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May 2012

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Distance Healing
May Classes & Events
Celebrating Moms
Angel Messages



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Colors of May



Sending love to you this May! 


May is such a beautiful month with all the colors and scents of spring blossoming all around us.  What a great reminder to blossom ourselves with new ideas and new relationships.


For this newsletter I have included a number of free workshops and my spring Reiki schedule - it's a great time to blossom into the fullness of you!


I'm also offering a special healing for Moms - just read on....


Also, please come and visit me in my new office space at Portland Natural Health in SE Portland!.  It's a great location with many wonderful healers and medical professionals. I feel really grateful to be a part of such a wonderful center.


Here's something new - Share Your Voice! 


You'll be hearing from me more often... I'm planning to send a quick newsletter twice a month to you - so if there are any writers who would love to contribute to this newsletter - just send me an email to share your voice.  We will include your perspective in our newsletter! Please write to me about this, or call for more information -- 503-445-7767. 


 Hope to see you soon!



           Blessings to you!




May Classes & Events
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Free: Reiki Healing Circles            
Wednesdays,            May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30             3 - 4:00 pm


Free: Job Search Support: Career Coaching, Assessments, Resume, Energy work

Thursdays,                  May 10, 17, 24, 31             3:30 - 4:00 pm


Free:  Moving Affirmations: make your personal affirmations come alive  

Megan Flom and Lorelynn Cardo    Thursday, May 17   2 - 2:30 pm   


Free:   Emotional Guidance Scale: learn to navigate through your life and co-create your dreams with this unique vibrational set-point scale designed by Abraham-Hicks

Tuesdays,                   May 15, 22                     1 - 1:30 pm


!!!!    Reiki Classes    

Reiki 1          Friday, May 18                                  2 - 7:00 pm  

Reiki 2          Friday, June 1                                   2 - 7:30 pm


Learn hands-on and distance healing with Reiki. Empower yourself and your life! Heal yourself and loved ones on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels. Start a healing practice! Investment $300 for Reiki 1 & 2


Teaching Reiki to Others             Saturday,   May 19   2 - 5pm                     

Reiki Masters only: covering class content, certificates, lineage, etc.   Investment: $100


Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master               coming in June!

Reiki for Parents and Children                           coming in June!


For all: Sign upto reserve a spot by calling (503) 445-7767 or see Megan at the Front Desk.  

See Lorelynn or go to www.AriseCounseling.com for workshop details.



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Celebrating Moms!


Perhaps you are a Mom, or wish to be one. And, of course, we all have Moms - some of us have many Moms.   

Since this is a month dedicated to Mother's Day, and in loving embrace of all mothers, including our wondrous and all-giving Earth, and animal companions, I am offering a special healing this month free of charge for all Moms.


Perhaps you would love to be a mom, or a better mom, or were better to your mom ... Perhaps you wish to send loving, healing energies to your mom at a particularly stressful or life changing time. Or, to yourself.


Just email me the name of your Mom and, if you wish, any intent you have for them for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing or enrichment.  You can also ask for those who have already transitioned or for women who somehow have touched your lives.

I place the intent that a healing embrace is set for you, your Mom, and your children in the Highest and Greatest Good.  I also allow for those who do not wish to be sent loving light from us -- everyone has the free will choice to accept or not accept this blessing.  Nevertheless, you can always ask for yourself and for the situation as a whole.


Mothering ourselves is always beneficial and healing - no matter what our age!  We can all use unconditional love and acceptance, deep compassion, and a fiece guiding presence and protection. Although some rail at 'Hallmark holidays', I've always wondered what was the harm in celebrating special people and special occasions? 



If you would like a special healing session as a gift for you Mom, contact Lorelynn at (503) 445-7767. Discounted sessions for Moms for May. 


Sending love to all Moms everywhere!





Angel Messages


Two messages came for us this month from Angels and Saints by Doreen Virtue:


Confidence!  from Archangel Michael

and Mother from Mary : - ) Don' t you love when you get a wink from the Guides? 


So, let's be confident of our mothering, nurturing selves!  If you need more unconditional love - gift your Inner Child this month. Take your Child to a special place, cook a special meal, spend some time cuddling and listening to your Child's dreams.  And, if you have Reiki, send healing love and light to your Child when he or she most needed it.



Kryon is an Angelic presence, brought to us by Lee Carroll.  Two of their wisdom cards for May for us were:


"Feeling stuck on your path? Celebrate it! Celebrate the knowledge that all is relative and that you may be stopped so that others may catch up!  Would you deny them the participatin in what you have created?"


And, the second message:


There is only one reason for your existence on Earth - for the purpse of raising the vibration of the whole".


That reminded me of a beautiful affirmation that a wonderful healer,great friend, and Mom, Jule, brought into my life.


As you walk, say,


"I am Blessed to walk upon this Earth and the Earth is Blessed that I walk upon it." 


We can often reach for the first part of that affirmation when we are happy, energized, passionate about our life.  So, that part is usually easy. But, to breathe in the second and really feel that the Earth is truly blessed because we walk upon it!  What a breathtaking concept!  And not blessed because we have done this or that or intend to reach this or that goal, for ourselves, or even to help others, or help the Earth in some way.  But the Earth is Blessed just because we are here - breathing - vibrating our energies, our knowledge, our experience, our love, our light.


Try it and let me know what you think!



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