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Free Reiki Circles

Come and bathe in the wonderful healing energies of Reiki!

Reiki circles at our new office
1221 SE  Madison
 (1 block north of Hawthorne)

Please call for directions and to reserve your space.

International Day of Peace!


September 21st, 2012 is the International Day of Peace!

Join others from around the world to vision, hope, dream and create peace on earth!

You can click on their site, www.BeThePeace.com to find a local event, to get more information, and to view 2 very short videos which are so inspiring.
One is a flash mob event at the Texas State Capitol with people chanting OM and another is a clip of people from all over the world singing Imagine,John Lennon's voice and message of peace and hope.


Two things I'd like to mention:


1. If you are not able to join in tomorrow at 12 AM, 12 noon and 12 PM EDT - no problem!  I am sending Reiki to all of us that we will synch up and be in alignment with all those at that moment in time.  Yeah for Reiki and sending across time and space!! So, just take a moment to connect whenever you can and our intent will do the rest.


2. We don't need an equal number of people to shift and change things.  Kryon has said we only need 1/2 of 1% of people!!!  We can surely get 1/2 of 1% focused on peace!



 Here's BeThePeace's info:


 "Organizations from around the world have come together with the vision of co-creating the Largest Globally-Synchronized Meditation and Prayer for Peace in human history. 



There will be live events in hundreds of cities around the world, starting at 6pm in local timezones, creating a profound wave of peace moving across our planet.

There will also be three specific moments during the day when everyone around the world will connect at the same time: 12am, 12 noon, and 12 midnight EDT, creating three deep planetary Pulses of Peace.


BeThePeace welcomes people from every culture, every spiritual tradition, and every political perspective to join Together as One.


We invite local organizations to collaborate and create events in your city. We invite global organizations to spread the word and inspire the masses to join.



Together, we are creating a world where inner & outer peace is the normal way of life. Together, we are creating history!


Join us!"











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