May 2012

Meet TWIB Member Jan Cappellini....


Staff recently sat down with TWIB Member Jan Cappellini and the following is an excerpt from that interview:


Q: Tell me how you first got involved with the Trident Workforce Investment Board (TWIB)?

A: I have been a member of the business community in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties and the owner of Alternative Staffing, Inc for many years. My involvement came out of my desire to see the needs of an under developed workforce being met. Witnessing first hand the frustration of hiring managers pushed me to want to be part of this Board.


Q: What do you find most challenging about serving on the TWIB?

A: With the slowing economy of the past several years, the program has experienced an ever shrinking budget paired with a growing need. There are more and more displaced workers, returning veterans, and unskilled youths attempting to enter a saturated employment market.


Q: If you could change one thing about the TWIB, what would it be?

A: If I could change one thing about the TWIB, it would be the budget. There should be more funds directed at the programs we serve. 


Q: Tell me about some of the people you've met while serving on the TWIB?

A: There are many people who achieve certifications and whose skills are enhanced by our programs, and I have had the occasion to meet many of them as they complete their programs. On numerous occasions over the years, I have attended some very emotional CNA graduations. These events in particular seem to stand out to me as it is evident how the programs affect its participants and their families.


Q: What might someone be surprised to know about you?

A: My career in the Staffing Industry began twenty-six years ago at an office on Remount Road in North Charleston, and I have chosen to remain in this area and to serve this community. In 1993, we opened Alternative Staffing only a block from where I first started, and when we were able to build our own facility, we invested those dollars here as well. We built our office on the corner of Remount and Attaway in 2009. Something else few people know is that I bring my dogs to work with me everyday.


Q: What do you think will change about the TWIB over the next five years?


A: In the next five years, the skill set that our local market demands will change just as they have recently, with the introduction of Boeing. Hopefully, over the next five years we will see a strengthening of the economy and the TWIB's budget will grow to meet new challenges brought about by growth.



Q: What else can you tell me about the TWIB?


A: The TWIB Members and Staff are dedicated to a job ready workforce. They are true believers in people and what they are capable of.


Welcome Home Event held at the Yorktown


This year's Welcome Home event, sponsored by the Veteran's Administration, was one of the largest yet with a record turnout of about 661 veterans and family members. Welcome Home is an annual job and resource fair hosted on the Yorktown at Patriots Point to assist veterans and their families. Employers and resource organizations from the region were able connect with veterans looking for work. SC Works Trident staff were on-site all day to provide information on using SC Works Online and assist the attendees with their job hunt. Veterans were able to use laptops set up to search for jobs and meet with SC Works representatives to receive further job search information. This year's Welcome Home event was a great success thanks to local employers!

Veterans and family members at the Welcome Home event



SC Works Success Story


Clay Addison Jones is a high school graduate whose employment history consisted of a few months as an electrician's helper and summer clerk and a few years as a fast food worker. Mr. Jones has demonstrated a persistent work history since graduating from high school in 2006 and has never been without a job for any extended period of time.


Given all of this, his pay rate was stuck at $8 an hour. He applied for WIA assistance in an effort to improve his status. He entered training at Trident Technical College's Summerville Campus in the Certified Logistics Technician program in February 2012 and graduated in March 2012. He entered into an On-The-Job Training contract with Scout Boats in April 2012 at a pay rate of $14 an hour.


Youth Sleuth Presents: Building a Pyramid to a Successful Future

By Amanda Wagner, PYC Career Coach 


Andrew Timmons was tired of the road blocks in his life when he enrolled in Palmetto Youth Connections. Andrew had studied for his GED on his own, but knew that things would be a lot easier with some help. "I look at my life and my future as a pyramid. The first thing I needed was my GED to give me a strong foundation to build off of," said Andrew.

Andrew worked hard and passed his GED and also achieved a Silver Level WorkKeys certificate. He was open to additional occupational training opportunities to build off of these accomplishments. "I thought of each training class as an additional building block to support myself on," said Andrew. "It's a competitive job market and getting a certification can be the difference between having food on the table and going hungry," he continued.

