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MISS JB 0842, or known to JB Quarter Horses as "Scooter," is a three year old palomino filly out of Sweet Pea RSH by Chasin Firewater.
We can hardly keep up with all of the world shows, races, futurities and major events that have been going on in the last few months.  We are so excited to see our "Glamour Girls", RVSW Embryo Transfer Program Foals, and clients in the headlines!
Congratulations to all of you!!!  


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Our staff, including veterinarians, Dr. James W. Bailey, Dr. Ryan Coy, Dr. Kay Thurman and Dr. Renae DelHomme, welcome any questions you might have and would be happy to go into further detail about the Embryo Transfer process or any other services we offer at Royal Vista Southwest.




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Foaling Preparation - Kay Thurman, DVM

The birth of a foal is a highly anticipated event that requires attentive management to ensure the best possible outcome.

The first step is determining an accurate foaling date. A normal gestation in the mare can be extremely variable, however, around 342 days from ovulation is considered the average.  Keep in mind that a viable foal can be delivered anywhere from 320 days to 365 days of gestation.


Approximately 30 - 45 days prior to her due date, the mare should receive pre-foaling vaccinations and caslicks (vulvar sutures) opened if she has one.  Most vaccination protocols include 5-way (Encephalomyelitis, influenza, Tetanus) and West Nile as a minimum, but consult your veterinarian for any additional regional recommendations such as strangles, botulism, rotavirus, or rabies. This important series of boosters stimulates your mare to produce high levels of antibodies at a time during late pregnancy when she is producing antibody rich colostrum. The newborn is dependent  on the ingestion of good quality colostrum for protection against a variety of viral and bacterial diseases.

A foaling stall should be prepared well in advance. It is important that the stall be a minimum of 12' by 14', free from any protruding nails, splinters, or other objects that could hurt a newborn foal. Stall should be properly cleaned, disinfected, and bedded. Straw bedding is preferred over wood shavings. Feed and water buckets should be positioned so that they don't interfere with the new born as it struggles to its feet and learns to walk. Cameras can be a useful, non intrusive way to monitor a mare.  In order to reduce stress from a new environment, your mare should be brought into her new stall at least two weeks prior to foaling.

Closely monitor mare's udder for signs of impending foaling. Your mare may begin to "wax" or have a waxy secretion around her teats. The muscles around the tail head, and vulva will be very relaxed 24 - 48 hours prior to foaling. In addition, commercial mare foaling predictor kits are available that use mammary secretions to pinpoint parturition. Being present at the foaling is the best way to ensure minor problems don't have devastating consequences.

 No matter how prepared you are, problems ranging from minor to very serious can occur.  Be sure to read our next newsletter where we address some common foaling issues. The option to take your mare to a facility that specializes in foaling should always be considered.

About Royal Vista Southwest
Since 2000, Royal Vista Southwest has concentrated on one thing - EQUINE REPRODUCTION. That experience has led to the development of a nationally respected Embryo Transfer Program. Year after year, this program boasts industry leading pregnancy rates (per embryo with a viable heartbeat at 26 days) for both shipped and on-site transfers. This allows Royal Vista to back its service with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.



Wise Option Wisdom
* Benchmark Report*

As a breeder, how is your performance comparing to the average in the horse industry? Well, this is a question that you are now able to answer...with the Wise Option Benchmarking Report.

The report itself contains just a few lines, however, its content is huge. It represents the averages and percentages of the breeding operation with broodmares for some of the most respected names in the horse industry. As of today, we have data from 32 major farms with a total of over 6,000 mares, 1,100 stallions and almost 17,000 breeding records... and growing. 

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Wise Option is all inclusive software that will completely manage all horse and client records, from the small trainers to the large breeding hospitals and those in between. Wise Option has been designed to be user friendly and easy to work into daily operations. The reality is that we must keep accurate horse and client files. With Wise Option you can do all of that in a shorter period of time with fewer mistakes. 
 Click here for more information.