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July 2010
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Michael Buuck, MS

  Director of Client Development
 Fairfax Cryobank

Mr. Buuck received a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from The University of Southwestern Louisiana and a Master's degree in Reproductive Physiology from The University of Tennessee.


Mr. Buuck started working in the Fairfax, VA laboratory and moved to the Austin location in 2003. He is responsible for developing client relations for Fairfax Cryobank and oversees the operation of the Austin laboratory location. Mr. Buuck is also the contact person for long-term semen and embryo storage in Austin.

He is very personable and enjoys working with the staff, physicians and clients. The Austin lab (along with our locations in Philadelphia, PA and Fairfax, VA) offer donor semen storage for area clients. 


Mr. Buuck works with many prospective parents who find the donor they want now and place the purchased doses in storage.  This service ensures that the specimens are readily available when they are needed.


He says his job is very rewarding and the best part is in knowing that his work with Fairfax Cryobank contributes to people being able to achieve their goals of parenthood.

Donor Testimonial

FFX Donor 1953


Donor 1953

My experience in the donor program has been excellent!  The process has been fun, easy and efficient.  The staff is extremely nice, patient and helpful with questions.  

Long Term Storage

Fairfax Cryobank offers long term storage of your sperm, embryos, and oocytes.  If you are interested in transferring your specimens please contact Client Services at 1.800.338.8407 or visit our website for more information. 

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Most businesses slow down in the summer but here at Fairfax Cryobank, we are as busy as ever.  We have some exciting things in the works for you.  In the coming weeks you will see the launch of our Fairfax Family Forums which will allow you  to connect to other patients who have used the same donor, post questions and comments, and read up on critical information.  Also here now will be an opportunity to purchase a package that will allow you unlimited access to donor profiles and audio interviews for a specified period of time.  We are excited to bring these wonderful features to you.
As always, please contact us with ideas for content that you would like to see in the monthly newsletter.
Happy summer,
The staff at Fairfax Cryobank
Special: Unlimited Access to Donor Information online for One Month for one Low Price
Woman at computer

UNLIMITED ACCESS on donor information online for 30 days*


For one low fee of $150, you can access donor information online for 30 days. Simply call Client Services today to register for this new exciting service and we'll activate your account immediately for UNLIMITED ACCESS. Now you can look for hours without worrying about your budget!  Your perfect donor is waiting for you. 


*Keirsey test results are not included; info available online for one month only.  


Featured Donors: 1/2 off shipping*
*2nd day shipping only 
momandbabiesFFX Donor 4017 
He is of African, Portuguese and English heritage and our staff finds him very handsome. He is an architect; hard working and dedicated. He loves the outdoors. He is closest to his mother who he characterizes as strong, dependable, honest and always putting family first. Our staff findhim to resemble Ricardo Antonio Chavira, and believe him to have a captivating voice. 
 Click here for more information on Donor 4017.
FFX 2847
FFX Donor 2847
His passion is music, and so he attends live performances as often as possible. He has a sweet temperament and appreciates patience and kindness in others. He has a square chin, a chiseled face and boy-next-door good looks. The staff thinks his best features are his hazel eyes. He is friendly, down to earth and a favorite of the staff. Click here for more information on Donor 2847.
Patient Testimonial
momandbabies "My husband and I were very nervous about using donor sperm. We wondered if we would find a donor that would blend in with us, not just a match but actually blend. I looked for a donor that was the same height as my husband and same nationality with similar traits as my husband, and similar likes and interests as mine.

The picture provided by Fairfax helped a bit; it gave me an idea who my child could possibly favor. I liked the information Fairfax had; from the sound of the voice to the interests and a bit about his character.


For me it was a great match! We wondered if it would take and it did the very FIRST time! We couldn't believe it. I was pregnant and with my first GIRL!

She was shy in the womb, and she refused to let us see her face. It was well worth the wait, because she was so beautiful and everything we PRAYED for and more!

Thank You for my donor sperm that was meant for my family. I pray you continue to help other families and continue to have good and honorable donors to help other families like mine."