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We can hardly keep up with all of the world shows, races, futurities and major events that have been going on in the last few months.  We are so excited to see our "Glamour Girls", RVSW Embryo Transfer Program Foals, and clients in the headlines! Congratulations to all of you!!! December is also a big month, GOOD LUCK!!! 
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Lighting Programs - James W. Bailey, DVM

Lighting is one of the most productive tools used to manage broodmares. Most mares will not cycle until late March or even early May if not exposed to artificial lights. When lights are started December 1st, 80% of mares should begin cycling in early February. This ensures early breeding opportunities to get early foals.


Artificial lighting can be accomplished with outdoor lights in a small paddock or in a stall. Inexpensive hardware store timers can be used to light one or more stalls and are very effective in producing a consistent photoperiod. Your mare should have 16 hours of light.  The timers can be used to extend the amount of light in the evening.


It is important to not begin lighting mares before December 1st. Mares must stop cycling, or at least be in transition to stop cycling, before they start lights.


How much light do you need? The old saying is, "If you can read newsprint, it is adequate".


Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding lighting your mares. 


About Royal Vista Southwest
Since 2000, Royal Vista Southwest has concentrated on one thing - EQUINE REPRODUCTION. That experience has led to the development of a nationally respected Embryo Transfer Program. Year after year, this program boasts industry leading pregnancy rates (per embryo with a viable heartbeat at 26 days) for both shipped and on-site transfers. This allows Royal Vista to back its service with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.



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Our staff, including veterinarians, Dr. James W. Bailey, Dr. Ryan Coy, Dr. Kay Thurman and Dr. Renae DelHomme, welcome any questions you might have and would be happy to go into further detail about the Embryo Transfer process or any other services we offer at Royal Vista Southwest.




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