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City of Greenville, South CarolinaFebruary 2012, Issue No. 2

Mark Your Calendars!

Kick-off Meeting


The City of Greenville will be hosting a public kick-off meeting for the Connections for Sustainability grant on March 1, 2012.  This is the first opportunity to learn more about the grant, meet the consultants, provide input, and find out how you can get involved with shaping the future of your City. 

 Date: Thursday, March 1, 2012

 Time: 6:00 PM- 7:30 PM
 Location: West Greenville Community Center


 Local Plan needs Local Input


The Kick-off meeting will be our first big effort at directly engaging City residents in a conversation about housing and transportation. Together with our consultants, we will be looking for input about issues and concerns regarding how our city should plan for housing and transportation options.


To get feedback from everyone about these issues, the meeting will be divided into three parts. The first 30 minutes will introduce the project and consultants. The last hour of the meeting will be spent meeting with the consultants as smaller groups, looking at maps and images, and discussing current opportunities and issues. 


What concerns do you have regarding housing? What issues and needs do you see in your neighborhood and within the City? These are the types of housing-related questions you can expect to be asked during this meeting. The goal of asking these questions is to create an accurate picture of where we are now, and where we want to go in terms of housing within the City.


The transportation consultant team will be asking a similar, but different set of questions. In this session, participants will be discussing ways to connect people in different areas of the city with jobs. The transportation team wants to know which roads and corridors might be used for a new Bus Rapid Transportation system. A Bus Rapid Transportation system (often abbreviated as BRT) is one way the City can expand its current bus service to include a quick and reliable, high-frequency bus route to efficiently move people to and from work and home. The goal of this meeting session will be to get a better understanding of transportation options, needs, and concerns from both a city-wide and neighborhood point of view.

Sustainability Spotlight


Harvesting the Power of the Sun


Solar panels are expensive. That is one of the most common statements that people make when discussing solar energy. Though advances in solar technology have made solar power much more widely available than it once was, solar panels still tend to be costly enough that homeowners are skeptical about purchasing them.


But, solar panels are not the only way use solar energy. There is evidence that ancient Greeks and Romans built their homes to take advantage of passive solar energy, and so can we! Passive solar energy is the sun's ability to heat your home (or water for your home) without the use of electricity. Making use of passive solar energy is easy to do, just build or retrofit your home with southern facing windows that will capture the sun's rays in winter, and use awnings or shades to reduce heat in summer.


Installing passive solar water heaters and planting trees on the north side of your home to help shade your home in summer while keeping the southern side open are just a few more ways that any home owner can harness the power of the sun without purchasing solar


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Meet the Consultants 


The HDR Engineering, Inc. team has been selected to conduct a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Feasibility Analysis for the area. HDR will analyze potential ridership through 2030, future modal shifts, potential opportunities and locations for BRT routes, and opportunities for multi-modal connectivity. In addition, they will identify barriers to developing a TOD, recommend solutions to overcome these barriers, and identify and analyze potential TOD development sites.


Arnett Muldrow, Inc. will be the Alignment Consultant for the Connections for Sustainability grant. The firm will be responsible for maximizing public participation by coordinating community involvement activities, public outreach, and establishing community focus teams for the west side comprehensive planning component. Furthermore, they will serve as the contact for consultants, stakeholders, and the community.  

Development Concepts, Inc. has been selected to prepare a housing strategy for the City of Greenville to ensure that the City meets current and future housing demands. The DCI team will conduct an inventory of current populations and demographics, analyze housing demands and trends, and identify and analyze prime housing development and redevelopment sites in the City. Additionally, DCI will identify and provide solutions for barriers to Affordable and Workforce Housing. 



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