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March 22, 2011

Just the Hanford Way!

Kristin M. Hollabaugh, Ph.D.

Provost, COS Hanford Educational Center

A student recently went out of his way to tell me that the staff at the Hanford Center is so helpful and efficient, he was amazed.  He had been to several colleges. I was happy to hear this, smiled and said, "That is our goal." After all, I know how many hats that staff in Hanford wears and frankly if they weren't efficient, the Center would not be able to serve 1600-1800 students a semester.  (If you have ever read The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn--we have MANY Freds!  If you haven't read is a great, easy read!)


I went on among the day's business--meetings, community events, etc.  As I drove through that evening and picked up my dry cleaning, something hit me.  It wasn't that the Hanford staff stood out in Hanford, it was that the Hanford staff mirrored the Hanford community.  You might say, "Kristin, you are writing this article WAY too early in the morning.  You don't make sense!"  Politely, I have to disagree! 


The Hanford Community is one of the friendliest, most willing to help communities--just in day-to-day business. Whether I'm at a meeting talking about a community challenge, at a drive through, or helping a student get into a dentist because, in my opinion, there is no way she can learn if that much pain exists, I am amazed at how the Hanford community steps up with a smile and a "How can I help?"    Every day.  And, usually all day, I see examples!


So, yes....the Hanford COS staff is efficient and helpful!  They go out of their way to say, "How CAN I help?"  They, however, have a great teacher--the Hanford Community! 


Thank you, Hanford, for believing not only in COS Hanford and its students, but also in the community!


A Few Random Thoughts from Kristin...

  • Thank you to Hanford Kiwanis for allowing me to come and speak to you about the COS Hanford Center!  I look forward to working with your membership more in coming months! 
  • Thank you to Hanford West High School for having such great students during Senior Ethics Day yesterday!  Based on not only my personal experience, but also my COS colleagues in attendance, we agree-great groups of students!  (I'm sure Hanford High students tomorrow will be another great crowd!)  ....and a special thanks to Paula Lehn, Jerry Pierce and the rest of the group that makes the day happen.  Great event!
  • Special thanks to the folks who went to Hanford High and Hanford West for our Reg-To-Go process!  This takes an extreme amount of coordination on both the COS and the High Schools parts!  (Reg-to-Go is a service that COS staff and faculty go to the high schools to get students ready for the upcoming year--from Financial Aid to counseling to Admissions (and everything in between!) In addition, there are ancillary services such as technology which must be coordinated and supported, or the day doesn't work.  Thank you to all who served Hanford students!
  • Thanks to the Kings Economic Development Corporation (EDC) for inviting COS to partake in business development along with our community college partner, West Hills College!  It is great to be able to collaboratively come to the table to be part of the greater good!
  • Have a Graduating Senior?  Be on the lookout for Freshman Connection Day information!  The even on April 18 will be a great time to get ready for next fall!
  • Yes, the COS District (along with the other 71 community college districts in the State) has received the word, "prepare for an all-cuts" budget.  You might have heard that last November, the District had  "Best/Most Likely/Worst" Case Scenarios.  In December, a disaster plan was created.  In January, the disaster plan became the best case scenario, and by March we were told a $2.3 million to $6.6 million shortfall could be expected.  Frankly, it is hard to remember what November's Most Likely scenario even was--as the numbers from the state have changed so many times!  In short, over the last five months, we have talked about cuts ranging from  $163,673 to $6,596,000.  Yes, my decimals are correct!  And yes, based on a Revenue limit of $45,616,126 from this year's adopted budget, that swing is significant.  The question we get so often, "Will this effect students?"  Unfortunately, there is no way that it can't. (For more info, please check out the CCLeague's website.)
  • You have probably heard that tuition is being raised from $26 a unit to $36 a unit.  This is statewide and, in short, doesn't add to the money coming to any community college--it just offsets the State's portion.   

126th Intensive Police Academy Still Accepting Applications...

The next Intensive Police Academy Course available for enrollment is the 126th Academy which will start on August 1, 2011 and end in January, 2012.


The Intensive course will meet on weekdays, Monday thru Friday from 6 a.m.  to 4:30 p.m. However, some evening and weekend class meetings are scheduled.


The deadline for accepting applications is  April 15, 2011 at 4:45 p.m. Applications are available on this website and also at our office at 559.583.2600. 

Almost there.....

 A very special thank you everyone who has participated in the Carousel Project!  We are SO close!


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