Inform- la-Tea

June 1st, 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1

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Joanne Gemmill
A Note From Jo:

It's such a wonderful pleasure to be able to invite you to our cyber tea party!

As a regular at the English Rose Tea Room in Carefree, I know how much you enjoy a good cup of tea and a chat and I realize that during these long hot summer months, you may not feel inclined to venture outdoors too often.
So I am inviting you to partake of my new "Inform- la-Tea" newsletter which will bring you all the latest news, tidbits and gossip from the Tea Room, with the occasional recipe and advertisement to come and visit us for tea, of course! 

Please call us if you'd like a reservation at 480-488-4812.

I hope you enjoy our newsletter, or better yet, forward it to your friends so we can all enjoy the "utterly civilized pleasure of taking time for tea."

Jo Gemmill
Owner, English Rose Tea Room
201 Easy Street Downtown Carefree Arizona

Grandma Rose
Grandma Rose was last seen in front of the English Rose Tea Room in downtown Carefree

On or about Monday, May 31st, Grandma Rose, a well known local Carefree celebrity at the English Rose Tea Room, wandered off and has not been seen since!

Grandma's guardian, Jo Gemmill of the Tea Room had this to say, "Grandma has never been a problem in the past, in fact for years she has sat patiently outside of the Tea Room with Grandpa George. But recently she had been refusing her medication and I think this latest heat wave may have made her a little confused. We hope she is safe, wherever she is and we urge the public to keep an eye out for her."

If anyone has any information or has seen Grandma Rose, please contact the English Rose Tea Room at 480-488-4812.

We will keep you updated on her whereabouts.

Let Your Tea Leaves
Tell Your Future
Summer fun is in your future when you have your tea leaves read by Janice Roper at the English Rose Tea Room. Janice visits each Monday and Thursday throughout the summer. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are suggested.

To reserve your personal tea leaf reading, call 480-488-1162.

Sparkle and Shine with Vintage Rhinestone Jewels
Sparkle and shine with your own piece of vintage rhinestone jewelry from our gift shop. Each piece has been hand selected by Jo Gemmill to make you look and feel beautiful.

In our gift shop, located right next door to the Tea Room. Open Monday through Saturday.

Lemon Solstice Tea
Summer Solstice Tea
The June summer solstice is the longest day of the year. In celebration, try our wonderful Lemon Solstice Tea, a black tea infused with lemongrass, blackberries and the wonderfully delicious star anise, (tastes like liquorice). This tea is one of our best sellers, and for all those cool beverage fans, it's BRILLIANT iced!!
4 oz., loose tea in a tin.

Available at the Tea Room. Need your tea shipped to you? Please call 480-488-4812.

The QueenWear Your Tiaras and Crowns To Tea!
Celebrate the Queen's Official Birthday at the Tea Room on Saturday, June 12th

Help us celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 84th birthday by wearing your tiaras and crowns to tea!

The Queen, who is the oldest living monarch, even surpassing Queen Victoria, was born on April 21st. But, the national British tradition is to commemorate the occasion in June.

Won't you join us Saturday, June 12th for a special celebratory tea? Call for reservations, 480-488-4812.

Don't forget to wear your tiaras, crowns and rhinestones for this special event!

Tea Room MenuTry our Duchess of Bedford's Formal Afternoon Tea
and other favorites from the English Rose Tea Room

Click here to see the Tea Room menu

The Duchess of Bedford's Formal Afternoon Tea is a traditional style Afternoon Tea with tea sandwiches, scones and petit fours, all on a three-tired cake stand and served with a pot of tea.

Did you know?
Buckingham Palace Guard
In the 1940's, Jo's grandfather, Coldstream Guard Herbert Henry Stevens, (Steve), was a Guardsman outside Buckingham Palace.

Yes, he was one of those in the black fuzzy hats that you probably tried to make laugh when you visited London. He later became a Royal Mail Messenger at "Buck House" (Buckingham Palace) and personally delivered mail to the Royal family's private residences.

Because of his "royal" connection, Jo's grandparents were invited to the prestigious annual garden party at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and Prince Philip, and Jo's got the photos to prove it!

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea."  ~Bernard-Paul Heroux