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If YOU have a RVSW Embryo Baby, CLICK HERE to send us your pictures!!

Below are a few RVSW Embryo Transfer Baby pictures that have been sent to us.

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Retained Placenta - Kay Thurman, DVM

Retained placenta after foaling is one of the most common problems in the post partum mare. This usually presents itself as membranes protruding from the vulva more than 3 hours after delivering the foal. Less commonly, no part of the placenta is visible at the vulva or only a portion of the placenta has been passed. Therefore, it is very important to examine the placenta after every foaling to determine if it has been expelled completely. 


The complete placenta has a "Y" configuration with one large dilated horn and one smaller thinner non pregnant horn. Most commonly, the tip of the thinner horn is retained. The placenta has a reddish purple, velvety texture, and should not be confused with the thin transparent amniotic membrane which surrounds the foal when born. If you are unsure if the passed placenta has been torn or portions retained, save the placenta for veterinary inspection.


There are two important rules to remember about this condition: 1. Never ever, no matter how tempting it seems, pull the placenta out. This will risk tearing of the placenta and potentially life threatening consequences for your mare. 2. Always call a veterinarian sooner rather than later. The hormone oxytocin, administered to initiate uterine contractions, is extremely effective if given within hours of foaling. Treatment is simple, inexpensive and very successful if initiated early, but can be costly, frustrating, labor intensive and unrewarding if started too late.


Mares with a retained placenta greater than 12 hours of duration may not initially show clinical signs of illness. Eventually mares may become depressed, lose their appetite and become feverish. If left untreated, severe uterine infections, endotoxemia and laminitis can lead to infertility, unsoundness and even death. Don't let the hours slip by after you recognize this condition because the future health of your mare depends on it.


If you have any questions about this or want more information, please contact us!! Watch for our next several newsletters that cover additional Foaling Problems that may occur.

About Royal Vista Southwest
Since 2000, Royal Vista Southwest has concentrated on one thing - EQUINE REPRODUCTION. That experience has led to the development of a nationally respected Embryo Transfer Program. Year after year, this program boasts industry leading pregnancy rates (per embryo with a viable heartbeat at 26 days) for both shipped and on-site transfers. This allows Royal Vista to back its service with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.



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Wise Option is all inclusive software that will completely manage all horse and client records, from the small trainers to the large breeding hospitals and those in between. Wise Option has been designed to be user friendly and easy to work into daily operations. The reality is that we must keep accurate horse and client files. With Wise Option you can do all of that in a shorter period of time with fewer mistakes.



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All of our staff, including veterinarians, Dr. James W. Bailey, Dr. Ryan Coy, Dr. Kay Thurman and Dr. Renae DelHomme, welcome any questions you might have and would be happy to go into further detail about the Embryo Transfer process or any other services we offer at Royal Vista Southwest.




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