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Rob's Humidor - The Art of Gift Giving
Spanish Cedar and Cigar Boxes

Spanish Cedar and

Cigar Boxes 


Close up of Crotch Mahogany Door


Close up of the Crotch Mahogany Door with

Lock and Key

Rob's Humidor

Rob's Humidor

A Wedding Anniversary Gift

A forever message

Dear Friends,


I hope today finds you all well.

Here is a special gift that I thought you might enjoy seeing.


This is a gift of a life time... one that says " I Love You Forever".  Created for a couple with a traditional elegant home and who focus on quality, value and exclusivity, this piece was the perfect answer to the question:"What shall I give him for our wedding anniversary?" The unique design of this Humidor, allows it to blend seamlessly with the style and decor of their home without it being noticed as a Humidor, which was an important factor in the design.


This one-of-a-kind Mahogany Humidor, was a great secret collaboration between Rob's wife and Clint for many months before we delivered it late one evening the day before their wedding anniversary.  Standing only 44" tall, it is complete with an automatically controlled humidifier for carefree maintenance. Fresh, aromatic Spanish Cedar completely lines the inside of the case, and the shelves are made so that the air flows freely throughout for proper care of each cigar.  The Cigar boxes are of Spanish Cedar as well and can be removed for ease of handling and storage.



Stay well.



Thank you,


The Open Talon

"It is a pleasure to work with Clint. His talent is remarkable and each piece he has created for us is a work of art that we treasure."


Mr. & Mrs. Fenza, PA.