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Issue II
August 2008

Whether you are beginning in your profession, considering a career change or approaching retirement, it is important to position yourself as an expert in your field. By enhancing your skill set and building experience in a particular area, you will become a more attractive job candidate, respected professional and trusted resource. Pursuing higher education, obtaining certifications, joining corporate and nonprofit boards, writing books and speaking publicly are just a few things that you can do to build your credibility and your brand.
Who Is
"Who Is"  recognizes Cambridge Who's Who members who have made exceptional progress in their fields of expertise or have an inspiring career story to share. One accomplished member is featured in this section per quarter.
Who Is Susie Coelho?
Susie Coelho
Member Since: March 2007
Title: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Susie Coelho Enterprises, Inc.
Location: Lacanada, CA
Industry: Media & Entertainment
[email protected]

Fun Facts
  • Host of HGTV's primetime series, "Outer Spaces."
  • Appears regularly as a lifestyle contributor on numerous network shows including NBC's "Today," ABC-TV's "The View" and "Oprah."
  • Best-selling author of four books: "Style Your Dream Wedding"; "Secrets of a Style Diva: A Get-Inspired Guide to Your Creative Side"; "Styling for Entertaining: 8 Simple Steps, 8 Miracle Makeovers"; and "Everyday Styling."
Product Spotlight
Top 101 Industry Experts - An Exciting Way to Get Recognized!
A great way to gain expert status is to write and publish a book on your area(s) of expertise. Even better is when you are identified as an expert by a third party. Cambridge Who's Who provides that valuable endorsement for you when it features you in its new Top 101 Industry Experts publication. Being included in the Top 101 Industry Experts means that you have been carefully selected from over 250,000 executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to represent your field. It gives you the opportunity to document your personal success story and share your insight with others. Your expert chapter includes a photograph, contact information, biographical narrative and detailed interview with a Cambridge representative touching on everything fromTop 101 Industry Experts how you began your career to your greatest professional accomplishment to date.
If you are a business owner, consultant or public speaker, you can use the industry expert book to win new clients. When others see your name in print, they will gain respect for you and be more likely to conduct business with you or recommend you to their contacts. If you are not well-known, a feature in Top 101 Industry Experts will get you the attention you deserve. And if you are a retired professional, the industry expert book is an opportunity to memorialize your achievements in and contributions to your field.
Do you have what it takes?
To be considered for Top 101 Industry Experts, call 516-535-1515 x1343 today or send an email to [email protected] with your first name, last name, member number and telephone number.
Click here to read Catherine Folson's expert feature. Catherine Folson will be published in the inaugural edition of Top 101 Industry Experts.
Featured Business
The Featured Business section highlights a small business that a Cambridge Who's Who member has founded or manages. It promotes business growth by helping to generate new clients and business relationships for the featured company.
The Effectiveness Group, LLC
Mel Wildermuth is an executive partner and the creative director of The Effectiveness Group, LLC. The Effectiveness Group is a corporate education firm offering complete business training solutions. TheThe Effectivness Group, LLC company relies on academic research to produce effective immersive training experiences for their clients. The Effectiveness Group licenses programs to organizations, so that they can conduct training using their materials. Mr. Wildermuth and his team customize curriculums on topics including leadership, team-building, diversity, engagement, personality and customer service. While their headquarters are in Ohio, The Effectiveness Group operates throughout the Americas, offering programs in English, Spanish and Portuguese. They are the creative force behind Conversity®, an innovative approach to diversity relations that focuses on forging connections based on similarities.

The Effectiveness Group, is now offering 15% off their programs exclusively for Cambridge Who's Who members. Take advantage of this opportunity now by contacting Mel Wildermuth for more information. Remember to mention that you are a Cambridge Who's Who member and reference the coupon code: NEWSLETTER. This offer will expire on September 21, 2008.
Who's New
The "Who's New" member spotlight section introduces members who are new to the Cambridge Who's Who community.
Kathy KelchnerKathy Kelchner
Member Since: June 2008
Title: Educational Consultant
Company: Golden Child Resources and Kelchner Educational Consultants, LLC
Location: Dallas, TX
Industry: Education
[email protected]

Fun Facts
  • Kathy won the Civitan Citizen of the Year Award in 2007 from the Bluebonnet Civitan Club.
  • She loves to take her two black Labrador retrievers for very long walks. They try to get in at least one 10-mile walk per week.
  • Kathy became involved in special education because she was inspired by her sister, Sharon. You can read more about Sharon's story on www.kelchner.net.

