Clint Thorn  ~  The Open Talon
 Serpentine Ball & Claw Bureau
MF Bureau close up
Honduran Rosewood 
MFBureau 1
Serpentine Bureau

Bureau Close up

Dear Friends,


I hope today finds you all well.

Here is a piece I thought you might enjoy seeing.

It is a serpentine ball and claw bureau designed for a couple who share the love for the natural radiance of wood and the fine curvilinear line of beauty. A perfect symphony of curves, this serpentine case and Honduran Rosewood top feel just as smooth as they look. The brasses are hand made and imported from London, England.


Stay Well,

Thank you,



The Open Talon

"If God made furniture, this is what it would look like"


Mario Sapia


Litchfield, Connecticut