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July 2009
Oklahoma colleges and universities are obtaining grants to help make their programs and research better. See what grants have been awarded to Oklahoma higher education campuses in July!
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RCC Serves Oklahoma Veterans
CASC Receives Title III Grant
CASC Receives Carl Perkins Grant
ECU Grant - Veterans in Green Jobs
Cameron Research on Miscarriage
Cameron Receives Technology Funds
OU Transit Stimulus Grant
UCO NSF Undergraduate Research in Turkey
UCO Research Grants
OSU Grants
SWOSU Grants
NSU Grants
Oklahoma Campus Compact
EDGE Preliminary Grant Selections
RCC Serves Oklahoma Veterans
Call 911.

Redlands Community College in El Reno has received a $1million Veterans Upward Bound grant to help veterans make the transition from the military to the classroom.
The Redlands Veterans Upward Bound Program will serve 120 veterans per year through three offices around the state. Autry and Caddo Kiowa Technology Centers will be partners with Redlands to provide office space. The program will serve Canadian, Kingfisher, Logan, Payne, Garfield, Kay, Caddo, Kiowa and Blaine counties. Penny Coggins, Redlands vice president of grants development and applied research proposed the project. The program will provide some training and services specifically for the veterans.
CASC Receives Title III Grant
Call 911.
Dr. Brandon Webb, President of Carl Albert State College, is proud to announce that Carl Albert State College received $1.7 million from the US Department of Education for Title III Strengthening Institutions over 5 years.  The project will strengthen student services, technology and data management to improve student retention at Carl Albert State College. The project was written by Deborah Herr(pictured) , the Grants Department Director.
CASC Receives Carl Perkins Grant
Call 911. President Brandon Webb announces $20,000 in funding for Carl Albert State College's Career Guidance and Advisement project through the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006. This project will enhance our recruitment and retention of students,  as well as the promotion of the applied or technical programs at CASC.  Rachel Kardokus, Coordinator of the Carl Perkins grant program (pictured), will be in charge of this new Carl Perkins project at CASC.
ECU Grant - Veterans in Green Jobs
ECU C.J.Vires
East Central University has received $500,000 from the US Department of Labor's Veterans' Workforce Investment Program to provide Oklahoma veterans with job training in green careers. Employment will focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy, the latest electric power development and clean vehicles.
C.J. Vires, Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs and Research (pictured) said that the project classroom work along with skill learning, and students will be certified. Because of issues such as physical disabilities, homelessness, past drug and alcohol problems or those with felony backgrounds may need extra help to get a job.
The program is available for any veteran in the state. The plan is to start with 25 veterans in the initial session, and build up to 45 per class. The classes will include training that will qualify workers to perform home energy audits, install solar panels, remove and clean up asbestos, in addition to energy-efficient construction positions, and wind farm jobs.
OCU Grants for Nursing Program
OCU Kramer Sch Nursing
Oklahoma City University students will soon have additional space to study health and nursing. With $1.3 million from the Inasmuch Foundation and $100,000 fro SSM Health Care of Oklahoma and other funds, the Kramer School of Nursing with add 50,000 square feet of labs and rooms to the facility. The labs will feature mock hospital rooms and patient beds where students can gain hands-on experience. The university also received $24,834 from the Advanced Nursing Education Traineeship to provide scholarships to nursing students.
Cameron Research on Miscarriage
Research being done at Cameron University may help prevent miscarriages in livestock and eventually aid scientists in understanding why humans miscarry, too. Frankie White, assistant professor of agriculture at CU, is heading up a project to study the effects of endocrine disrupters - chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen - on pregnant pigs. Exposure to estrogen too early in a pregnancy causes sows to lose their embryos. In pigs, about 50 percent of the embryos don't survive, and early pregnancy in all mammals is very similar. Most of embryo loss occurs when the embryo has to attach to the uterus. The second goal of the research is to decrease pregnancy loss in women.    
Working on the project as a summer intern is Elaine Harder, a Cameron junior majoring in animal science. She received a grant from the Idea Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) to help fund the research. The research project is being conducted in a partnership with Oklahoma State University, the University of Missouri and the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Cameron Campus Compact Grant

