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Rx for Compliance

 Feb 2011 

Optimizing Sales Performance with Field Based Monitoring


Pharm Rep

Inspect What You Expect:   Field Based monitoring programs can help companies avoid problems before they start 

The new reality for pharmaceutical sales and marketing is strict regulation and oversight.  Organizations need to be proactive in their efforts to design and implement compliance training that meets growing regulations and limits the risks from investigations and prosecutions.


To help you improve compliance learning and application at your organization, we would like to share our most recent publication, "Overcoming the Pitfalls of Traditional Compliance Training for Sales Professionals," from the August 2011 edition of Rx for Compliance Report. This article addresses the question, "why have so many bio-pharmaceutical companies been prosecuted and fined in recent years, even though they had compliance training programs in place?"


The article highlights that: 

  • Many compliance training programs focus on providing knowledge of compliance regulations and not behavioral skills.
  • Content is typically focused on what sales professionals can't do and fails to tell them what they can do to sell in a compliant fashion.
  • Most programs are online training modules with no opportunities for practice and feedback.
  • Compliance training is perceived by sales as a "check the box activity" that is isolated from other learning and development activities.
  • Compliance training does not address the organizational culture of compliance.

To remedy these pitfalls, WLH suggests the following: 

  • Increase the impact of your compliance training by teaching behavioral skills.
  • Be specific about your behavioral expectations for effective compliant selling.
  • Link compliance training with other sales training efforts where opportunities for practice, feedback, and reinforcement exist to help sales professionals learn and apply effective compliant selling skills in the field.
  • Link compliance training efforts to ongoing field based monitoring to reinforce the importance of compliance in the organization.
  • Integrate training and monitoring efforts with ongoing coaching to sustain learning and proactively address behavioral trends and issues.
  • Address organizational cultural influences of behavior.

WLH Consulting, Inc. has extensive expertise developing behavioral based learning designs that change culture in the organization and conduct in the field. For more of our recommendations and to read the full article, click here.


For more information on how your company can benefit from field based monitoring efforts, please contact WLH Consulting, Inc.


WLH Consulting, Inc. has twenty years of experience consulting in the biopharm industry.  We combine this with our expertise in organizational and individual assessment, behavioral-based training, cultural change, and cross-functional alignment to provide recommendations and practical solutions to our compliance and commercial clients.

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