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Daisy Leaf: Making Choices  

Making Choices


Do you know the difference between a want and a need?  Both cost money. Do you know how much the things you want and need cost?  Have you ever had to choose between a want and a need?  And what happens when someone can't afford the things they need?


Find out more about making choices by following these three steps. Please refer to your Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for specific instructions and activities:

  1. Find out the difference between needs and wants
  2. Try setting a goal to save for what you want
  3. Help others with what they need and want

When you've earned your Making Choices Daisy Leaf, you'll know more about how to make choices about using money and how to help others.


Inspired by helping others with the things they need - consider helping your sister Girl Scouts or a charity in your community.

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Slam Dunk! UNLV Lady Rebels & Girl Scouts

January 6, 2012  


Grab your Girl Scout gear and get ready to cheer! Girls will meet the UNLV Lady Rebel team, form a bridge for the team to run through, participate in halftime on court recognition and an autograph session. Plus, there will be special opportunities for girls including: join the locker room pre-game chat, take the bench during the game, be the ball girl and more!


Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place 

"When you get an idea that will do good, follow it up, and don't fear that because it is only you, it cannot succeed."
-Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low

Community Service PatchService is an inherent part of Girl Scouting. No matter at what age a girl joins, she can share in meaningful projects that promote civic responsibility and see how her efforts can impact her community. At the Girl Scout Daisy level, community service can include simple things like planting flowers in abandoned lots and visiting senior centers.

Let's make December Community Service Month in Southern Nevada! Volunteer with you troop or as a family. Donate toys, food, or blankets to those in need. Whatever interests you. Patches are also available in the council shop to recognize your girl for her hard work.

Be sure to email marcomm@girlscoutsnv.org with photos of your girl in action! Your Girl Scout Daisy might be featured in future newsletters, our website, and more!

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Adult Learning Opportunities

More learning opportunities available at girlscoutsnv.org.

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December 2011

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November 28-December 14 
Toy Drive

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada is inviting troops to participant in our 3rd Annual Toy Drive. Bring in a new single item or a collection of items valued at a minimum of $5 or a gift card.  These toys are being collected for families in need in Southern Nevada. We would love for all troops to help with this effort.

If your troop would like to participate, please bring in your toy(s) and or gift card to the Council Shop by December 14.

You will receive a Toy Drive Patch for each $5 donation.  For more information contact Toni Carey at    tcarey@girlscoutsnv.org or 385-3677, ext. 239.
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11/15 - Buy Online to Help Girl Scouts
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To see more stories about Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada visit, girlscoutsnv.org.

Green Friday

Thank you so much to all who participated in this year's Green Friday online auction.

With your help Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada was able to raise more than $5,500 to support leadership programs for girls in Southern Nevada.

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