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Merry Christmas!!!
We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. 
This is NOT just another cute "horse" holiday picture!!
Meet "Molly" - She is a RVSW Recipient mare. This photo was taken by Andrea Boody of Circle C Ranch in Wayne , OK.  They all love her so much!!!! She has been promised to return to them to live out her "golden" years after she is retired from being a great recipient!!
Thanks Andrea and Circle C!

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Attended Foaling - Renae DelHomme, DVM

Why should your mare's foaling be attended?


An attended foaling is imperative to ensure a good outcome for both your mare and her newborn foal. There are many situations that can occur during foaling that can be easily corrected simply by having a knowledgeable person present and available.


The first reason to have someone present during foaling is to check the position of the foal. There is only ONE normal fetal presentation. As soon as the amniotic sac ruptures (the mare's water breaks), it is important to clean the mare's vulva, put on a sleeve, and enter vaginally to check the position of the foal. The foal should present with two feet-one slightly behind the other-and a nose. The soles of the foal's feet should be pointed downward in the standing mare, indicating that the foal is on its belly. If anything other than the normal presentation is felt, you could have a serious problem.


Another problem that could be encountered is premature placental separation (Red Bag). A "red bag" delivery needs to be addressed immediately. If not, this can result in the death of the foal within minutes. The placental membrane should quickly be opened and the foal delivered as soon as possible. The foal should also be provided supplemental oxygen.  



Newborn Foal


Even if a normal foaling occurs and the foal seems to be healthy, there are several things that need to be addressed soon after birth. The foal's navel needs to be dipped with an antiseptic right away. The navel may become infected before an owner gets around to dipping it the next morning. The mare's colostrum should also be checked to make sure the foal will get adequate immunity for a good start. Finally, the foal needs to be nursing within the first two hours. If the foal is not progressing in this manner, the foal may need veterinary attention.


Watch for our next several newsletters that covers some Foaling Problems that can occur.


If you have any questions about this or want more information, please contact us!!

About Royal Vista Southwest
Since 2000, Royal Vista Southwest has concentrated on one thing - EQUINE REPRODUCTION. That experience has led to the development of a nationally respected Embryo Transfer Program. Year after year, this program boasts industry leading pregnancy rates (per embryo with a viable heartbeat at 26 days) for both shipped and on-site transfers. This allows Royal Vista to back its service with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.



Wise Option Wisdom
* eBilling *


Get paid faster with Wise Option eBilling Made Easy. New for the 2012 breeding season, we are developing additional options to our eBilling system through which users will be able to store customers' credit card information in a PCI Compliant environment and easily reuse that information for quick charges.
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Wise Option is all inclusive software that will completely manage all horse and client records, from the small trainers to the large breeding hospitals and those in between. Wise Option has been designed to be user friendly and easy to work into daily operations. The reality is that we must keep accurate horse and client files. With Wise Option you can do all of that in a shorter period of time with fewer mistakes.


Contact Us

All of our staff, including veterinarians, Dr. James W. Bailey, Dr. Ryan Coy, Dr. Kay Thurman and Dr. Renae DelHomme, welcome any questions you might have and would be happy to go into further detail about the Embryo Transfer process or any other services we offer at Royal Vista Southwest.




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