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September 13 & 14

Reflection Training 




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Ninth District PTA Mission Statement
Our mission is to advocate for all the children and youth of San Diego and Imperial

· Ninth District PTA will provide service, support, training, leadership and guidance to councils and out-of-council units.

· We will assist units through communication, counsel, consultation and mediation, projects and providing PTA resources.

· We will serve our community through education, collaboration and resource services.


From District President

Karen Fleck

August 18, 2011


Karen Fleck


    Now is the time to look for and welcome more parents to your board. Find a small job for someone or form a new committee so new parents can feel a part of the PTA. Encourage more dads and students to be involved. Build enthusiasm for a Reflections category you may not have participated in before like Videography or Dance Choreography. And finally make connections with other PTA board members in your Council or in your area.  


      I hope you bring out the best of your parents this year. Please let us know how we can help you to do just that.   





Farmers Markets to be covered 

For 2012, PTA insurance for comprehensive general liability coverage will cost $199 for units and $131 for councils. This is one of the best bargains of being a PTA. Other groups can pay as much as $3,400 for the same coverage. New for 2012 is coverage for farmers markets. Include insurance as a line item in your budget. Insurance premiums are due in November - check with your Council for exact due date. Learn more. 



Shawna Straw, Treasurer  

Recently, the State Attorney General's office  announced a new requirement that ALL unincorporated PTAs must register with the Attorney General's Office, Registry of Charitable Trusts and start filing the RRF-1 form annually, beginning no later than 2012. If your unit has not started this process, contact your Council treasurer or the Ninth District treasurer to obtain the necessary forms and document checklists. Learn more.   



Start a bylaws review committee now!

PTA bylaws require units to update to the most current version of bylaws every 2 to 3 years. The Charitable Trust number requirement makes this an even more pressing issue, because bylaws must be current to apply for the CT number. Please click here to find helpful instructions on how to review the bylaws and submit them for updating, including instructions on how to use the e-bylaws. Refer to the Bylaws Review Report" form for further instructions specific to Ninth District PTA.   



Beth Bacting, VP MembershipBeth Bacting

Our state-wide theme this year is "Now ... more than ever". The cool thing about it is you can customize it to focus on a particular area at your PTA. Here's some examples "PTA is needed .. now, more than ever!"  "Now .. more than ever, advocate for the future!" "Membership makes  a difference, Now more than ever." Feel free to add your own tag line.  


Steve Tutunjian, Historian

In some communities the historian is viewed primarily as a picture-taking, scrapbooking function. In fact, it's much more. Besides documenting volunteer hours, the historian memorializes the PTA's achievements and contributions that positively impact education advocacy. Keep that in mind as you move forward this year to support your historian (hopefully you have one) in his/her efforts to document unit achievements and volunteer hours. Pease provide your council historian's contact information to Steve and include name, council, email, home/cell numbers, and mailing address.



Gail Matson, Reflections Chair
Bring out the inner artist in your students! Reflections is a National PTA program celebrating the arts. This year's theme is "Diversity means .." Young artists can interpret through writing literature, illustrating visual arts, putting movement in dance choreography, producing a film, photographing their interpretation or composing music. PTA Reflections starts at the unit level and judged pieces advance to National PTA Reflections where student artists from around the country are recognized for their creativity. PTA/PTSA units in good standing can participate. Ninth District PTA training is September 13 and 14. Call the office to RSVP. Learn More.


Mindy Thomason, VP Community Concerns

Nearly ten years ago, the state flagged 301 schools in San Diego County that might be vulnerable in an earthquake based on their age and the type of construction. The only way to know for sure is to have an in-depth inspection by a structural engineer. Since then 100 schools in the County have been inspected, demolished or repaired. But over 200 schools have not been inspected for a variety of reasons. Find out if the schools in your school district have been inspected. Learn more 


children's study
Goal to collect information to improve health of children for generations

The National Children's Study is the largest long-term study of children's health and development ever done in the United States. The study will follow 100,000 children from pre-birth to age 21, looking at how their health is affected by their family health history and the places where they live, learn and play. Fourteen communities in San Diego have been selected to participate including parts of Carlsbad, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, Fallbrook, Imperial Beach, National City, North Park, Oceanside, Santee, Scripps Ranch, Southeastern San Diego, Vista, and West Point Loma. You can help future generations of children by talking to a National Children's Study representative when they come to your door. If you live in one of the fourteen communities listed above, look for staff wearing National Children's Study shirts and badges!  Learn more. 


Rebecca Hernandez, VP Legislation
Rebecca Hernandez
Two years ago, a group of San Diego middle school students noticed their computer stations didn't quite fit -- tall kids were hunched over while shorter kids needed boosters to see the monitor. Rather than complain, they decided to take action. They worked with their local PTA Council -- North Coastal PTA -- to write a resolution and bring it to State convention. It was adopted in May 2010! Now PTA's throughout California are advocating for more ergonomic computer workstations to keep our children's bodies healthy. If you see an issue affecting children that needs to be addressed, write a resolution. Learn more.  


bullyingCalifornia PTA sponsors AB 1156
After a poll of PTA leaders showed protecting children from bullying was a top priority, California State PTA sponsored anti-bullying bill AB 1156 by Assembly Member Mike Eng. One provision of this bill would allow a bullying victim to transfer to another school, if desired. To help get this bill passed, California State PTA is encouraging its members to write letters of support. Learn more.


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Laura Schumacher
The Observer Editor