Spring 2011
Vol 3, Issue 2
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Left:  ALY 2011 participants (in green shirts) pose with just a FEW of their volunteer recruits for their 1DFW project.
Spring is full of activity and celebration for the Advancing Leadership community.  Our youth class completed their project and graduated on April 18th.  Our adult class is in the thick of their project, which you'll hear about in this newsletter.  

As we approach the end of our 2010-11 program year, it is a thrill to see the impact of this year's projects on Federal Way, and an honor to present 53 newly trained community leaders to our city.

During this season of celebration, I hope you'll consider ways you can support the development of future leaders.  The first thing you can do is send an application to your coworker, friend or neighbor who is ready to lead.  The application link is under "Quick Links" on the right.

Another easy way to help the next AL and ALY classes is to make a tax-deductible donation.  Just click on the "Donate Now" button to the right.  Whether it's $5 or $500, your contribution makes an impact on our future.

Yours in service,

Teri Hickel
Executive Director 
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AL 2011 Is Looking for A Few Good Mentors: Will You Help?

AL 11 mentoring buttonAL 2011 wants their team project to change lives. Although many project ideas were considered, the inspiration that led to their final choice came directly from local youth.

AL '11 had heard from several speakers about the concept of mentoring, the many forms it takes and the impact it can have.  Jennifer Youngblood, AL '11, described a specific presentation that sealed the deal.  "One of the speakers brought in some students who had either been in a gang or been heading that way. Each one talked about how a caring adult - someone who was consistently there for them - had been so important in changing their path. If they couldn't get that relationship at home, it came from a teacher, coach or some other type of adult mentor."

AL '11 decided to put their skills to work in building up the Federal Way Communities in Schools (CIS) mentor program.  Each CIS mentor is paired with a student who has similiar character traits and interests.  The goal is to maintain that relationship from fifth grade through high school graduation.  "Research shows that students with a mentor have higher academic achievement, higher attendance, better behavior in school and a more positive outlook on the future," said Doug Baxter, CIS Mentor Program Coordinator.  "We are thrilled to have the support of the current Advancing Leadership class.  Because of their work, more Federal Way students will have caring adult mentors and CIS has better ways to engage the community.  In addition to directly recruiting mentors, AL class members have already helped strengthen marketing materials and are creating a recruiting video.  Several AL members are becoming mentors themselves!"

Your help is needed to achieve the class goal of finding 25 new mentors!  Information sessions are planned throughout Federal Way during the month of May.  For more information on these sessions, visit the Facebook event page, or contact Doug at CIS: [email protected] or (253) 528-0847.

Find The Leaders of Tomorrow: AL Accepting Apps for 2011-12

AL 12 app button
With AL 2011 hard at work on their team project, it's hard to believe that we are already out and about our city looking for another 20 - 25 emerging leaders to introduce to Advancing Leadership!  Our best leads come from YOU - our alumni, sponsors, friends and supporters.  You know what to look for in a future AL participant: desire to learn, willingness to get involved, a passion for people and/or issues in our community, and the desire to drive positive change.

You can be a valuable resource to that friend, coworker, neighbor or fellow volunteer who wants to do good and is looking for ways to better understand his or her individual strengths, how to work with a diverse leadership team, recognizing the community's needs and how to utilize connections to create great results at work, at home, in the neighborhood, the city and the world.

Don't wait - applications are due Friday, May 20th!  Talk to your favorite future leader today, and encourage her or him to apply to join the Advancing Leadership Class of 2012. Click on the button above for an application, or visit www.advancingleadership.org .


Challenging the Process: AL Alum Takes Training to the Next Level
AL gordie olson
Gordie Olson, AL '05
Congratulations are in order for Gordie Olson, AL '05, who has recently completed the rigorous Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program sponsored by the United States Fire Administration (USFA) and the National Fire Academy.  This four year program is designed to give senior fire officers training and experience involving all facets of fire department administration and leadership. Fire Chief Al Church, AL '99 and an AL Board Director, encouraged Gordie to consider the program, and sponsored his application.  Chief Church is also an EFO program graduate.

"The Executive Fire Officer program is about leadership, specifically 'advancing leadership' within the fire service," Gordie explains. "It has been wonderful for me professionally as my responsibilities have grown over the past 4 years, allowing me to put to use virtually every aspect taught to me at the National Fire Academy."

Gordie's participation in Advancing Leadership 2005 - just a few years before being accepted into the EFO program - provided a meaningful frame of reference. "My AL experience was a great precursor to entering the EFO program. The ability to interact effectively in a leadership environment is a key to learning. I even used Sandy Nelson's 'Shackleton' leadership lessons for a class project. This opened the eyes of my (EFO) classmates to look at ways to find leadership lessons in the unlikeliest of places." 

