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BABIES are Here!!!


Strobe Lite x Coronas Fast Dash

If YOU have a RVSW Embryo Baby, CLICK HERE to send us your pictures!!

Below are a few RVSW Embryo Transfer Baby pictures that have been sent to us.

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About Royal Vista Southwest
Since 2000, we have concentrated on one thing - EQUINE REPRODUCTION.
 That experience has led to the development of a nationally respected Embryo Transfer Program. Year after year, this program boasts industry leading pregnancy rates (per embryo with a viable heartbeat at 26 days) for both shipped and on-site transfers. This allows Royal Vista to back its service with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.

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All of our staff, including veterinarians, Dr. James W. Bailey, Dr. Ryan Coy, Dr. Kay Thurman and Dr. Renae DelHomme, welcome any questions you might have and would be happy to go into further detail about the Embryo Transfer process or any other services we offer at Royal Vista Southwest.




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ROYAL VISTA SOUTHWEST is committed to providing the BEST possible client service and communication in the business!

Meconium Impaction

Renae DelHomme, DVM 

One of the common problems encountered by a newborn foal is meconium impaction. Meconium is the first fecal material passed by a newborn and is usually passed within the first several hours of life. Meconium can be greenish to dark brown in color and is comprised of digested amnionic fluid, gastrointestinal secretions, bile, and cellular debris that accumulate in the intestinal tract of the late-term fetus. Meconium impaction is the most common cause of colic in the neonatal foal.





Ideally, the foaling would have been attended and meconium passage would be observed. However, this can be easily missed or overlooked. Some clinical signs that can occur with meconium impaction are repeated abdominal straining, excessive swishing of the tail, abdominal distention, depression, lying down frequently, reluctance to suckle due to discomfort, and/or colic. If a meconium impaction is neglected for too long, a foal can quickly become weak, dehydrated, and lethargic from not nursing. Repeated straining can ultimately result in a more severe colic or a ruptured bladder.


Treating a meconium impaction depends on the severity. If caught early, an enema may alleviate the impaction. A high volume enema consisting of a bag with 500-1000 milliliters of fluid using a gravity flow tube is preferred. If the foal is still uncomfortable following an enema or two, further treatment may include intravenous fluids, tubing with mineral oil, or even surgery.



A prophylactic enema administered shortly after birth helps reduce the risk of meconium impaction. If you notice your foal straining repeatedly or showing signs of discomfort, veterinary attention should be seriously considered. 

New Services Available

**Global Vet Link**


Royal Vista Southwest is pleased to now offer electronic documentation through GlobalVetLINK (GVLŪ), the nation's leader in electronic animal health documentation. Health documents generated through GVL's secure, online system are approved to move animals into all 50 states and 3 US territories, on a standardized certificate.

  1. By switching to GVL we are able to provide an electronic version of the Coggins on all of our recipients mares and broodmares here at Royal Vista Southwest.  These now include digital pictures instead of drawings.
  2. Our Coggins and Health Certificates are stored digitally and can be readily available should you require additional copies!
  3. We have joined forces with eyeD (see information below), and can scan your horse's eyes at the same time that the Coggins is drawn.

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**eyeD Solution**


Royal Vista Southwest is pleased to be able to offer cutting edge technology with the eyeD Solution.  Using a very special camera to take digital image of your horses iris, we can load it into a National Database for Permanent Identification.


What is eyeD? An alternative to branding, tattooing and other ID methods. No more undue stress to your animal. The eyeD Solution is the first equine identification system that is secure, easy-to-use and accurate. It offers an easy alternative to the complication and uncertainty of traditional ID methods.
More Accurate than a Fingerprint - In simple terms, an eyePrint is a digital photo of the iris of a horse's eye. Because no two irises are alike -- even clones have different iris patterns -- an eyePrint is more accurate than a fingerprint.
Secure Online Protection - Paper can get lost, damaged, stolen. Because eyeD is an electronic system, all information -- from photos to pedigree registrations -- is safe and secure online.

The iris scan and eventually other data (pedigree, performance history, health protocols, photos, etc.*) can be accessed and retrieved 24/7/365 from the eyeD processor.


Truly Evolved - eyeD is unlike any other equine identification method. More than 10 years in development, eyeD has taken equine identification to a whole new level of precision and simplicity. It's pure intelligence.


Call us today if you would like make an appointment to permanetly identify your horse in the eyeD Solution National Database!!



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**Prospective Foal Insurance**


We are frequently getting questions regarding insuring pregnancies in recipient mares here at Royal Vista Southwest.  We are happy to introduce you to Brooks-Maberry Equine Insurance.  They have been providing insurance for your farm, horses and cattle for over 25 years.


You can now insure your embryo with

Prospective Foal Insurance from Brooks-Maberry 


Your embryo at Royal Vista Southwest can be be insured from 42 of pregnancy until up to 60 days after foaling. To get additional information, please contact Brooks-Maberry Equine Insurance directly.


Brooks-Maberry Equine Insurance

Phone:  800.351.1444


Arthur Maberry

EMAIL Arthur

cell: 325.338.7007


Kirk Maberry


cell: 432.202.1537

brooks maberry



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