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The Bose Radio                           A regular size Highboy and Nancy's "Mini"


Flowers and Highboy 

Dear Friends,


I hope today finds you all well.


On this cold winters' day here in Connecticut, I'd like to share with you a piece that possess some of the warmest most glorious colors of Natural American Cherry and Root Burl Maple I have ever seen. 


This is a "Mini" Highboy that Clint designed for Nancy who is an avid classical music listener, gardener and true believer in the arts. She called and asked Clint if he could make a special piece for her living room; something that could hold her Bose Radio, something that honored family tradition and something not to big and not to small.  This was Clint's answer to her questions. Through out each day the sun shines across the wood bringing it to life once again and warming the room with its full amazing natural color.



 Stay Well,

Thank you,



The Open Talon


"I'd feel very good about Clint using his imagination and having fun with it. There isn't anything he's done that we haven't liked. The problem has always been how do you choose."



 Easton, Connecticut