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Summer 2012

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The sun is shining (in Portland) - so it finally feels like summer is here!  Summertime is such a wonderful, nurturing, fun time of year and this summer there are many things to celebrate! 


We are hosting the biggest party of the year at our Grand Opening of the Lifestyle and Wellness Center at Portland Natural Health (my new office space).  It is going to be great - I've put more about it for you to read in this newsletter.


As you will also see below, we are offering many wonderful Reiki and energy classes for summer as well as a number of free workshops and support groups. Please know that you are invited to step forward in empowering yourself on many levels!  


Come visit, we can share some lunch and explore amazing tools for transforming our lives.  Understand and enjoy the quickening 2012 energies.  If you haven't felt some swirling or bobbling energies these last few weeks - you would be pretty unique.  It helps to have the perspective that the issues in front of us are mirrors, or ways in which we might be slightly out of integrity with ourselves.  Once we understand the information, we can balance more easily and move forward gracefully and gratefully in alignment and ease.


Finally, two interesting events I wanted to mention: Dr. Athena Paradise, Director at Portland Natural Health, is offering a wonderful 6 month study on sustainable weight loss and healthy gut - and who doesn't want to look good in bathing suits : ) .  And a friend, Kimberly Armstrong, has just opened Turtles Yoga in Beaverton for children and adults. You can read it all below.


 EnJOY this wonderful season of Light and Celebrations!

 Hope to see you soon!



           Blessings to you!




Grand Opening!

We are hosting the Grand Opening of our Lifestyle and Wellness Center and a Summer Open House for Portland Natural Health, the biggest party of the year!


Come to Portland Natural Health, 1221 SE Madison on

WEDNESDAY, JULY 18th anytime from 4 - 8 pm


The concept of Coordinated Care is a new trend in the healthcare community.

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) are comprised of health care providers who have agreed to work together, many times in the same facility, providing integrated health care services.



There will be many free samples of wellness products, discounts and savings on many services, live music, gluten free food, raffles and drawings. There will be drawings every 15 minutes!  And the raffle baskets are worth up to $300 of samples.  Missionary Chocolates are one of the many vendors who will be attending, so we'll be able to sample some great chocolate.


Also, you will get to see my new office!  Hope you can make it - I'd really love you to come visit!!


Summer Classes & Events
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We will be offering many great workshops, support circles, Reiki Circles and Reiki classes this summer!  Let's move our energies into this quickening time and ride the fullness of summer!


Hope to see you!  



Reiki Classes    Step forward!! Now's the time!


Reiki 1    Wednesday, July 11th        5 - 9:00 pm


Reiki 2    Wednesday, Aug. 1st        5 - 9:00 pm


Learn hands-on and distance healing with Reiki. Empower yourself and your life! Heal yourself and loved ones on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels. Start a healing practice! Investment $300 for Reiki 1 & 2


Reiki Master     Wednesday, Aug. 22nd        5 - 9:00 pm (2 day class)


Karuna Reiki Master   please call to schedule interview


Reiki for Parents and Children    please call to schedule interview


Advanced Healing Techniques for Energy Workers    learn etheric


and advanced healing techniques; please call to schedule interview



 Free!! Reiki Healing Circles            Mondays,  July &  August         2 - 3:00 pm  Call or email to reserve a spot!


 Free!! Job Search Support  Career Coaching, Assessments, Resume, Energy

Work, Interview Prep, Networking, Self Care    Call or email for dates.


Free!! Law of Attraction   It's more subtle than you think!!


Fridays, July 20, August 24   11-12 noon


Free!!  Moving Affirmations  Make your personal affirmations come alive  

Megan Flom (dancer extraordinaire) and me.  Call or email for dates.   


 Free!!   Emotional Guidance Scale  Learn to navigate through your life and

co-create your dreams with this unique vibrational set-point scale designed by Abraham-Hicks.  Call or email for dates.



For all: Please sign up to reserve a spot by calling (503) 445-7767 or see Megan at the Front Desk.  


See Lorelynn or  >>> Click Here  for workshop details.



  >>> More about inner perspectives   



Turtles Yoga!

santa monica

Here is another Grand Opening to mention to you --

A dear friend, Kimberly Armstrong, is bringing her vision to life. She is opening Turtles Yoga - a safe and wonderfully nurturing space for children - and a 2nd yoga studio for adults. Now, you don't have to leave your children in day care while you care for yourself.... or sit and read while your children are having fun.



Turtle's Yoga's Grand Opening Special offers


FREE yoga classes June 25th-June 29th!

Check out the studio, meet instructors and enjoy a complementary class.


For example, they are offering complementary classes in Aqua Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga,Turtles (kid's) Yoga, Zumba, and Power Flow Yoga.


Turtles Yoga is located at 8785 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. in the SoccerPlex.


Call Kimberly at 503-477-6987 or visit www.TurtlesYoga.com 


Her tag line is great --  "All the good stuff is inside!'

Weight Loss Study
Dr. Athena Paradise, tthe Director of Portland Natural Health, is offering a unique study for those interested in healthy gut or sustainable weight loss. 
It's a six month, evidenced- based method that is very comprehensive and cellular based on your unique profile.  

Come to the Open House on
Wednesday, July 18th
from 4 - 8:00 pm to sign up
or call to make an appointment at
(503) 445-7767.  
There are on-going Meet and Greet's every month to learn more.  


Angel Messages



I chose for us this summer from Doreen Virtue's Saints and Angels cards. We got messages of SWEETNESS and REWARD both from our Guardian Angels.  


Our personal Angels remind us:


"Notice and enjoy the nectar of life. Treat yourself with tender sweetness. Give yourself rewards and be kind to yourself. Also bring sweetness into your relationships - speak with love, act out of kindness, be generous, give sincere compliments, and be thoughtful.  They say, God and the Angels are helping you fall back in love with life and enjoy its rich sweetness."


 The second message is that our Angels are rewarding us for all our concerted efforts, hard work and dedication in helping others!  We've been extending ourselves so much, there is now time and opening for retreat and rejuvenation - like a massage, Reiki session, foot soak, or fun with family and friends. "You deserve this reward, and remember. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you have available to give to others."



Kryon is an Angelic presence, brought to us by Lee Carroll.  Two of their wisdom cards for us were:


"No one owns God. This Humanity is one family, one Earth, each with different tasks. No one tribe owns the essence of God. The understanding of this is part of the grand solution for all challenges currently on the planet."


And, the second message:


The Human Being who understands and is comfortable with the meld of linear time and "now" time is one who does not consider the future a problem."



 Interesting messages - be present focused, kind, and gentle with ourselves and others around us.  Take time for rewards and sweetness. And trust we are creating a wonderful future for ourselves, our children and out children's children!

>>> More articles and guided perspectives  


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At The Grand Opening...

Wednesday, July 18

4 - 8:00 pm



     Come to visit and get free demos and samples ....and receive a discount for Hero Journey sessions! 


Normally these Guided Counseling/Energy Work sessions are 4+ hours for $315 (savings of $100). 


For our Grand Opening,

Hero's Journey 4 hours are discounted to  $295!! 


Offer Expires:  Thursday, July 19, 2012