Clearly his leadership training, both in the EFO and AL programs, has been professionally beneficial.  But Gordie makes it clear that what he values above all are the connections with the people he has come to know as a result of his participation.  Of his EFO experience he says, "I have had the opportunity to network and build friendships with fire service leaders from across the county."  And Advancing Leadership? "Most of all, the long-term benefits of my AL experience have been relationships. Relationships are one of my highest personal values. They mean everything to me; family, friends, personal and professional."


If YOU have received special recognition related to leadership, tell us about it - your success inspires others!  Contact Amye Bronson-Doherty at [email protected], or post on our Facebook page. 
Inspiring a Shared Vision: Alumni Represent Youth of Federal Way

On March 19th, Jamie Smith and Kevin Lee, both ALY '10 alumni, represented Federal Way at the King County Youth Summit 2011. The event brought together 150 teens from across King County to participate in workshops, roundtable discussions and a resource fair, all designed to show them how to get involved in issues, causes and areas of need.


Jamie Smith ALY '10
Jamie Smith ALY '10

Jamie learned of the Youth Summit from AL Executive Director Teri Hickel, who recommended her to the youth advisory group.  As part of this group, she worked for months to plan, organize and oversee the all-day event. She described it as "all about helping youth find what their passions are and getting them involved in the community. This is what drives me, and seeing youth living for something bigger than themselves was exciting...lots of teens signed up to participate in different organizations, and we have high expectations that their involvement will have a huge impact."


Participating in Advancing Leadership Youth not only put Jamie on the radar for opportunities like the King County Youth Summit, but gave her the training she needed to give her best to the experience. "I can seriously say that ALY has a huge part in making me who I am today. Being around the community leaders, the other youth, and the environment of excellence brought me out of my shell and really helped me grow. Before ALY, I was not really comfortable speaking in front of people, but after much practice, it became easier. I told my story at the Youth Summit that because of ALY, getting outside my comfort zone, and being confident in who I am, so many doors have opened in my life to serve."


Kevin Lee ALY '10
Kevin Lee ALY '10

Kevin also heard about the Youth Summit from Teri Hickel, and was asked to participate as a speaker and ALY representative.  Once he got in touch with Jamie, she urged him to jump in and help throughout the day, something he was happy to do.  "The best part of the day for me was the actual set up, meeting new people and helping to make the Summit a success," he said.  "I met some great people and networked with people who are great connections."


Much like Jamie, Kevin says that he learned a lot from ALY about speaking in groups and sharing his thoughts, opinions and ideas with others. "I believe my ALY experience has affected me as a person. What has stayed with me from ALY is a sense of community and how we all have a responsibility to nurture the people around us so we can be propelled to becoming a better community. As I am getting ready to move up to Seattle to continue my studies as International Studies Major at UW, ALY has taught me not to be afraid to speak up."


Other Advancing Leadership grads who were involved in the Summit include Lydia Assefa-Dawson, AL '03, Kerrene Buford, ALY '09 and Christian Dawson, ALY '08 and soon-to-be ALY '12 participant Caleb Dawson.


To learn more about the Summit, visit Puget SoundOff.

Enabling Others to Act: AL Reaches Out to Puyallup/Sumner Leaders
In June of last year, Shelly Schumpf had a very full plate.  She had just been hired as the new Executive Director of the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce.  On her desk was a stack of applications for the
Chamber's Leadership Institute, a community leadership program similar to Advancing Leadership.

"I had no idea what was involved in delivering the program," Shelly admitted.  "This was all new to me."  Although she knew about the Leadership Institute, and had even been a guest speaker at one of the program days, she hadn't realized the scope and depth of information, support and planning that was involved.  With only two months to prepare, she wasn't sure she could pull it off.

Enter Bridget O'Connor, AL '07.  Bridget is a Chamber member in Puyallup as well as Federal Way, and her application to the Leadership Institute was on Shelly's desk.  When Bridget learned of Shelly's dilemma, she knew just what to do.  She told Shelly about Advancing Leadership, and mentioned our Executive Director Teri Hickel.  That was just the connection Shelly needed.

Teri, Shelly and Bridget met and reviewed both AL and Puyallup/Sumner's Leadership Institute.  Shelly was impressed by the potential impact of community leadership programs, and thrilled to have the commitment of mentoring support from Teri, and a class member like Bridget with experience in a similar program.
 Still, even with this great new support, Shelly had an incredible amount of work ahead, and she really wanted to provide the class with a transformational experience.  

Once again, Advancing Leadership's extended community provided an answer.  Teri referred Shelly to Sandy (Nelson) Maynard, former AL leadership trainer, now working for the Sumner School District.  Sandy had helped Teri develop the leadership development curriculum for AL, and still returns as a guest speaker to our classes.  "Sandy is an amazing resource, and really helped grow the Advancing Leadership curriculum," Teri said. "We miss her, but I was excited to see that the leadership program in her new community had a need that she could fill.  It seemed like the ideal match."  Shelly talked with Sandy, who was more than happy to get involved.  With the go ahead from her employer, Sandy joined the Leadership Institute as the program facilitator.

