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October 12, 2011


 Kristin M. Hollabaugh, Ph.D.

Provost, Hanford Educational Center


Pony Express....Butterfield Overland Mail...US Mail Service...then Fed-Ex became the household name for getting a document to someone absolutely, positively overnight!  When overnight wasn't fast enough, fax became popular.  Then scanned documents in email.  And to your Palm Pilot! How cool was that? 


Today, on our iPhones (or similiar devices, so as to not offend the 'Droid users) we learn of Steve Job's passing, read our emails, plan menus, play games, receive "push notifications" from someone that we haven't talked to in 25 years but has left a message on our Facebook page, reconnect with old friends via "status updates" or "tweets," order takeout for dinner, get notification of how our Fantasy Team is doing, and on and on.  There is SO much information out there, sometimes it is hard to decipher which information is really important.  I would argue that 10 years ago, we were a "Now"  society.  Today, we are  "Now and Connected" society--more connected than we have ever been. 


I recently finished Gary Vaynechuk's The Thank You Economy.  He talks about the impact social media can have on our business--mostly because of the connectedness of our society.  From this book, I learned how to search tweets.  You can imagine the student's surprise when, after a tweet about getting a class on his schedule in Hanford , complained about bad advice, because he lived on the eastern side of Tulare County.  I asked how we could help....and he simply thanked me for my time.  He complained.  We cared.  Problem diminished. 


As I thought about how this enviornment has impacted our students, it was amazing.  What?  You mean we can't give them all the information they need to know in 140 character posting like Facebook?  What? You want a paper that isn't <ful of txt wrds u can read & btw b4 u read u have to go 2 txt skul to learn>  acronyms (I'm just not that cool to know how to text that word!)


We, as a community college, have a tall order.  Not only did the voters five years ago vote for a permanent facility for COS Hanford, the community is entrusting us with their greatest resource--tomorrow's generation.  We must be connected to our students:  getting through to them, helping them find resources to be successful, and being connected.  One day, these students can better provide for themselves and their families--the ones that think they are way too "old school." 


In light of this column, I couldn't help but pass along a picture that I saw on a Facebook post from a high school classmate--that I haven't seen in 26 years--before the new FB format.  LOL!


Dan Walters is coming to Hanford!

The Rotary Club of Hanford's Third Annual Ethics in Business Award Luncheon will be held at COS Hanford on Thursday, November 10.  Dan Walters, Political Columnist, will be the Keynote Speaker. 


For more information, please see the

flyer or visit our website at    


Mark Your Calendar--May 7, 2012!

On May 6, 2011, I attended Leadercast (formerly Giant Impact).  To be honest, I didn't know really what to expect, but I thought it may be a good day.  I was wrong.  It was a FANTASTIC day!   It was one of those days of 2011 that gave me a new energy to do my job.  As I watched with 85,000 other people from around the world--I had a new outlook on how to do my job differently.  ...and the basis for a new "must read" book list. 


What was exciting about yesterday?  No.  The iPhone os5 isn't out yet!  But the speaker list for Leadercast 2012 was released via a webcast.  Here are a few of the speakers:

  • John Maxwell
  • Patrick Lencioni
  • Tim Tebow
  • Urban Meyer
  • Angela Ahrendts
  • Roland Fryer
  • Sheena Iyegar
  • Andy Stanley

COS Hanford is one of this year's sponsors!  Don't miss it!  We will have information as it becomes available, but in the meantime, mark your calendar.   


Do you have ideas for COS Hanford?  Let us know! 

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