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Gutten Erev Shabbos.

Unfortunately, this week ends off on a sad note as we learned of the passing of Mrs. Jeanette Levine A'H. We should only hear simchas in the future.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Avrohom Eliezer Friedman
Alumni Coordinator
Baruch Dayan HaEmes - Petirah of Mrs. Jeanette Levine A"H

We join together to express our condolences to the Levine family on the petirah of  Mrs. Jeanette Levine A"H, beloved wife of Norman Levine, mother of  YTC alumni Josh and Marc and TEAM alumni Shira and Rena, and an esteemed TEAM board member.

The New York Levaya will take place on Motzei Shabbos, 9:00 PM in JFK Airport at the CELL PHONE PARKING LOT.

The CELL PHONE PARKING LOT is located near Federal Circle, upon entering the airport off the Van Wyck Expressway.
Burial is in the Har HaMenuchos Cemetery in Givat Shaul, Yerushalayim on Sunday evening.
Please call the cemetery office at 02-6515507 for exact burial time and Shiva information in Israel.
Florida Shiva will be at the Levine House - 3950 N. 50th Avenue 954-981-6011

Please call the Young Israel of Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale at 954-966-7877 for complete information regarding Shiva and minyanim.

May Hashem comfort the family among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Pictures from Around Yeshiva
The Bais Medrash Alive during Mishna Berura Seder

Ben Packer Takes a Ride during Lunch Break

Bochurim Relaxing after Seder.

Mazel Tov! One of the Yeshivas resident ducks gave birth to seventeen ducklings!

Pictures from My Vort


In the News

The following article appeared in the Miami Herald earlier this week.

North Miami Beach teacher has a colorful take on teaching

Some teachers dress in outlandish costumes. Some bring their students outdoors. Others plan exotic field trips.

But Rohr Middle School's Daniel Dreyfuss might be the only teacher in Miami-Dade -- or anywhere, really -- who has encouraged his kids to turn his van into a psychedelic, mobile periodic table.

Last week, the bearded science teacher handed dozens of middle school students acrylic latex paint and demanded that they paint blue, green, yellow, orange and red squares all over his 1999 Plymouth Voyager.

But it's all for the sake of learning: What else would make studying the properties of niobium or silicon unforgettable, he asks.

``It's a secret plan to get everyone educated,'' Dreyfuss mused, as his students turned his van into a traveling science project.

Tzvi Rosenberg, 13, stood by the van as the class of teenage boys carefully painted black letters into every square of the periodic table covering the vehicle's doors, hood and roof. Of the 117 elements that currently make up the periodic table, they managed to squeeze in 75.

'`It's a metal that has a very high melting point, so engineering plants use it,'' Tzvi said, pointing at theNb he drew to represent niobium.

Thirteen-year-old Jason Brody barraged his teacher with probing questions.

``You're actually going to drive this around?''

``Yeah,'' Dreyfuss responded.

``I'd kill myself,'' Brody shot back, laughing.

But neither Dreyfuss nor his wife mind driving in a colorful, checkered collection of letters that causes passerbys to honk, shout and stare.

That's the point -- and they've gotten used to the idea. The teacher's Voyager is the second vehicle to have fallen victim to his education schemes. The first was a Nissan sedan students painted when he taught in Cincinnati.

The success of the first project, he said, inspired him to buy the white van five years ago, keeping in mind that he would continue the tradition when the vehicle reached its final stages of automotive life.

That point came earlier this year, when it reached 137,000 miles. The odd lesson plan of ``paint Mr. Dreyfuss' car'' appeared on his student's weekly work sheets soon thereafter.

``We thought it was awesome,'' recalled 13-year-old Sendy Gross as he used a black Sharpie pen to draw Mg near the van's rear fender. That stands for magnesium, a metal used to make glass, cement and electronic devices.

But few found the idea too surprising. Dreyfuss is, after all, the teacher who walked his seventh grade science students from school to a nearby Wal-Mart to help them understand the distance from Pluto to the sun. The basketball he left at the school, he said, represented the sun.

It's those kinds of quirky projects that make Dreyfuss' class -- otherwise known as Fussville -- a favorite for the school's 109 students.

``He totally understands kids. He's teaching for the right reasons,'' said Rabbi Ephraim Palgon, the school's principal. ``These kids will remember those elements forever.''
Mazel Tovs

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to our alumnus Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield and his wife on the birth of a baby boy.

Mazel Tov to our alumnus Mr. Yacov Benzaquen and his wife on the birth of a baby girl.

Mazel Tov to our alumnus Mr. Yehoshuah Dov Glatt and his wife on the birth of a baby girl.

You can always view the latest Mazel Tovs at

 If you have a Mazel Tov or other occasion which you would like us to share with our alumni, please email us at so that we can spread the good news.
Upcoming Weddings!
You can now view upcoming wedding dates on our Mazel Tov page.

Shai Rosenthal to Tziporah Itzkowitz
on December 23rd at Ateres Chynka (Brooklyn)

Avi Stern to Huvie Jacobsohn
on January 3rd at Ateres Chynka (Brooklyn)

Sruli Stegmann to Chaya Kollin Srour
on January 5th at Tiferes Mordechai

Avrohom Eliezer Friedman to Leah Hauser
on January 18th (Columbus, Ohio)

Yaakov Yosef Weiner to Elisheva Hirshman
on January 18th at Ateres Chynka
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