Boom Fitness Monthly Newsletter
June 2012

Trainer Spotlight: Salve Gorman

Salve's training philosophy is that every person is unique with respect to goals, state of health, motivation and genetic potential.  She takes all these factors into consideration and designs specific fitness programs to give her clients exactly what they are looking for.
Salve, like all of her colleagues, has extensive education in fitness and nutrition.  It has always been part of her life.  She also holds certifications in Pilates Allegro (Reformer), Mat Pilates, Kick Boxing, Cycling, Zumba, Yoga, Step, Straight Up Strength, and Sports Conditioning.
Currently, Salve's passion for fitness and helping people has led her to become the Group Exercise Manager and the Fitness Manager in charge of Personal Training at the Tanasbourne location.

Interested in seeing what Salve or one of her colleagues can do for your workout?  Call the Boom desk at 503-531-8400.


Grand Opening Party 

Although Boom Fitness has been open at its new location for 6 months now, we are hosting a joint Grand Opening celebration with SunsUp Tanning on Monday, June 25th.  Please join us!


Boom members bring a friend to our 

Grand Opening Event and get a reward!


Friends & family will get a discount on their enrollment fee and you will get a discount on your membership*


*Discount credited to existing members will be based upon the monthly membership rate of the member they referred.  (Example: If your friend signs up for a $19.95 per month membership, you will receive a credit to your membership account of $19.95)  

Location: Boom Fitness Tanasbourne

Date: Monday, June 25th

Time: 7am to 7pm

  • Hourly Prize Drawings 
  • Grand Prizes 
  • Food, Beverages & Product Samples
  • Live DJ (3-7pm)   
  • Lots of Fun Activities for the Whole Family 
  • Open Classes
And More!  
The Benefits of Spin Class
If you are like most people, the first few times you walked by the cycle room, you were probably feeling a little bit intimidated. This room is filled with music, stationary bicycles, plus an teacher giving instructions for the next steps.  You might experience - seated climbs, sprints, or hovering while counting down to the music until the next move, next climb or next sprint.  
Spinning Class
Alas! There are tremendous benefits to a Spin Class.  Not only does the average person burn over 500 calories in a one hour class, the other benefits make it a fun way to get a great workout in. 
What are the benefits: 
  • Group environment
  • Classes are led by a certified instructor 
  • One hour of excellent cardiovascular training, which reduces the risk of major health problems 
  • Fast and fun paced class
  • Private room with music
  • Great, fun instructors 
Never tried a Spin Class but you want too? 
  • Find a class at the Bridgeport or Tanasbourne location that works for your schedule
  • Arrive to class just a little bit early to get settled
  • Ask the instructor to teach you how to have the proper form
  • Get ready to ride!  
Have a questions about Spinning, just ask!  
We're here to help you!

Mo Diakite, International Fitness Instructor  

Exclusive opportunity for the members of Boom!  
Monday, July 16
9:30 - 11:30am
$20 at the door on the day of the event.
Have a friend who wants to come?  Invite them along.  Zumba is a great workout for everyone!

Our goal is to help people feel good about themselves 

both mentally and physically.    

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suns up and boom
SunsUp Tanning is offering a $40 upgrade to all Boom members who sign up on their $21.88 month to month program.

Did you know that Boom Members have access to both locations?
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Coach Aaron has been amazing...we're so excited to have him as a new coach for William. We're looking forward to having more kids joining. I'm gonna market this to my friends and family and on FB...let's get a BIG class so Coach Aaron can teach to our children wrestling and MMA skills :-D 

- Sarah
Thanks, Sarah, for your fabulous testimonial.  We think Coach Aaron is pretty fabulous too!  
Wondering about the Kid's Mixed Martial Arts program?
We offer an MMA program for children ages 4 and up at the Bridgeport location only.


The Mixed Martial Arts program for kids incorporates elements of Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing & Kickboxing. It blends techniques from these various arts in systematic,

belt-ranked format. Children will progress from basic to more advanced techniques in these arts so that they master the 3 main ranges of self defense: Striking, Clenching (Take-Downs) and Grappling (Ground Fighting).


Our mixed martial arts program teaches the values of discipline, humility and respect. Through the practice of the program your child will not only gain proficiency in self defense but will gain a better understanding of themselves, helping to build their self confidence and awareness.



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