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As companies demand more from their reps, Business Acumen becomes an essential skill.

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Optimizing Sales Performance with Field Based Monitoring


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on why Business Planning & Resource Allocation is important for field force effectiveness.
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Process, Tools, and Skills Training 

In response to the ongoing changes in the healthcare environment and the need to quickly respond to customer needs and opportunities, many pharmaceutical companies are asking field sales employees to run their assigned geographies as a profitable business.

To successfully accomplish this, sales managers and professionals need business acumen skills to assess their marketplace, identify opportunities, and determine how to optimally manage limited resources.  They also need to create business plans that are aligned with corporate and therapeutic area sales goals.

Does your company have a consistent business planning process with supporting tools and templates to help Sales Professionals drive results and achieve success?


Using our industry expertise, WLH has developed a Sales Business Planning and Resource Allocation Framework (BPRA Framework). This framework outlines the steps needed to develop and recalibrate business plans.


In addition, WLH offers business acumen skill development programs to fill specific learning gaps.


With a full understanding of your company's unique sales processes, reports, systems, and organizational culture, WLH can help you by designing and implementing the following measures to ensure success:

  • Customized tools and templates to support business planning that allow for easy data capture and development of formalized business plans
  • A business review process to assess and recalibrate plans based on sales performance and marketplace conditions
  • An organizational readiness cascade and learning strategy to ensure overall implementation
  • Business planning and marketplace workshops, including distance learning programs for field managers and sales professionals

Read more on the Business Planning and Resource Allocation Offerings.

Need help with implementing a Field Based Monitoring Program to proactively meet CIA requirements?


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for training, coaching, monitoring, and reporting compliant pharmaceutical sales excellence.


WLH Consulting, Inc. has a proven track record of offering customized consulting services and state-of-the-art blended learning solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  We specialize in strategy development to execution, business performance improvement, and human capital strategy.
Feel free to contact WLH Consulting, Inc. for specific information on best practices and lessons learned for pharmaceutical sales leaders and trainers.  


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