts to provide outreach and recruitment to students in rural and underserved areas. It  is  envisioned  that MEDBEd will amplify the successes of TCC's SEEDBEd program,  funded currently by the National Science Foundation.  The project will use lessons we have learned from SEEDBEd.  Immediate acquisition of lab materials  and  increased autonomy for the high school faculty at the rural school  systems  can  quickly  be  achieved in the proposed MEDBEd program. MEDBEd will also  be  adapted  to expand on the current biotechnology pipeline focus of SEEDBEd to provide students information on biomedical professions. The MEDBEd project will provide for the infusion of 50 biomedical education experiences  into  rural  high  schools  per year through workshops using a focused,  inquiry-based  experimental learning system that will be provided for  the  two years requested in this proposal.  It is also envisioned that the  experimental MEDBEd learning system proposed here will be incorporated into  the  high  school  curricula of the rural high schools on a permanent basis.
NWOSU Knedler Dr. Mike Knedler and Northwestern Oklahoma State University received $146,000 from the US Department of Agriculture for science facilities rennovation. This Community Facilities grant provides the purchase and installation of an elevator for the newly renovated Science Building on the Northwestern Alva campus.
Congratulations to all the innovative faculty members and staff who have realized their creative project dreams through these diverse grants! Oklahoma appreciates you!
Dr. Linda Mason
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
state-ok green
More than $18.6 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds has been awarded to Oklahoma to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Oklahoma's  statewide plan to prioritize energy savings, create or retain jobs, increase the use of renewable energy and reduce carbon pollution, Oklahoma will generate more than $23 million in additional funding.
Oklahoma will use the stimulus money to advance building efficiency, renewable energy and alternative fuel transportation projects throughout the state. $11 million will be used to convert vehicles and buses to run on compressed natural gas and provide equipment for CNG refueling stations and fund three projects for training and outreach to develop a green-jobs work force. The projects will include public education, curriculum and certification development, and hands-on training for building efficiency and renewable energy.
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Campus Compact MLK Day
A donation by an eastern Oklahoma couple, Don and Joyce Harvey, who are lottery winners will help University of Oklahoma Medical Center doctors buy and operate a mobile research unit that will study diabetes in children who live in rural areas. The mobile unit is the size of a recreational vehicle and should be ready to travel next year to rural Oklahoma.
One of the largest grants in the history of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation - $26 million over the next five years - will fund research into unraveling the puzzle of how anthrax affects humans.  The grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will finance a team of seven scientists, who will spend the next five years exploring natural immune response to Bacillus anthracis, the infectious agent that causes anthrax. Mark Coggeshall is the principal investigator on the project. John Harley will scan every gene in human DNA to see which gene is present in those who make good antibodies after being vaccinated against anthrax. In 2001, anthrax sent through the U.S. Postal Service infected 22 people. 
Oklahoma Receives $9.6 Million for Energy Projects
Campus Compact MLK Day
  Oklahoma received $9.6 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support energy-efficiency and conservation activities. Under the Department of Energy's Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, the state will implement programs that lower energy use, reduce carbon pollution, and create green jobs locally. The money awarded to Oklahoma was included in $106 million for nine states. Oklahoma will competitively award 60 percent of the funding to cities and counties, prioritizing projects based on measures like energy and cost savings, job creation, renewable-energy generation, and carbon emissions reductions.  The money will also allow Oklahoma to upgrade the electrical distribution system in Waynoka, where the installation of new transformers will result in a 25-percent reduction in power consumption. The installation of solar and wind technologies in Oklahoma and to enhance local recycling programs will be funded, also.  
OSU Study of Alaskan Grandparents
OSU Henderson
Tammy Henderson, Associate Professor in Oklahoma State University's College of Human Environmental Sciences, received a National Science Foundation grant for more than $1.1 million to study Alaska Native grandparents. Research will be conducted by meeting with members of Alaskan communities with the main goal of shedding light on the similarities and unique aspects of Alaskan Native grandparents as very few family studies have been completed in the Arctic.
OSU logo
The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $82,420 to Oklahoma State University to evaluate an ecologically based canola aphid management program to reduce insecticide use on canola crops in Oklahoma and other regions of the Southern Plains. Based on prior research and utilizing replicated trials, OSU will quantify how seed treatments, economic thresholds, and available foliar insecticides influence aphid management and environmental impacts.
ECU Teacher Training
Campus Compact MLK Day
  A workshop for area teachers and East Central University students on "Dealing with Atrocity and Controversy in the Public School Classroom," "Native American stereotypes," "religion and politics," ",  war and terrorism," and "slavery and civil rights" are part of a grant from the U.S. Department of Education titled "Teaching American History: Beyond Textbooks, Beyond Lectures, Beyond Expectations. Nineteen area schools participate in the project which also serves pre-service teachers twice annually by providing content and pedagogy sessions to help them become effective teachers. Facilitators will discuss how to handle these topics in the classroom. Twenty-nine junior high and high school American history teachers participate in the Teaching American History project. The goal of the project, said Mitchelle Barton, project director, is to extend and nurture a dynamic learning and teaching community in the eastern half of Oklahoma that will become an important part of the local, regional and state resources necessary to dramatically and effectively improve the quality of American history instruction.
OUHSC Poison Control
Poison Control
The Health Resources and Services Administration has awarded $300,907 to University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as part of a $24.5 million grant program to support the work of 55 poison control centers nationwide. The grants help poison control centers provide treatment recommendations for poisonings, comply with certification requirements, and conduct evaluations of poison prevention strategies and activities. HRSA's Poison Control Program funds the national Poison Help toll-free number, (800) 222-1222, which provides around-the-clock multilingual help from trained pharmacists and nurses.
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NWOSU Child Welfare Grant
NWOSU Rehder
Kylene Rehder and Northwestern Oklahoma State University received $51,521 from the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services through OU. This project supports students who are pursuing child welfare careers through financial support as well as employment opportunities. Kylene Rehder and Dr. Smith from OU are pictured.
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