Cameron University Department of Education faculty members Debbie Stoll and Stephanie White have been awarded service-learning incentive grants for the fall 2009 semester by the Oklahoma Campus Compact.  Service-learning programs involve students in organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community.
CU Receives Technology Funds
Cameron University received $15,000 from Stanley Inc. to support Cameron students by enhancing capabilities in computing and technology, specifically in the areas of software engineering and systems training. More than 100 of Stanley's employees in the Lawton area are graduates of Cameron.
OU Transit System Stimulus Grant
OU Logo The transit system serving Cleveland County and the University of Oklahoma will get $1.9 million in stimulus money to replace three buses and add two more. The stimulus bill has provided $3.2 billion in grants so far for U.S. transit improvements, from the US Department of Transportation. 
OU's K20 Center Teacher Grants
k20 Jean Cate
OU's K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal and Jean Cate received $300,000 for the Oklahoma Alternative Network (K20 alt) from the Oklahoma Technical Assistance Center through the Oklahoma Department of Education. The Network will provide professional development for alternative education teachers and to provide mentoring for them to become highly qualified. Jean Cate and the K20 Oklahoma Mentoring Network also received $95,000 from the Oklahoma Educational Association through Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation to provide mentor professional development to support and retain new teachers.
UCO Renews NSF Undergraduate Student Research Grant in Turkey
Barthell Bee
Dr. John Barthell, Professor of Biology and Dean of the UCO College of Mathematics and Science, has received a 4-year continuation grant of $301,586 from the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program for Ecology and Behavior of Honey Bees and Solitary Bees.  The summer program engages undergraduate students research involving collaborations with scientists from Turkey and its western bordering nations.  Collaborators on the current project include Dr. Charles Abramson, Oklahoma State University; Dr. Harrington Wells, Tulsa University; Dr. John Hranitz, Bloomsburg State University (PA); Dr. Theodora Petanidou, University of the Aegean (Greece); Dr. Ibrahim Cakmak, Uludag University (Turkey); and Peter Nentchev, Trackia University (Bulgaria).
UCO Yellow Rail Research
UCO Chris Butler

Dr. Christopher Butler, Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma, has received $6,400 from the USDA Forest Service for Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Examine Migratory Connectivity in the Yellow Rail (Coturnicops noveboracensis). The study will take place in the Ouachita National Forest of southeastern Oklahoma.
UCO Nursing Grant
UCO Nursing Students
Dr. Linda Rider (not pictured), Chair of the UCO Department of Nursing, has received $19,271 from the Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Program of the Health Resources and Services Administration to provide scholarships to nursing students based on financial need and academic achievement.
UCO Wei Chen Dr. Wei Chen, Professor of Engineering & Physics and Assistant Dean of the University of Central Oklahoma College of Mathematics and Science, received $64,040 from INBRE for research with MRI-Guided Photoimmunotherapy.
OSU logo
Dr. Daniel Endres, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Central Oklahoma, received $25,000 from INBRE for Advanced Stochoastic Models for DNA Microsatellite Somatic Instability.
UCO INBRE Computer Science Grant
Call 911.
Dr. Gang Qian, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Central Oklahoma, received $28,905 from the OUHSC INBRE project for research on Incorporating Substitution Matrices into the NSP-tree for Efficient and Sensitive Pair-wise Alignments in Large Biological Sequence Databases.
Call 911.
Dr. Jaehoon Seong, Assistant Professor of Engineering & Physics at the University of Central Oklahoma, received $302,030 for an INBRE Junior Investigator grant for investigation into MRI Flow Study in the Silicone Replicas of Human Cartoid Bifurcation with Age.
Call 911.
Dr. Jeremy Thibodeaux, Assistant Professor of Math and Science at the University of Central Oklahoma, received $25,000 from OUHSC INBRE for his project Seeking Optimal Treatment Strategies for Malaria Infection.
OSU Entrepreneur Education Center
OSU logo
The new Riata Center for Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University will open soon thanks to $29 million from Malone and Amy Mitchell. The university's thrust into entrepreneurship education is two-pronged: The Riata center will offer experiential outreach programs to fledgling entrepreneurs and OSU will offer undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship studies. The complementary combination should allow OSU to reach deep into the business community. OSU has chosen eight top students who will be interning with start-up companies this fall and a campus-wide business plan competition will be held with $40,000 in prize money for three winning teams. An entrepreneurship program-specific dorm on campus will provide 50 rooms for students or those involved in the center's projects.

