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March 2012

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Distance Healing
April Healing Circles
Celebrating Crystal
Career Path Workshops
Angel Messages
April Reiki Classes



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April's Showers of Joy 




Sending love to you this April! 


April Showers are such a familiar refrain, so I'm encouraging us to go with the flow of the image:


releasing showers of shed

                               and unshed tears


taking showers to relax and release tensions

                               and ground us into the Earth


showers to welcome new marriages

                               new homes

                               new babies


showers of flowers

             of love

             of abundance

      of gratitude


 Understanding and flowing with the cyclical nature of our lives, we return again to our filling point - so that we can create anew. Going along with this theme, we are offering classes and workshops to allow you to bathe in refreshing frequencies of life work, healing, and empowering practices. Check them out below...


We hope to see or hear from you this month! A quick e-mail is always wonderful to receive as I so often think of you and send Light energies and Reiki to you every day! Come share a cup of tea with me in my new space in Southeast Portland and enJOY this beautiful life we are co-creating!


Special Offer:  Help Celebrate My New Office! %50 discount for new clients in April... Please call for more information.


New Office #: (503) 445-7767 


           Blessings to you!




April Reiki Circles
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Come join us for our FREE Reiki Circles!


Wednesday, from 3 - 4:00 pm


April, 4th


April 18th


Portland Natural Health, 1221 SE Madison (one block north of SE Hawthorne).

Please call 503-445-7767 to reserve a spot.


Hope to see you!



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Celebrating Crystal 


 As I mentioned last newsletter, my dear cat and Reiki partner, Crystal, transitioned last month. So, in her loving remembrance, I am offering animal healing all this month free of charge.


Just email me the name of your animal companion and any intent you have for them for physical, emotional healing or enrichment.  You can also ask for those who have already transitioned or for those in the wild who particularly touch your lives.


The HERO on the Career Path

Spring is the time to begin to plant seeds for our growth this upcoming year and our work in the world is always something to re-align and integrate at higher levels.  This new and exciting career workshop is designed to help you find and create passion, meaning, and purpose in your career. 

We will cover assessments, creative journeys, career research and information, job search techniques - all the traditional and holistic understandings in the career world. 
Plus, we will add a synergy of energy and personal guided work to assist you to make changes, find, and anchor in a wonderful career in an effortless way.  

Come and join us!!  Investment: $60 for 4 sessions.


To reserve your spot, please call  (503)445-7767.

(minimum 4 people).

Thursdays, 5:30 - 7:30 pm April 12, 19, 26, May 3 at Portland Natural Health,
1221 SE Madison St., Portland.


>>> More About Career Guidance




Angel Messages

Three Angels came to visit us this April from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney:


Remliel, a 4th Order Mother's Angel, brings the message: Awakening

Nisroc, a Seraphim, brings the message: Freedom

Galgaliel , a 3rd Order Inner Angel, brings us the the message: Vibration


So, let's consider this April that we are indeed awakening into fresh, new springtime energies and delights. Remliel encourages: "Sleepers Awake! As you awaken to the wealth of feeling and wisdom within,a mighty surge of passion reveals your Divine Plan."


Freeing ourselves from past bindings and outmoded habits of thought and behavior, Nisroc sings: "Freedom is an inner knowing of who you are and why you are here. You feel balanced, secure and well-loved, free from the shackles of guilt, fear,unworthiness, anger, and jealousy.In their place are love, compassion and wisdom."


And remember that we are vibrational in nature - the Universe is vibrational, everything we see and hear and taste and smell and feel is vibrational. Galgaliel says: "The more you are willing to release emotionally and open to receive your Eternal Self, the more energy will fill you This increased vibration will magnetically attract new friends, new ideas, increased health and vitality, angels! the right job, the right mate, better living conditions."


We resonate everyday within our vibrational set-point.  Let's raise our vibrations to the highest levels we can - consider yourself operating on a vertical octave (like a piano turned on its side). Go for the higher notes and chords this April!



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April Reiki Classes
earth aurora

Are you ready to learn energy healing techniques? Reiki is a gentle and guided system that I recommend everyone start with - no matter what level or age. Reiki 1 and 2 classes begin the process to become a healer. They are also for those wishing to heal some aspect of their lives (or a loved one's). 


This is a time of heightened energies... is learning healing something you long to do?  Now's the time! 


Reiki 1st Degree: 1 day class Sunday, April 22nd, from 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Learn the basics of Reiki, a gentle, hands- on healing and rejuvenating method of caring for yourself and others. Reiki 1 is the first part of Reiki healing and is taught in conjunction with Reiki 2. I strongly recommend taking Reiki 2 in conjunction with this class. Investment $125.



We offer a discount for both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 (recommended) $300. 


Come Audit classes if you have already taken a Reiki level but wish to be re-attuned and get a boost for your practice. Investment $50.

ALL CLASSES are kept small for personal attention. Classes are held at Portland Natural Health, 1221 SE Madison St. Portland. CEU credits are available for anyone wishing them. All certifications are for Usui Reiki. 


Please call to reserve your space - 503-690-7727 or (503) 445-7767.  See our website, www.AriseCounseling.com for more info.



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