Anthony L. PerattAnthony L. Peratt
Member Since: March 2008
Title: Senior Staff
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Location: Los Alamos, NM
Industry: Sciences: Research and Development, Laboratory and Space Plasmas
[email protected]
 Fun Facts:
  • Dr. Peratt led the N-Tunnel Diagnostics Program for Los Alamos at the Nevada Test Site nuclear testing ground.
  • Dr. Peratt dances competitively in silver-level international ballroom dance and international Latin dance.
  • Dr. Peratt received the United States Department of Energy Distinguished Performance Award in 1987 and 1999.
Leaping into Entrepreneurship
How to build your own network of experts.
By Cambridge Who's Who Member and Contributing Author Cheryl Nordyke
Cheryl Nordyke When my business partners and I decided that we wanted to venture into entrepreneurship by starting our own e-commerce business, we knew that there would be so much to learn. We had chosen an industry that we did not have any experience in but a great deal of interest. 
It seemed a little overwhelming at times but then I would reflect on every position I had ever held. I thought about what made me successful in those positions and realized that my success had always come from reaching out to the experts in the industry I was working in at the time. If I had a problem or did not know how to do something, as long as I knew how to get the answer, I was okay. I also determined which responsibilities I loved and excelled at and became an expert in those areas. In the areas where I didn't have an interest, I developed relationships and sought resources to provide me with the skill set I needed to succeed. 
My Online Profile: Can You See That I'm an Expert?
Your profile makes the first impression for you; be sure it's saying the right thing.
Cambridge Who's Who offers a number of tools and resources that you can use to position yourself as an expert in your field. The most important of these tools is your online member profile at www.cambridgewhoswho.com. Your profile contains the first bits of Expert Presenterinformation that other Cambridge Who's Who members will read about you. To make a great impression, first make sure that you have completed your profile and filled in any missing information. You want to show members that you care about yourself and your profession, so do not leave your profile blank, with errors or outdated information. Second, enhance your profile's overall appearance by uploading a photo, company logo or business card. See My Online Profile: Picture Perfect.
Next, be sure to include any information about yourself that showcases your experience in and passion for your profession. Have you been published in any journals, magazines or other industry-related publications? Do you hold any advanced degrees or professional certifications? Have you participated in public speaking events to educate others on what you do? If so, list them! Think of them as credibility points - the more points you have, the more weight your credibility holds and the more likely it is that others will view you as an expert.
We hope that you have learned new ways to reach expert status within your industry and profession. Remember to utilize the benefits available through your Cambridge Who's Who membership to position yourself as an expert; edit your online profile in a way that showcases your educational background, professional experience and industry knowledge, join our contributing author program and email [email protected] to be considered for our new Top 101 Industry Experts publication.
We would also like to inform you of some exciting news! We have launched a beta online networking community called Cambridge Who's Who Connect. On www.cambridgewhoswhoconnect.com, you will have access to advanced online networking tools that enable you to easily exchange information, communicate with other members and participate in discussions that are beneficial for your professional growth and development. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this new and exciting benefit, which is included in your membership for FREE, by following this link: Sign Up for Cambridge Who's Who Connect Today. Once you have joined, let us know what you think by sending your feedback to [email protected].

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Here are the results:
It was a tie for the newsletter poll with most members voting that they would be interested in receiving a healthcare or non-profit newsletter. Regarding the networking question, we were sad to discover that most of you have not yet attempted to network with other members online! That being said, we are providing you with this brief overview of the website. We will also review our networking tools in greater detail on the Learning Center.
New Member Poll
Since this newsletter is all about becoming an expert, we would like to know which Cambridge Who's Who products that you are most interested in using to position yourself as an expert.
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Hints and Tips
Do you have a networking, marketing, leadership or other business tip you would like to share with your fellow members? Email it to us!

By Cambridge Who's Who Member, John Micciola
Tips for financial success:
Formulate a plan and do not deviate from it. Discipline is important. Stick to your plan no matter what the economic "big picture" looks like.

Ignore the media and always remember that markets run in cycles. Think "Systematic Investing." If it fits in with your objectives and time horizon, consider the benefits of a
Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP) as a way of compounding dividends. The results can be impressive in the long run.
Tips for finding the right broker:

You will know him (or her) when you find him (or her). He or she may not be the person who achieves the highest return on your investment, but, rather, makes the best impression as the result of paying close attention to your needs and the ways to meet them. The good broker puts your needs first by:
  • Asking the right questions;
  • Having your best interests at heart;
  • Listening to you;
  • Understanding what you are trying to accomplish;
  • Answering your questions;
  • Giving you options and
  • Explaining risks.
We invite all Cambridge Who's Who members to participate in our new Resource Center Contributing Author Program. This program provides you with a public forum to share your expertise and offers you the opportunity to be published online.

By submitting articles for inclusion on the site, you will receive the online exposure that you need to advance in your profession and to grow your business. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to establish yourself as an expert. Imagine, not only will you be an author, but you will also be considered a valuable resource in your industry and profession.
Ready to be published? Send us an email today to get started!

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Kristen Banks
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