Andrew excelled in his occupational training courses at Productivity Solutions and Training (PST) in North Charleston. He passed his CompTIA A+ and Network+ tests after taking two intense, accelerated courses. Andrew also earned a National Professional Certification in Customer Service after passing a training course sponsored by the National Retail Federation.

Andrew's Career Coach, Jeffrey Hinman, has been very impressed with him along the way. "I was extremely impressed with Andrew from the moment I met him - a bright and intelligent individual ready to move forward quickly and tackle challenges head on.   He earned his CompTIA A+ and Network+ credentials with remarkable scores.  Andrew Timmons is an inspiration to our other students," said Mr. Hinman

In the future, Andrew wants to continue adding building blocks to his pyramid by embracing new educational opportunities. "Eventually, I want a career where I can wear a suit and tie to work every day. I want people to see me and know that I'm successful and I'm willing to work hard to get there," Andrew said.


On-The-Job Training Contract Assists WIA Customers and Local Businesses


Marlene Mertes enrolled in the WIA program in April of 2011 hoping to continue her education to improve her chances of finding work. She worked with her Workforce Specialist to determine her training needs, and she began working on her Bookkeeping Certification through Trident Technical College. In May, a bookkeeping and administrative assistant position came open with Sportsman Boats, located in Summerville. Her Workforce Specialist referred her to the position, and she was hired full-time with Sportsman Boats and entered into a On-the-Job Training contract on April 23rd.


Marlene had this to say about her experience with SC Works: "SC Works has been such a help during my unemployment and search for a job. After I was laid off from a local company, I went to Trident Tech with the help of the Workforce Investment Act and am only two classes away from completing my Bookkeeping Certification (with a 4.0 GPA!). Through my WIA contact and SC Works, I heard of a position here in Summerville. I am certain I had an advantage of securing this position because of my recent training at Trident Tech and the OJT program by SC Works for my employer. Not only have I secured a great job near my home, I feel more confident of my skills and I know my employers appreciate the incentive. I'm so glad SC Works is available!"


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Welcome Home Event held at the Yorktown
SC Works Trident Success Story
Young Sleuth Presents: Building a Pyramid to a Successful Future
On-the-Job Trainign Contract Assists WIA Customers and Local Businesses
Resume Tips

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SC works Online News

SC Works Online Success
SC Works Online is a free and easy way to recruit new employees. Recently, Cooper River Partners contacted SC Works Trident's Business Development Coordinator in search of a Mechanical Engineer. As a result, Cooper River Partners hired Nathan Wingate as their new Mechanical Engineer. Mr. Wingate started his new position in March! If you are looking to recruit new employees, please contact Kim Self at (843) 725-0306 or kims@tridentscworks.org.
Customer Feedback  


I just want to drop a line to you just to say thanks a whole lot. I know it's your job but it means so much to me. I dont take small kindness for granted! Your kindness to me and to others who work in the department and your labor is not going unnoticed. May God bless you and all that your jobs become more successful in years to come. Again, thanks!



In the Community...


SC Works Trident staff attended the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Expo on May 22nd at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mt. Pleasant. Staff met with attendees and discussed programs and services offered at our three SC Works facilities. Staff provided information to thousands of attendees on job placement opportunities, training services, the On-The-Job Training program, and many of the other services offered.  The Small Business Expo was a forum for staff to educate, enlighten and inspire the community. SC Works Trident is pleased to have been a part in this great event! 


SC Works Trident St. Paul's Parish Access Point


SC Works Trident is offering services in the St. Paul's Parish area on Tuesday and Thursday's from 1-5pm at Charleston County's Ravenel Services Center, 5962 Highway 165, Ravenel SC. Citizens have the opportunity to come to the facility and learn more information on the SC Works Trident services and speak with a Workforce Specialist! Please contact us at (843) 574-1800 for more information!

An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities. SC Works Trident (888) 226-1616 TTY: 711