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Happy Holidays !
Christmas Gift of Filly Foot Side Table
A Christmas Gift of the Filly Foot Side Table

      Dear Friends, 


         Yesterday I stopped by the workshop where Clint was carving away and as I went to leave, he called out this poem, which he often does when he's working, but this time I was able to catch it, so here it is. I hope it adds to your holiday cheer.  

               The Holidays are with us
               and hoping your well
               I'll give you an update
               and a story to tell

               In the studio shavings are falling
               Like the soon to come snow
               The chisels are sharpened
               with precision, as you know

               A word is just a word
               and wood is just wood
               until carefully sculpted
               all for the good

               All designs come from nature
               all designs stand for inspection
               The standard here is excellence
               The Goal is perfection

               Songs of the Season
                ring through the land
                as each new creation
                is brought to life by hand

               I've been so blessed
               to have spent time with you all,
               Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday
               And yes... Have a Ball !!
   Happy Holidays!
   Thank you, 
   All our best to you and your family,

   Clint & Kimberly

     The Open Talon