Best of L.A.
Short Film Showcase 

at Busby's East

June 16th


Busby's East

5364 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles 90036


$8 cover - 21+


Dinner & drinks

at 8pm.


Films start rolling
at 9pm.


See you there!!!


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Screen Your Film!!!
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If you're interested in screening your film please contact event coordinator Michael McCarthy.

Incest! The Musical
a film by
Grant Reed & Kai de Mello
Incest! The Musical image Alex Harris has it all: he's popular, he's class president, and the ladies can't get enough of him (in particular, fellow student council member Jenny Clark). There's just one problem... he's in love with his twin sister, Katie. Meanwhile, Katie has been feeling that something's missing from her relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Mark. With their senior prom looming, the two siblings must decide how to deal with these feelings that they can no longer deny. One thing's for certain - this year's prom promises to be a night to remember, even if some may want to forget.

The Hollywood Sign
a film by
John Charter
The Hollywood Sign image A starry-eyed Tourist and a douchebag Producer meet in a fateful accident.



It's A Strange World
a film by Hassan Said
It's A Strange World image 3
A dream story of a beautiful woman's hallucination through an abstract and bizarre world. Eve's perception of life gets distorted after she drinks out of a flower, finding herself floating through an incoherent dream and ultimately lost in the memories of her past, present and future. In the end, Eve's mind breaks the barriers of logic and eventually transcends consciousness. Her journey travels through four stages: The Dream, The Circus, The Bunny and The Awakening.

a film by
Kyle Hausmann-Stokes
Ellen image

"Ellen" is a suspenseful thriller that follows a teenaged girl, already consumed by self-doubt, as she struggles to summon the courage to escape the horrific circumstances forced upon her by a deranged yet domesticated kidnapper.  

Jesus Comes To Town
a film by
Kamal John Iskander
Jesus Comes To Town imageAn underworld poker game is interrupted by the second coming of Christ in this dark comedy neo-noir.






Limikkin Ranch
a film by
Corbin Billings
Limikkin Ranch image

Vic Mercer, a hardened hired gun, is summoned to a mysterious ranch to track and kill the violent coyote infestation responsible for the savage mutilation of half a dozen cattle. But as Vic chases his quarry into the darkness of the wild frontier, he soon discovers he is the one being hunted.