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A Freilichin Chanukah,

It was great seeing all the alumni who were able to come to Yeshiva for the Chagiga on Wednesday night.

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Have a great Shabbos Chanukah!

Avrohom Eliezer Friedman
Alumni Coordinator
YTC Chanukah Chagiga
This past Wednesday night, the Yeshiva held its annual Chanukah Chagiga. The Chagiga was a perfect blend of Torah, ruach, dancing and fun. Scores of talmidim joined with their parents, rabbeim and friends of the Yeshiva to usher in Chanukah in style.

Grand Rabbi Y. A. Korff, the Rebbe of Zvhil - Mezbuz, addressed the crowd. He inspired the talmidim and ba'alei batim by delving past the veneer and uncovering the true, pure and holy nature of the Chashmonayim. He captivated the crowd as he wove Torah, mussar, and chassidus into a beautiful tapestry.

The talmidim were also treated to a special game, raffle and video presentation, along with a scrumptious buffet complete with latkas, sufganiot, cake and fruit.

One of the highlights of this unforgettable evening was the YTC band. Comprised exclusively of our own talmidim, the YTC band brought much ruach to the event. The dancing was truly heartfelt and uplifting.

Everyone departed with a song on their lips, a smile on their face and a new appreciation for Chanukah, and each other, in their hearts.

Keep in touch,
Avrohom Eliezer Friedman
Alumni Coordinator