Chris Zou, assistant professor with the OSU Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management and Oklahoma State University's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources received $226,890 from the U.S. Geological Survey through the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute to study an eastern red cedar encroachment and the water cycle in the tallgrass prairie. Oklahoma is one of the key U.S. locales where woodlands meet grasslands. 
swosu HOLDAGO equipment
In a collaborative effort, Southwestern Oklahoma State University faculty were also awarded a $35,000 INBRE Equipment Grant to purchase a fluorescent microscope.  Dr. Holgado, Dr. Jimena Aracena and Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Department of Biology, and Dr. Arden Aspedon, Allied Health, will use the microscope for biomedical research and teaching at SWOSU. Pictured are Dr. Blake Sonobe, Senior VP, Dr. Arden Aspedon, Dr. Mutaseum Ubeidat, Dr. Andrea Holgado, and Dr. Peter Grant.
Call 911.
Ms. Madeline Baugher (pictured), Department of Accounting, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, received $4,777 from Precision Design, Inc. to support an undergraduate student mentoring internship program involving aeronautics professionals.  The program will enhance and develop Oklahoma's economic and workforce development in aeronautics and space while providing applied learning experiences for students and faculty.
swosu OAME
Dr. Marvin Hankins, SWOSU Center for Economic and Business Development,   received $42,000 for the Southwestern Manufacturing Consortium from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce through Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence to support a manufacturing extension and fiscal agent to work with small to medium-sized manufacturers to improve their ability to compete in the international market place. Pictured are Anita Blankenship, Marvin Hankins, Paul Walenciak, President John Hays, and Provost Blake Sonobe.

Dr. Hankins also received $97,850 from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce-Economic Development Administration to support an Economic Development Administration University Center at SWOSU for technical assistance and promotion of economic development for southwestern Oklahoma businesses. Hankins received another $208,891 from the U.S. Small Business Administration to enhance economic development in the southwestern region of Oklahoma through counseling and training to small business clients.
SWOSU Sonobe and Bill Kelly

Dr. William Kelly, SWOSU Chair and Professor of Chemistry & Physics, received $59,094 from INBRE to support biomedical research for faculty and undergraduate students at SWOSU. Pictured are Provost Blake Sonobe and Dr. William Kelly.

Dr. Timothy Hubin, SWOSU Dept. of Chemistry & Physics, received $126,216 from INBRE for research in Development and Screening of Transition Metal Complexes as CXCR4 Antagonistsbiomedical. The project will involve faculty and undergraduate students at SWOSU.
Ms. Kelli Litsch received a FAR and FARA Travel Grant of $933 from the National Collegiate Athletic Association through the Lone Star Conference to help attend associational and professional conferences.
Ms. Jamie Novey received $6100 from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture through the Oklahoma State Department of Education for the Upward Bound Summer Food Services Program for Children to support summer food for Upward Bound participants.
SWOSU Adventure Horses
Dr. Ken Rose, College of Professional & Graduate Studies at Southwestern Oklahoma State University received over $4.4 million from the Office of Juvenile Affairs to to support five male juvenile residency treatment programs utilizing outdoor education experiences to encourage possible behavioral changes for youth in the Office of Juvenile Affairs custody. The experiences are in Foss Lake, Tenkiller, Lawton, Salt Fork,  and Cedar Canyon.
SWOSU Camp Group Southwestern Oklahoma State University was one of 30 locations across the nation for summer math and science camp funded by the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp fund for two weeks in July on the Weatherford campus. 60 middle schoolers from Oklahoma and Texas attended the camp which had the theme of "The Search for Life." The residential camp gives students a first-hand experience conducting experiments, role models and innovative programs to encourage their continued participation in math and science courses in school. Citizenship and leadership skills are fostered with opportunities to work in teams and think creatively while in a college campus environment.  The ultimate goal is to raise their awareness of career possibilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Wayne Trail was the camp director. 
SWOSU Holdago Research Students
Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Dr. Andrea Holgado, assistant professor in the SWOSU Department of Biological Sciences, were awarded an INBRE Basic Research grant for $25,000 to investigate Molecular Analysis of Vesicle Exocytosis involving undergraduate students at SWOSU.  Under the direction of Holgado, students will investigate the molecular mechanism underlying vesicle-mediated secretion in neurons.  Research of this type may reveal target molecules and strategies for the treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Holgado also received a Research Opportunity Award from the INBRE project, funded by the National Institutes of Health and dispersed through the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, for a summer research project in the laboratory of Dr. Bing Zhang, assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma in Norman with two SWOSU biology students, Melanie Graham and Ariana Eakle. Pictured are Bing Zhang, Chelsea Springer, Melanie Graham, Andrea Holgado, Ariana Eakle, Leah Henry, Philip Vanlandingham, Hong Boa, Tyler Gunter and John Tauber.
NSU Jody Buckholtz

