El Cid
Short Film Night

December 1st

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4212 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

$8 cover

Screen Your Film!!!
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If you want to screen your film at El Cid please contact Michael McCarthy via email.


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Dinner & drinks
at 8pm.

Films start rolling at 9pm.

See you there!!!

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This month's line up...

Jesus Come To Town
a film by Kamal John Iskander
Jesus Comes To Town ImageAn underworld poker game is interrupted by the second coming of Christ in this dark comedy neo-noir.

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Leave Day
a film by Sean Nalaboff
Leave Day Image
Leave Day is a dark comedy centered on a convict who is granted a 12-hour furlough from prison. The film will take you on an adventure as the main character encounters one problem after the next as he tries to make it back to jail on time.  He soon realizes that freedom is a state of mind and a man can still feel caged even when he is let loose.

Her Name Is Annie (3D)
a film by Michael Mori
Her Name Is Annie image
"David, A carnival vendor, recounts a fall festival, where he met the love of his life"

3D at El Cid....



Grad School
a film by Andy Landen
Grad School image"At her wit's end after working all hours to finish an important term
paper, a graduate student is mugged while walking home from campus.
Now she's about to lose all her belongings, including the paper she just finished. What begins as one of those moments we all fear takes a
turn for the unexpected."

The Case
a film by Timothy Tau
The Case imageThe Case is a throw-back to 1950s Film Noir with other genres like Sci-Fi, Spaghetti Western, and Horror Camp thrown in for good measure. It pays homage to Ed Wood films, and is truly the B-Movie to end all B-Movies. Detective Jack Law (Max Phyo) receives a visit from a client, Faye S. (Cyndee San Luis), who asks him to retrieve her kidnapped twin sister (Cyndee San Luis) from the clutches of notorious crime boss Dr. Acula (Hidekun Hah) and his two henchmen (Oliver Seitz and Robert Tasch). Detective Law soon finds out her request is a lot more than he bargained for. Will he take the case?

Poison Ivy
a film by Ying Yuen
Poison Ivy imageA story about a woman who leads a wild and crazy life in the night, and normal strong and aggressive life in the day. Ivy has a double life, but she does not know it. A part of her is a fun-loving, thrill-seeking and party-going person, and the part of her is a protector. The extremely savvy protector is aggressive, evil and unreasonable. Ivy is schizophrenic. She lives a double life and the protective self believes strongly that her little sister is precious, and she is needed to be protected at all time.

El Cid Short Film Night
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