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Focus on Health

HPV Screening

Fairfax Cryobank has an extensive screening process for donors, including routine HPV tests.  While knowing your donor's medical status is essential, a new study shows that routine OB/GYN exams may overlook important factors that can detect pre-cancer risks in women.

Annual exams typically screen women for up to 14 high-risk HPV types.  In terms of pre-cancer determination, there are 2 other types of HPV that are not recognized through a routine check-up.  To learn more about how to monitor your health and HPV, read this informative article.

Donor Testimonial


Donor 1967

This program is truly a blessing to families in need who are looking for what we can provide.  The staff is both professional and very nice every time I come into the office.  I feel like my entire experience with this program has been great.

Patient Testimonial

    AfAm Mom and baby 

"I love Fairfax Cryobank.  My partner and I had our little Emma Jane thanks to them!  The staff was always helpful, the paperwork was clear and easy to fill out, and their donor base is quite extensive.  I would recommend it to everyone."
Long Term Storage

Fairfax Cryobank offers long term storage of your sperm, embryos, and oocytes.  If you are interested in transferring your specimens please contact Client Services at 1.800.338.8407 or visit our website for more information. 

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Fertility Authority

Fairfax Cryobank, has been making some important changes this summer.  We have been streamlining the donor search to help you find your perfect match.  We are launching Fairfax Family Forums on 8/8/10, so your experience at Fairfax will be more than just sharing your personal stories.  Patients looking for support or information can now connect to others who have been or are going through the process. 
Your comfort and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we hope that this interactive platform provides just one more sanctuary in the journey of expanding your family.

We would also like to mention that Director of Operations, Dr. Michelle Ottey is now a featured blogger on FertilityAuthority.com.  This website is a wonderful resource for the latest news about fertility.  Read Dr. Ottey's latest blog post here.
As always, please contact us with ideas for content that you would like to see in the monthly newsletter.
Happy summer,
The staff at Fairfax Cryobank
Summer Special: 5% off your total order*
Woman at computer

When planning to grow your family, every penny counts.  We at Fairfax are here to help keep more money in your pocket.

Hurry, this offer is only valid for orders placed and shipped or stored in the month of August!  You can save 5% off any one order up to $1000.

Simply call Client Services today and mention coupon code: AUG05.  We are here to help you through the process of finding your perfect match. 

*If you are ordering online, enter the coupon code in your shopping cart at check-out to receive your discount.  When placing an order with client services, you must mention the coupon code: AUG05 at the time your order is placed to qualify.
The Kids Are All Right
 by Dr. Michelle Ottey, Director of Operations
 As featured on FertilityAuthority.com

My partner and I headed out Friday evening to see the new movie; The Kids are All Right starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffulo.  We bought our diet soda and Snow Caps, found good seats right in the middle of the theater and starting looking around.  The theater was filled with a diverse group-- from older heterosexual couples on their Friday night date to young lesbians excited to see a mainstream movie featuring a lesbian couple, a rare occurrence.

Being "in the business," I had some expectations and fears about the movie, but tried to keep an open mind.  The movie started and I was immediately invested.  The characters were well developed, the story was relatable, and the relationships made sense and felt authentic.  I would characterize it as a "slice of life" film.  There was no agenda; they were not promoting anything. 

Everyone wants to be seen and reflected.  We all respond to advertising, literature, or movies that we can relate to in some way.  It was wonderful to see Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, mature women, aging beautifully, depicting a couple with real issues trying to be the best parents they could be.  It was great to see two Donor Insem (DI) kids who were going through the things that teenagers go through.  They were presented realistically.  Their desire to know more about their donor was understandable as was their reaction to him when they did meet him.  This was a Hollywood movie and so there are some plot twists that complicated things, but in the end the kids and their moms are a complete family unit, and the kids were indeed, all right.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine published an ethics report in 2004 that encourages disclosure of donor origins to DI kids.  This may seem logical to many of us now, but for years reproductive medicine was shrouded in secrecy, and it still is for some.  We've learned over the years that exposure and education are the key to opening minds.  As more people are open about using donor sperm to conceive, the practice will grow to be more accepted by our society and the easier it will be for DI kids to talk about it themselves.

A recent study was published, "My Daddy's Name is Donor" that presents, with an obvious agenda, that DI kids are not as well off in terms of behavior, mental health, and self worth as others their age.  Biased and hurtful publications like this continue to perpetuate an unnecessary stigma.  They do not address the fact that over time as donor insemination becomes more common and understood it makes logical sense that the societal effect on the development of DI kids will continue to change for the better.  As more people understand DI and the creation of all kinds of families, we will all benefit from the acceptance of this diversity.  All of the components of the DI process need to be acknowledged: from the women undergoing the inseminations to the donors providing the sperm to the resulting children. 

One of my favorite parts of the movie is after Laser and Joni, the kids, meet the donor and are making somewhat snarky comments about him, and Joanie says, "...but we wouldn't be here without him."  It felt like a moment of clarity.  That short simple line says so much.  Children conceived using donor sperm are wanted children; they exist because of a person or couples' deep desire to parent.  They are here because these generous donors participated in a donor program.

I know it was a movie and that the characters were fictional, but after the movie ended I turned to my partner and told her that I am really glad that I do what I do.

Featured Donors: 1/2 off shipping*
*2nd day shipping only 
FFX2977_childhoodFFX Donor 2977
This donor is 100% Iranian.  He is extremely intelligent and talented.  He can speak 3 languages, play guitar, and aspires to be a doctor.  He is very close to his mother, who instilled loyalty and honesty in this adventurous donor.  His friends and family mean the world to him.  If he is not traveling or studying, he can surely be found spending time with those who are close to him.  The staff is constantly amazed by his aspiring goals, and his disciplined yet humble nature.  His full head of curly brown hair accentuate his jovial personality.  Click here for more information on donor 2977.

FFX Donor 2857
This blond haired hazel eyed donor is extremely well rounded.  He activates his mind through the Pharmaceutical Sciences, and keeps himself in shape by swimming or  playing basketball and soccer with friends.  He has a great sense of humor and is always trying to put a smile on your face.  His personal goals include helping others through community service and to be happy with a family of his own.  His laid back personality and charming good looks are just a few things that help make him the full package.  Click here for more information on Donor 2857.