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April 27, 2011


Kristin M. Hollabaugh, Ph.D.

Provost, COS Hanford Educational Center

John C. Maxwell in his Laws of Leadership book says, "There is no secret of success. Success is for everyone."    At the COS Hanford Center, we see that principle every day.  Sometimes that success looks like a student who first believed he could never go to college because he didn't have reliable transportation to another city.  For another student, success is enrolling in college--as a the first person in her family to attend college.  For another family, it is the mother and son who enroll in college together.  However you look at it, success is for everyone. 


The last couple of weeks have been busy (and successful!) at the COS Hanford Center. On April 15, COS Hanford hosted the California Citizens Redistricting Commission at the Center.  Over 90 people were in attendance to give  testimony to the 14-member Commission about redrawing assembly and senate seats.  


April 15 was also the deadline to turn in applications for the 126th Tulare-Kings Counties Basic Police Academy.   There were 183 applications received.  The next step in the process for these students is to take the Basic Academy Entrance Examination which will be held this Saturday, April 30.  Good luck to all!


On Monday, April 18, COS Hanford sponsored Freshman Connection Day.  Almost 100 students and parents were on campus to register for classes, get connected with a counselor, and learn about services provided by COS Hanford.  A great day for all!


On Tuesday, April 26, COS Hanford students and staff participated in a COS Health Fair and Blood Drive.  Please check out our video.  Special thanks to the Central California Blood Center and Family Healthcare Network.


Also, on Tuesday, April 26, we concluded our fundraising for the Restoration of the Carousel Horse!  Next time you are downtown, be sure to find the

finished horse

COS Horse on the Carousel!  Special congratulations to Mr. Bullough's History 17 class for raising the most money!  Other classes that did a fabulous job were:  Dr. Moore's Biology 30 and Dr. Moore's Biology 31 classes! 


This semester, we have had 1,472 students come through our doors and project just over 420 Full Time Equivalent Students (FTES)!  This coupled with last summer and fall of  headcount of 1823 and 405, respectively, is double that of the previous year.  We believe with a total of 3,295 duplicated headcount and over 825 FTES COS Hanford has been successful in its first year in our new facility!  Thank you Hanford....and thank you for all who have had a GREAT hand in this accomplishment.


The end of the semester is just around the corner!  Students are getting ready for finals...and for many, graduation!   


Congratulations to all on a successful Spring Semester COS Hanford!









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Budget times are worse than ever.  Tuition is increasing for students.  How can you help?  There are lots of ways! Please consider helping the students of Hanford, and in turn, helping the community! 


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