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August 24, 2011

Exciting Times for Fall Semester

Kristin M. Hollabaugh, Ph.D.

Provost, Hanford Educational Center


Ever notice how humans (o.k. most) are able to go from receiving bad news one day to good news another?  A few weeks ago, we saw the largest stock market dip since 2008--followed by a rally because an another agency pledged an action. ...and then up and down since.   It's human nature--to believe in better things because someone acts, promises, or makes a move. 


Isn't this what elections are based on?  Promises of a brighter tomorrow.  In human nature, we put a lot of trust in others hands.  One thing is for sure, however, that when COS Hanford students decided to come to school for Fall 2011--there was a lot of hope.  Hope in tomorrow--and something that they are going to do today because of that hope. 


Our students have faced plenty of "bad news" in recent months.  Rising tuition.  Rising book costs.  Fewer class seats.  One thing is for sure, however:  they have not lost hope.  Hope that tomorrow will be brighter if they apply themself today! 


The Fall 2011 semester has started out with a bang!  With nearly 1,700 students, our JumpStart Orientation was a success, classes are full (actually more than full!), faculty members have gone out of their way to accomodate students, new classes are being offered in Hanford, more services are available to student--and the new Hanford Hub where staff helps students with a variety of needs is swarming with activity! 


Thank you, Hanford Citizens, for giving our community the vehicle to have hope! 


Student Profile - Phillip Nunes

Phillip Nunes is an Armona native who was born in Hanford. He graduated from Hanford High School in 2010 and plans on becoming a 3rd generation COS graduate. Phillip has strong ties to the Hanford community and is actually a distant relative of Kit Carson's. In fact, Phillip was recently asked to design the new Kit Carson Elementary School Emblem!

Phillip has always has been very involved in the Hanford community. He has been a participant of 4-H, volunteers with the patients at Valley Christian Home, assists with UNICEF annual fundraisers, helps the Salvation Army at Christmas as a bell ringer, and helped with restoring the COS Hanford carousel horse. Phillip has also been raising sheep for FFA. He showed at the Kings County Fair for the last time this year, but he will continue to support his sister, Katherine, who also raises sheep.


Phillip began attending the COS Hanford Center in Fall 2010 and is an Ag Business student. When it comes to the Hanford Center, Phillip says "The facility is very accessible and the library is very welcoming. I really appreciate the staff and students--everyone is much more personable at the Center."

Phillip also has high praise for Biology Professor Hal Boley, "You can tell he is full of life experience and is here teaching because he has a passion for it. He goes above and beyond classroom material and motivates us to continue our college education and go as far as we can. He would tell us 'You are already further than a lot of people.'  This encouragement helped when I was having difficulty in other classes."


Reflecting on his first year at COS Hanford, Phillip is most proud of the fact that his hard work has paid off and it shows in his grades... but "Even more than the grades, I like the camaraderie amongst the instructors and students". Phillip concludes with, "I am grateful for the scholarships that I have received!"


Phillip, you are an amazing student and individual.  We, at COS Hanford, are thrilled that you chose us!  Your caring attitude, smile, and friendly smile brighten up our days just as much as those that to whom you are grateful!  Keep doing what you are doing...and you will go far!  Congrats on your accomplishments!



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