Dr. Jody Buckholtz
received $36,127 from the National Science Foundation through Oklahoma State University's Alliance for Minority Participation Grant to increase the number of represented minorities receiving Bachelor of Science degrees in science, engineering and mathematics.
Dr. Amy Smith received $51,100 from the Oklahoma Conservation Commission for Stream Bioassessment to select, preserve and deliver the selected biological samples (fish & macroinvertebrate) to representatives of the commission. This is Year 7 of this award.
NSU Ann Wilkins

Ann Wilkins received $92,711 from the Oklahoma Supreme Court for Alternative Dispute Resolution to provide mediation according to the Dispute Resolution Act and other directives provided by the courts for disputes in northeast Oklahoma. This is year 16 of this agreement.
NSU Phyllis Fife

Dr. Phyllis Fife, Director of Tribal Studies for Northeastern Oklahoma State University, received $2000 from the Okahoma Arts Council for the NSU PowWow 2010 and related events.

Megan White, Director of the Sequoyah Institute for Northeastern Oklahoma State University, received $19,400 from the Oklahoma Arts Council for Galaxy of Stars 2010, to assist with artist fees.

Dr. Arthur White received $5000 from the Oklahoma Arts Council to help with artist fees for the Northeastern State University's Green Country Jazz Series 2009-2010 season.
If you would like us to know about your grant and how it impacts your campus, send the information to lmason@osrhe.edu along with a jpeg photo. Thank you for your contribution to improve Oklahoma higher education!

Dr. Linda Mason, Coordinator for Grant Writing Assistance
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Campus Compact MLK Day
Oklahoma Campus Compact won $2,500 from the NC Campus Compact to distribute to Oklahoma Campus Compact members in support of activities and events on Martin Luther King Day.  Pictured are 875 students from SWOSU who volunteered for projects. They are  wearing t-shirts which say on the front:  MLK Week - The Dream Continues. The grant was written by Debbie Terlip, Assistant Director of Campus Compact for the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.
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EDGE logo
EDGE Policy Board members approved 14 proposal applications from a field of 65,  which are the second round in the funding process of Oklahoma's economic development programs. This step is part of the process from an endowment that backers hope eventually to reach $1 billion. Economic Development Generating Excellence has $7.5 million for its second round of funding, according to Paul Risser, Executive Director of the EDGE Policy Board.

University projects:

- Alfred Stritz, OU, Research, Development, Testing, and Production of Modular Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  named  M-UAVs, along with Turnkey Mod Unmanned Aircraft Systems , or M-UASs, based on product platform and product
- Jeffrey Harwell, OU, Boosting Oklahoma Oil Production with Next Generation Surfactant
Sensor Technology
- Nick Materer, OSU, Commercialization of Passive Wireless Corrosion Sensors
Information Technology/ Telecommunications
- David Kendrick, OUHSC, Greater Tulsa Health Access Network (Greater THAN)