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From Our Staff...

Favorite Valentine's Day Memory

heart pizza

On our first Valentine's Day together, back in 1995, my boyfriend (of about 1 month) had to work so we couldn't go out to celebrate.  I decided I would bring dinner to him at work.  So I ordered a heart-shaped pizza and took it to him.  He looked so surprised to see it was a heart when he opened it, so I told him that they must just do all pizzas in the shape of a heart on Valentine's Day.  We have been together ever since and are now married with one daughter.  I only told him about 3 years ago that I asked for the pizza to be heart-shaped when I ordered it!

(Amy E., Manager)

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Greetings from Fairfax Cryobank! 


Did you know that February is chock-full of holidays and events, despite being the shortest month of the year?  Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, the list goes on and on!


Fairfax Cryobank brings you many exciting announcements and specials for February too! 

  • We're very happy to announce two new features now available at Fairfax Cryobank:  Fairfax FaceMatch (TM) and the Fairfax Cryobank Blog
  • Meet our Newest Donors, just added to our catalog in January!
  • Our annual price increase takes effect February 15th, so consider buying now while prices are lower.
  • In February, we're introducing a new donor category, Fairfax Graduate, for donors who have a post-graduate education.  Fairfax Graduate donors will be priced the same as our Fairfax category.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions!  Contact us by email!

Have a wonderful February,

The Staff at Fairfax Cryobank

Fairfax FaceMatch (TM) Is Now Available!

 close up guy

Fairfax FaceMatch (TM) allows you 

to match your partner, yourself, or 

even someone famous with our donors!

It uses the shape of facial features, based on sophisticated mathematical formulas, to find a resemblance between the photo you upload and the adult photos of our donors.

Once you select a photo from your hard drive and upload it into the system, Fairfax FaceMatch (TM) will compare it to every adult donor photo and provide results rated on a High, Med, Low scale.  Donor photos remain private. 


Fairfax FaceMatch (TM) is intended to provide a fun, interactive way to help you select your donor. If you would like further assistance in interpreting your results, we welcome your calls. We hope you enjoy finding your perfect match!

Meet Our Newest Donors
 adult/child photo

Meet our 4 newest donors just added in January!


Take a look and see if your perfect donor is among them. Three of the 4 have adult photos available so you can see what they really look like. All have vials available today.


4189 will be an architect. He has a zest for life, is polite and always smiling.


4187 is easy going and mature. He's an engineer who likes intelligent conversation.


4183 is an attorney who resembles Ben Affleck. He is a trained athlete, a talented musician as well as an avid reader.


4143 has an artistic flair. He is independent, kind hearted and open minded. Very attractive, he also works as a model. 

Featured Donors 

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Donor 2973

This donor is friendly, funny, and an engaging conversationalist. He is a romantic at heart, traditional, and well-mannered. Very dedicated and close to his family, this donor is at his happiest when surrounded by his loved ones. He values hard work yet considers his kindness and caring his best features. Attractive and with a mixed ethnic heritage, his dark eyes are his best feature.  Click here for more information on Donor 2973.  


2818cpDonor 2818

He is a student in architecture who enjoys producing films and exercising in his free time. He is tall and lean with big, deep, brown eyes and brown wavy hair. Our staff says he has a quirky smile and is extremely funny, warm and approachable. He admires those who are loyal and have the ability to comfort others. To love and be loved in return are the greatest lessons he could teach his children.  Click here for more information on Donor 2818.

Fairfax Cryobank Blog

We are excited to announce our new Fairfax Cryobank Blog

It's a place for our staff members to post various topics about sperm banking and donor sperm.

We hope our readers will gain insight on how Fairfax Cryobank has become the trusted choice in donor sperm.
We hope you enjoy our blog and visit us frequently!