The Leadership Institute has been active for several years, and now that Shelly is coming close to the end of her first year as Executive Director, she is enthusiastic about the future of the program.  "It's been so rewarding hearing the responses of the L.I. students.  You really don't recognize the value of the experience until you become personally involved," she explains. "Now when I talk to Chamber members, I can explain why it's so important for them to send their employees through the program.  There is nothing else like it to connect leaders in our community."

As for Teri, Sandy and Bridget, they all agree they will be there for the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber going forward.  "I truly appreciate the expertise shared by Advancing Leadership," Shelly proclaimed, "not just the mentorship, but being willing to share resources between Chambers.  My dream team comes from Federal Way!"  

For more information on the Leadership Institute, contact Shelly Schumpf, Executive Director at [email protected] .
Puyallup/Sumner LI Participants
Bridget O'Connor, AL '07 with L.I. 2011
Modeling the Way: ALY Alum Keeps a Good Thing Going with Act Six
For the second year running, an amazing ALY alum has been selected for a full ride scholarship and ongoing leadership training by Act Six Washington. Alexsey (Alex) Koslov, ALY '10, has been named an Act Six Scholar to Gonzaga University.

As stated on their website, "Act Six is a leadership and scholarship initiative of the Northwest Leadership Foundation" in partnership with six private colleges in Washington state "that equips emerging urban and community leaders to engage the college campus and their communities at home." After his selection, Alex began intensive leadership training that will prepare him for all aspects of college life.  He is working with a 'cadre' of seven other students who will join him at Gonzaga this fall. They will continue to meet and receive additional training and support throughout their college years.

Alex drew on his ALY experience and received support from AL Executive Director Teri Hickel during the application process, as did Christian Dawson, ALY '08 and current Act Six Scholar at Northwest University,last year.  "I saw so much growth and transformation in Alex during his time in ALY," explained Teri.  "I knew how important college was to him, and I believed he would make the most of an opportunity like this and really thrive." 

Congratulations to Alex from the ALY community! 
aly 10 alex koslov
TBHS counselor Fonda Mongrain, Alex's mom, Alex & Teri Hickel


Catch Up with AL at Chamber's May Luncheon
Michael Buschmohle
Michael Buschmohle
Advancing Leadership will host the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce's luncheon on May 4, 11:30 am - 1 pm at the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club, 3583 SW 320th Street
Federal Way, WA 98023.

This event will be a great opportunity to highlight our latest successes and share the stories of both adult and youth graduates.  We will also have an amazing guest speaker, Michael Buschmohle, of Applause Associates.  The keynote topic is "Meeting Tips for Leaders".  Michael has been a speaker at AL program days, and his clients have appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

The lunch is open to the public, and we would love to have LOTS of alumni at every table, sharing your AL experiences and encouraging others to apply for the 2011-12 class. AL's Chamber Luncheon has been a sell-out event in years past, so we encourage you to reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Tickets - which include a full lunch buffet - are $20 for Chamber members and $45 for non-members (or $20 for program only, no lunch).  To make your reservation, contact the Chamber directly: (253) 838-2605 or [email protected].
ALY 11's One Day Federal Way a Huge Success

The brainstorming, the planning, the teamwork, the publicity, the volunteer recruitment and FINALLY the big event...


There is no doubt that the experience of One Day Federal Way - or 1DFW - will remain with the 2011 Advancing Leadership Youth class for years to come.  This phenomenal group of teens pulled together a massive work effort involving 300 volunteers, three schools, and literally tons of river rock, beauty bark, paint, tools and bags and bags filled with ivy, brambles and debris. The project resulted in extensive clean-up and refurbishing of Mark Twain Elementary, Star Lake Elementary and Totem Middle School campuses.


ALY received amazing support from sponsors and hundreds of community members.  Comcast provided them with a spot on "Comcast Newsmakers" (valued at $75,000) to promote the event.  Starbucks hosted a planning session at the company's Seattle headquarters, where staff led teams on developing a strategy to organize and promote the project.  Umpqua Bank recruited staff as volunteers and brought their ice cream truck to refresh tired workers, and the City of Federal Way declared February 22, 2011 as the city's official "One Day Federal Way".


We know the entire AL community joins us in expressing our appreciation of their hard work and team spirit, and congratulates them on completing their ALY year in style!


For links to news articles about and photos of One Day Federal Way", visit our Facebook page or follow the links on our website. Here's a video about the project: 


Advancing Leadership is proud of our corporate partners:

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